[Emulate: Sorrow] [Progressive Electronica/Acid Dance]

Started by J-MACHine, May 19, 2011, 02:07:48 PM

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Last song I'll upload for a while, so I can answer replies/check out new stuff by you guys.

It's a little different, this song, in the way it progresses and plays out. It's not a COMPLETELY out-there structure, but it's not the usual "intro-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-breakdown-chorus-outro" progressiong either. It's a track I'm doing for a concept album I wanna create named '[Emulate: Me]'. It focuses on a boy robot, specifically designed with a typical 'cute' exterior with the intent of making people happy, that's created with an advanced emotion drive at a time in the future when everyone- even the robots- have become dissillusioned with live, and are utterly miserable and hopeless; enough so that whilst crime rates have dropped significantly, the world has fallen into a state of disrepair, and a number of rogue machines are planning to take this opertunity to go skynet on everyones ass. The story revolves around the lead Boy Robot learning and understanding emotions whilst being dragged on an adventure to change the world for the better by his creator, and one of the creator's earlier attempts at creating a robot to 'remind everyone of what it's like to feel alive', who's so suicidally depressed and bitterly cynical he'd give Marvin a run for his money.

The track, at the moment, is instrumental, but I plan to eventually have vocals laid down on it, as well as spolen parts to help drive the story along, both in the track itself, and put seperately on the album. I just need voice actors for that, hahaha.

I'm actually really proud of the track overall, even if it is a touch different. The bouncing bassline was the main draw of this tune from the start, with the chords, and the organ and string acompliments in the chorus/bridge/breakdown mean't to carry bassline along, like the beat. It's the same sort of deal with the blippy arps in the verses; everything around them bar the bassline is mean't to carry them along, rather then it be the other way around. Which isn't to say I didn't put time into making anything else sound good- It took longer to get the lo-fi drums in the verses to sound right then you'd image- ESPECIALLY the oldschool snare!

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Nice and effective - really liked the scratching (something I really struggle to get right in tunes) especially at 1:56 where it sounds like the robot talking. Then the track goes lush and melodic, which is always a good thing in my book.
Good ideas for the backstory - though I must admit I had to laugh at the typo 'rouge machines' 'cause I just got the image of terminator style androids with bad make-up!
(Sorry, no intention to mock intended.)
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It's a good thing you pointed the typo out, I hadn't even caught it!
Glad you liked the track, man!
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