Tellus revolutions (Full tune) Youtube link

Started by 147 crew, June 19, 2008, 01:35:30 AM

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147 crew

TITLE- Tellus revolutions
AUTHOR- 147 crew
FILETYPE- Youtube link 
DESCRIPTION- Used the skin for Tellus Revenge and created more devastation with the samples I saved, enjoyed the 1st tune so much that I now have 4 versions and 6 different videos..MADNESS!!!
This is the short video link as its not quite finished due to it being 2.30am and loud MUSIC not appreciated  :D

oops, this is Jazz dub link (BONUS)

(Full version)


wow, the strings are really old skool at the beginning, was this a sample from the program? It reminds me some happy hardcore :)

147 crew

All programme samples- hi pass,bell method and syn brass..all different scales

147 crew

Think it's finally finished but have to wait 'til tomorrow to check sound through speakers as a lot of different samples used, hopefully they don't conflict with each other. Soon find out

Not a Number

Gonna try and listen to them all in succession, assuming it's meant to be some kind of suite. (is there any chance of an mp3 link? :P)

But as for this section... There's not much to say on Revolutions, as it's only a minute or so long.. but the Jazz Dub I'm loving, it makes of a good change of pace than the first one, which really helps in a suite. (I've only gona as far as Sting of)

147 crew

yeah the vid is just a small part, was at the end but it now somewhere in the middle I think, will upload mp3 soon. All the other Tellus tunes r on my facebook music player in mp3

these r the tunes in order with the bonus mixes at the end

Full video uploading NOW!!

147 crew

Link for full tune!! Hopefully the sound is good as one BASS sample is pretty large..

Changed it a lot from the 1st version, way too much going on. This is more of an ambient attempt. Still with plenty of beats but quite a chilled feeling

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