Intelligent-African Sundown**available for remixing**

Started by Irndemon, November 05, 2008, 04:45:59 AM

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This is my longest track so far,I have sampled two 1 bar drum loops copied them several times,then trimmed them so that im left with a few different segments,then i spliced them together creating intelligent jungle breaks.This track goes along the same lines as the whale tune.Exept its much heavier and much more broken up.I had to build this tune in two seperate parts,saved as two files taking up the best part of two memory cards,it was awkward to say the be left with the whole tune i had to load the second file.then use the insert file function in the memory card manager with the first file.Hope you like it  :)


Wow load of DnB tracks lately O.O I can't keep up anymore lol ^^

I like that beat ^^


Thanks again,Ive got a couple more in the making .......Won't be done for a while though.  :D


Hey, I love the beats in this tune man, reminds me a lot of Ronnie Size and DJ Shadow in parts. Some serious bass too!

Top tune mate.

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I'm loving this!! Amazing melody, beat and the bassline is fantastic. The song reminds me a little of some Mampi Swift tunes, and also a certain tune by an artist called Defragmentation. Reminds me a little of the old skool Jungle tracks on the Jungle Massive CD haha. Great work mate fav'd it on YouTube, saw you mention a sample was taken by Renegade - Terrorist, which is probably my favourite Jungle tune ever alongside Super Sharp Shooter. That makes it a bit more special for me.

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Thanks everyone!!! I surprised myself how well the melody side of the track turned out,
Usually with melodic sounds im a no hope!For bass i used 808 tom& distort,When combined with amen break equals proper oldskool jungle sound!Just bought a new copy of music 2000, scratch free disc.Now i can use it on my ps2.

Thanks again!!apprieciated :)


Great tune! Well done you must be chuffed with it.


 ;D Cheers

147 crew

Awesome, I'm glad you put down some of the sounds you used. In this tune or another, anyway, maybe i'll steal some  :D


 This track is available for remixing should anyone like to give it a go.A list of the samples used to create it can be found in the topic started by JCW titled timgul instruments;topicseen#new
If you would like to remix one of my tracks,Please make sure that my name is credited in the title eg:

Irndemon-Track 1-[whoever remix]

mp3 download now available:


shit me, i love those strings and FUCK that beat is genious... fucking ripping it up. i read the comments you got on youtube and theres that guy who critises you... why? this has great emotion and a massive beat... oh yeah then some melody and the bass... jesus h this is superb... what a wonderful production. ive been very impressed of tunes on timgul lately, and this is right up there. i love everything about it... outstanding!


 :D thanks!Glad you like it.It was quite Awkward making it in two parts,As for the geezer on youtube ??? He mentioned listening to aphex twin,But really there is no comparison.Braindance & Jungle are two different genres.

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