The Tragic Circumstance Theory [Slowjammer, Trip Hop]

Started by J-MACHine, May 12, 2011, 11:05:09 AM

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Because I just can't keep away from sampling Yume Nikki background music. This is about an hour and 20 minutes worth of work, including the balancing- what little there was to do on this one- and setting up the sample loops, done mostly for a bit of fun, and as a means of building a song around samples properly, which so far I haven't really done- I have included outside samples in a few of my tracks before, but mostly they've been included or mixed in with the song already rather then having had the song been built around them. The only other example is the other track I've done that sampled a Yume Nikki track a while back- the Downtempo one. As for what the samples in this actually are- there's an unidentified drumloop mixed in with custom drums, and as mentioned above there's two pieces of BGM from Yume Nikki sampled. Which are;

1) The Block World BGM:

2) Mars-san's "Theme":

I was going for a track that sounds like it COULD have someone singing or rapping over it, but it isn't specifically intended to have vocals, if you get me.

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just turned it on and already fell in love with dis track.  u did some damage wit dat bass bro...i fuckin luv it.  backgrounds sfx are bad ass...very nice scratches.  dis track is very catchy and upbeat...keep it up dude.


@ ZoDiaC: I know, definately one of the illest basslines I've knocked up in a while. Deep and penetrating. And made with a sample I don't normally use, as well.
Glad you liked it!
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Great track - mellow, tight production and great scratch work (as usual!).
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