The Comet-DJ Eddy

Started by DJ Eddy, May 20, 2011, 02:57:19 PM

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DJ Eddy

Again my brother and mates want me to do something more like UK DNB (the sort of stuff you can MC to)....
So i had a shot at it again..Made using Music 2002 for PC..
Its a bit repetative but thats the style really..
Hope u enjoy...thnx..DJ Eddy..


fuck...this could pretty much be pendulum track.
I have no idea how you got the massive synth/string kinda sound (though feel free to tell me).
Personally I loved how it repeats the melody but what made it great was all the variations of the melody and the quirky things added into certain areas.
I really liked this one , definately do more like this. 

DJ Eddy

Thnx alot Knowlesy mate for the listen..
To even be mentioned in the same breath as pendulum is a massaive compliment..cheers.
The synth sound is Choral believe it or not, on its own reversed and mucked around with a bit..
I do plan to do more like this in the future cause most of the ppl i know like this style..

Cheers m8

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