The Hardman and his Mighty Boombox [2HIP2FRESH ReMix] (Battle Beat)

Started by J-MACHine, May 18, 2011, 09:16:11 PM

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A mellow remix of my track 'The Hardman and his Mighty Boombox' done using some of the same samples, at a slower pace, with a different beat, done for my 'Beatology' mixtape.
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nice work on that bongo...that record scratch is bad ass...gotta luv dat synth and bass melody, and that guitar is beast.  definitely enjoyed this...this is with a doubt going down a fav.

DJ Eddy

Love ur style J-Machine..beat and percussion was again superb..nice blipping....i dont know why but this reminds of the good old days of the Ninja Turtle's and Power rangers lol.
I know what it is.. I could imagine this song on the Streets Of Rage games..Going through the level kicking some ass ( that what it remnds me of)..
great stuff J..


@ ZoDiaC: Aww, thanks man! I'm really glad this is one of your faves. And haha, one of the guitar riffs- the one that plays at the start- is an in-joke riff now. I keep it around entirely so I can slip it into my songs, sometimes subtly, others not so much. I can't remember where it came from now, but it's been in a couple of my songs- sadly only two of which were good enough to last, and recent enough to be recorded via wire; and that's this track, and the original version of this track, which is slightly faster, and more break heavy. If this version is the "late 90s-early 2000s" style beat, then the original version is the type of treack you'd blast from a boombox whilst walking down Fifth Avenue in the late 80s, lemme put it that way, haha.

@ Eddy: Holy shit, it does have a slight SOR groove to it, yeah. Glad you liked it, man!
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