Fractal Cypher - DJ Gift (Breaks/Breakbeat)

Started by ArcaneFuture, May 26, 2011, 09:48:37 PM

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My third offering from my first album. Again, quite growly in the bass department.

Thanks for listening - comments welcome.
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture


damn dude, this track is a BEAST!! wicked production on this, and that bass is a killer. 


Ah I fuckin' LOVE your drum work! Beautifully unique rhythm, wonderful sound on the snare, funky hihat rhythm! The development of the drums from the start is a wonderful technique to keep the listener's attention!

Nice trumpet or sax sound, reminds me a touch of "Mutant Jazz" by T-Power vs. M.K. Ultra. Nice subtle addition of flange on the bass.



Thanks for the kind words guys!

@ Zodiac - Cheers, man, I am quite pride of the bass in this one! I have to make an admission, though. My first album was mastered by a mate of mine as I had no access to a PC back in '99. At the time I was a little disappointed because a few of the more subtle percussion parts had become a bit more prominent in the mix on some tracks than originally intended. Now I'm doing the mastering myself I realise what a great job he did and my self-taught crash-course in sound engineering means I now understand some of the complexities and effects of using compression, etc.

@Rikki - Thanks, dude, why have 3 or 4 percussion lines when you can have 7 or 8, I always say! The evolution reflects the writing style I developed with my brother in the early days using Tracker programmes - we'd alter one or two different channels on each block so's we didn't get bored. I approached the album with the idea that the tracks should be 12" vinyl  length but trying not to bore the arse off the listener since paradoxically they were unlikely to get mixed! My latter efforts are generally shorter, but in a way I do miss the kind of variation-on-a-theme evolution I used to use.
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture


Absolutely man - you obviously know how to work that idea, why not re-try longer tracks? I make long tracks and so far no one has complained of boredom.

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