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Started by DJ Eddy, June 11, 2011, 03:20:17 AM

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DJ Eddy

Ive thought about it and im not gonna be making anymore tunes..
Im just not enjoying it anywhere near as much as i used to and why do something u dont enjoy that much...Ill still be on every now and then to check everyones music out but seeing as theres a few new members i thought id call it a day now...
It was only ever a little hobbie of mine anyway and i never saw myself taking it anywhere..
So thanks to everyone for there kind comments and keep making them tunes cause ill be on to listen to them for sure.
DJ Eddy...

Oh BTW id like to keep this account still active if thats alrite with the admin so i can pop in and listen to some tunes..


i can sympothise mate. My hobby is starting to bore me...
Life can be hard sometimes. We all need an outlet, whether it be sex, speeding, violence or creation. I chose creation. Enjoy  .


Sorry to hear but I understand. I kinda felt the same way since 2009. I sometimes get new ideas and start new songs, but never finish them and I generally don't like the result as much. Hopefully you regain motivation eventually, though.

And don't worry we do not delete inactive accounts, unless they have 0 posts or the user requests so (although if that site eventually merges with my other we won't delete accounts althogether anymore)

.:DJ Droppin:.

I am really sorry to hear this.. Maybe you're burned out a bit? It happens.... Somehow I've finished 3 albums now which are released and available.... and yeah at times I can't get anything going, but it finally happens. You're a tremendous producer, Eddy, and I hope you never quit for good. This goes for the rest of you too... Don't quit.... Even if you aren't active here, or anywhere, don't quit.... it's in your blood.
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Sacred Virgo

That's a pity. I still use to pop up here from time to time and download a few songs and i consider you as one of the most skilled Mg users i've found since i quitted timgul. you can make solid beats and nice little melodies that remind me of seipher's style, an all time timgul favourite of mine. i think you should try moving forward to advanced software so you can understand the difference it makes, the freedom you get to shape your own style. or maybe get your music heard by a wider audience. it's sad when good music makers decide to quit, same for you omni. i hope you all reconsider that.

Fear 2 Stop®

I'm sorry to hear that...I've long felt you were one of the top people we've *ever* had at this site. Although I don't get to visit as much due to health issues and also trying to get my career in kickstart, when I do you're usually the first artist I check to see if you've uploaded anything new.
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:( I am sorry to hear that Eddy mate. You may find that this may be just a phase, none the less, it is generous of you to still offer to return for our music!


I really gotta agree with Rob , Sacred Virgo n F2S on this one Eddy.
The one thing that sorta doesnt sit right with me is though you described writing music as being a hobby and thats how it might of started but to be honest alot of the tracks we have heard from someone on a hobby and who didnt take it as seriously...alot of it would have been hit or miss...and yours just have'nt been the case there. Maybe your just burned out , severe writers block etc it happens to us all mate but it would be a shame , a real shame if you quit altogether.
I'm no expert in the matter at all but maybe , take some time...listen to as much music over a couple of months as your brain can manage , some styles that you would'nt think on trying. Just so that when if an when you do decide write something the palette is fresh. I truly hope that the you've not posted your last track...just leave yourself open to it if the urge takes you mate.


One day... You will make something and when you do... TIMGUL will be there!
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