Liquid Metal Skeleton[part 2]T1000 Version**available for remixing**

Started by Irndemon, December 10, 2008, 01:50:22 AM

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This is the second part of the metal skeleton/terminator series tracks.Its a bit more twisted and cut up than part 1.Much heavier at the 2nd drop.Once again i have used the amen break [also used in my tracks African Sundown(TIMGUL) & The Haters(Youtube only)Used it  because it sounds great,Even though it has been used +thousands x before.Loads of reverb in this one,In fact i used Hall,Pipe,Room,Space,Echo & Delay.They worked magic on the amen break after the second drop,Also Delay setting worked wonders on the so sub BOOM!! riffs,It released the bass within, Also after the second drop.Hope you like dark,nasty,ruffneck beats ;D

Youtube Link: //

crimzon doom

that shit was heavy!!!;D...absolute great work on this one 11/10 :o
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Cheers Doom!!I Found some wicked FX for sub bass while creating this one.I plan to make somthing bass heavy and brutal >:( from start to finish using a similar tecnique to what's after the second drop in this one(hopefully)Might take a while! :)


Yeah!! I liked the brutality of the second part.
delay reverb+subs.....Match made in heaven/hell lol ;D


There's no way i'm playing THAT through my system! It will tear my cones to shreds!  ;D Ha ha.
Sounded bloody good in my headphones though. Top work mate.
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.


Cheers!! I make all my music through headphones.I dont have any decent speakers(for in home use anyway)But i do have excellent quality studio monitoring headphones that make ripples in ya cheeks and puts cracks in ya skull ;D lol


This track is available for remixing should anyone like to give it a go.A list of the samples used to create it can be found in the topic started by JCW titled timgul instruments;topicseen#new//  :)
If you would like to remix one of my tracks,Please make sure that my name is credited in the title eg:

Irndemon-Track 1-[whoever remix]

147 crew

Hopefully i'm getting some new headphones for xmas, mine I think are 6-7 yrs old. Very difficult to make sure all the sounds r in check, hence no finished tunes as getting the time at a reasonable hour doesn't happen. How much r those headphones then  ???

Cool that you made yr tunes open for remixing. I tend to use some of the samples and just make something up but I might have a go at copying some of yr riffs. Lovin'


Yeah, Good headphones are a good idea,The ones with a wide frequency range can detect pops'n'clicks,My ones are £102.76 from :D,But got mine for under 50 quid from ebay second hand,excellent condition
Beyerdynamic DT 150 Dynamic Studio Headphones with Cable - 250 Ohm

I want to have a go at remixing ;D

147 crew

Quite pricey then! think mine were £20 from sony centre.

Definitely try out some mixing soon, don't think i'll add anything new b4 the new yr

147 crew

Ended up here from the 'How did you get yr name' topic. But as i'm here, when you say you used different reverb. Question- Does that mean you can apply different reverb to each individual riff? Or is that note effect? I just apply the reverb from the start below the channels. Add stuff in note effect too.

I'll be back....


 :) Nah..I mean after the second drop i switch reverb settings every 2 bars...Go through nearly all of them.....It goes techstep,...Amen....techstep...Amen etc..with the reverb changing at the same as the drum patters change.

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