Sting of Tellus (Full tune History)

Started by 147 crew, June 22, 2008, 10:58:55 AM

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147 crew

Finally the saga is complete,(Ongoing.) I reckon probably my best creations so far. All 6 parts full of BEATS/BASS and using over 30 samples to make some alternative/unique Trance/Techno/Dnb madness..

1. Sting of Tellus (Invasion)- Starts out quite ambient, then the SUBS hit
2. Tellus Revenge (Full battle remix)- My first real go at Trance/Techno
3. Tellus Reloaded (Full extended mix)- Remix of Revenge, 1st time uploaded as one complete video
4. Tellus Revolutions (Journeys end)- More chilled dnb/ambient style 170bpm
5. Tellus 5- Created from revenge. Probably my best tune yet!
6. War on Tellus- Created from revolutions. Synths and Bass 170bpm

Bonus videos included, 1st editions or shorts..Will no doubt make another creation from the saves I have, still plenty more tunes to make  :D

Also on my Facebook MUSIC Player, you can find the 15min mega tune of Tellus Revenge/Reloaded mix

Not a Number

Listening to each in succession.

Sting of: Quite danceable. I'd so put this on my iPod if I could find the space. :P I find it clever that you used the sample names as the song name. :P
Revenge: The starting string I'm not too keen on; mostly from experience I've learned that one string note on its own sounds weird, which is why I tend to use them as a chord. However, once the beat itself kicks in, like Sting of, it's very danceable. Tapping my foot to it as we speak. :P
Reloaded: Hmm, the brief "wobble" in tempo's an interesting one, even though DnB's not the music I listen to most, I'd imagine it's not what you hear in a DnB that often. And there's that Tellus Chord Progression again! :D (5:40) Although at first it didn't sound that much of a remix (ie. I couldn't hear Revenge), as soon as I heard the familiar bass-line -- and of course the chord progression -- I knew what I was listening to. :P
Revolutions: Will review later. ;)

Also, I'm liking this contuining theme of the chord progression; no matter which one you hear, the chord progression instantly tells you it's a Tellus track.

147 crew

Thanks for the listen and comments, Yeah strings is not my strong point..will be working on these in the future as they are pretty much essential in a lot of tunes..As far as the name goes, sometimes just create tunes without thinking what i'm doin' so get insperation from the samples..good samples/good name  :D

Happy there is some continuity in the tunes so you do get a feel fror the series, nice1

147 crew

NEW Version almost complete, Tellus more of a dark house feel to it..Made from the skin of Tellus Revenge/Reloaded mega mix,(I actually reached the screen limit 999!)

Will add a short sample but I haven't listened to it yet and there is lots of quick bass so who knows what it sounds like? Sounds good on me headphones though  :D

EDIT- The samples actually quite small, the tune is around 8mins..this part doesn't change too much, pretty much the start

147 crew

New mix of Tellus is now uploading to Youtube, track is around 7-8mins so too long to stick an mp3 on the site, changed quite a bit from the short mp3 I added. Brand NEW main melody plus loads of other percussion/subs and funkyness..adjusted the sound aswell, sub was way too large!! Hopefully be up in the next 7hrs or so  :D


147 crew

Tune is here...

thanks for watching  :D

147 crew

Quote from: Not a Number on June 22, 2008, 04:14:21 PM

Hmm, the brief "wobble" in tempo's an interesting one, even though DnB's not the music I listen to most, I'd imagine it's not what you hear in a DnB that often.

Big tune!

147 crew

Thanks mate for the listen, Made the first mix after I finished revolutions. Need to go back to parts 2-6. Update, sound is a little raw. Funky though.


 :) Just been listening to the (invaision) mix..Left a comment on YT...Great!! Will come back later and check the others one by one.

147 crew

Thanks for the comment, Don't expect too much from the follow ups. Good in places but need a sound update and cutting down in length. Will attack them at some point, my friend is doing some more drawings aswell! Nice  :D

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