Blazing 2008- Biggest BASS line ever!

Started by 147 crew, June 29, 2008, 05:47:37 PM

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147 crew

TITLE- Blazing 2008
AUTHOR- 147 crew
DESCRIPTION- Mucking about with my original Keep Blazing, deleted everything and started with some percussion added some atmospheric melodies then created a HUGE BASS LINE, sounds pretty sweet..still room for improvement but see what you think..


I am unsure why download seems to be that high compared to total view sometimes. There might be some bots crawling the site attachments or something, or hackers trying to deface the board (but can't since this system is more secure)

else, someone must have posted the attachment link elsewhere, so people can download it without viewing the topic


well i had to listen to this! the title drew me right in!
about time for a dose of dnb!
as ever that big build up of percussion... waiting for that kick...
thats cool, lovin the bass, reminds me of nu:tone, beatnik.
i actually prefer that laid back sub sound.
grooving back and forth...
i feel your best yet... intelligent dnb, nice 1... staying on my com!

147 crew

Wrote this tune after listening to a bit of old skool grooverider, Glad you enjoyed it..maybe 1 of my best. I reckon my TIMGUL VOL.2 is pretty groovy, gonna do a 2nd draft real soon..


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