Jazz Dub- (2 versions in mp3 and a video link)

Started by 147 crew, June 14, 2008, 12:28:17 AM

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147 crew

TITLE- Jazz Dub
AUTHOR- 147 crew
DESCRIPTION- Got the bug for writing melodies, new tune with lots. Different drums to my usual but it all works out in the end. 2 versions, 1st has more happy sounds, 2nd is a little more creative and a darker edge.
Basically started writing a tune then listened back the next day and wanted to change the 1st melody, but instead of just replacing it I made a whole new tune but keeping the same percussion as the 1st version..


video link for the Dark edition 


nice, I like the acid loops into the second one, reminds me some 80s stuff


ok im going for darker one (of course!).
cool nice to hear some melody in there... nice punchy beat...
as ever im imagining being in a backstreet underground basement...  :D
awesome snare towards the middle/end... awesome synths...

147 crew

Have yrself a +1..yeah the darker one is basically the same tune just with a different opening and a few extra bits..always worth going back to a tune..FUN!!  :D

cheers 4 the listen and comments

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