Notre Dame 8.5- Facebook link (9 minute tune)

Started by 147 crew, May 04, 2008, 09:48:15 PM

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147 crew

TITLE- Notre Dame 8.5
AUTHOR- 147 crew
DESCRIPTION- Been meaning to put this up for ages, extended version of Notre Dame, bit of a different order to it plus more sounds and rhythms

Attempted to upload the mp3 to the site but the tune is over 9mins so uploaded to my facebook MUSIC player, hit the link and you'll find it there

Adding extra tunes to my page including a non-stop 15min version of sting of Tellus, plus other longer versions of tunes..check it out  :D


i like the melody in this one


hmmm interesting title...
wow awesome bass...  really cool melody... is that sizzle sweep?
my god youve made so many tunes! seeing them all there on facebook made me think christ youre prolific!!! i think so far my fav is world communication...
anyway im liking the maybe more relaxed approach to this tune... i like a bit of both...
relaxing and taking the roof off!  :D

147 crew


Melody & BASS-

Deck one,sinebass one,square rezz,
bell method,bellringer,ether,choral,sizzle sweep,sinewave


tams,classic,cheap close,mean stuff,
funkster,jazzy,light closed,jazz dry,
pitzz,nine close

The tune started out with just the 2 bell samples, so Notre Dame seemed a good my computer was off line for a week I added more samples and now its flashing at me..

Took that bit from the shortened video, might be sizzle sweep but theres so many samples, lots of bass, yeah mellow yet in yr face

Thanks for the comment, I need to listen to some tracks..SO MANY ON HERE!!  :o

Master Dutch

yeah you have a couple great tracks on there...I wanted to check out that video but I had to upgrade my flash track was dope man...those volume sweeps are a pain too! Good work. Phantoms is brilliant as well btw...

147 crew

Thanks a lot, I think the facebook page is pretty neat. easy to use and all the info is there, that video is strange, doesn't play to good..


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