Bruce Almighty

Started by Assumed Identity, December 15, 2007, 03:48:09 PM

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Assumed Identity

I sampled the legendary Bruce Lee for this.

Would be nice to get some feedback.


not really my style, but not bad either :) Maybe 147crew will like it. I assume this was made in Music 3000, right? It seems to have lot of samples not from Music 2000 and MTVMG2

EDIT: Nvm MTVMG3 according to your profile. Can you create your own riffs with this program?

Assumed Identity

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, I used MTVMG3 on my XBOX to create it.

With MTVMG3 you can rip up to 20 samples for each song from your XBOX harddrive. I`ve got about 100 audio CD`s stored on my XBOX.
You Trim, stretch and loop the sample at the ripping stage. You can then re-edit the sample wave after, by cutting sections out, reversing it, etc.
You can create your own riffs this way, (which gives you pretty limitless possibilities) or by using the built in beatbox/melody makers, but you are limited to certain amount of samples per genre of music, so they can sound a bit similar after a while.
I usually compose a beat using the beatbox mode to layer over a sampled/looped beat, to give it a different edge.

I used to use Music maker on the Playstation1, then music 2000, etc, but switched to MTVMG3 as soon as it came out. The only thing I dont like with MTVMG3, is the fact you cant clone a sample/riff you`ve just created. So if you want slight variations of a certain riff, you have to create it from scratch, over and over....

I also have Cakewalk, Ejay and Magix music making software for my laptop, but still go back to the MTVMG3 on my XBOX for sheer ease of use, but with good capabilities.

I guess I should be saying all this on the introduction page.......

147 crew

Yeah DJ Omnimaga was right, my style of tune..very good, love the sounds..bit more speed would be nice..but that is a great song

Assumed Identity

Thanks 147 crew.

Nice to hear positive feedback for tunes that you really only make for your own pleasure.
I hear you on the speed thing. You can of course adjust the BPM`s to suit personal tastes. I must admit, I love my D`n`B too, but tend to mainly create mid tempo breakbeat.

I`ll see about uploading some more tunes. It`ll be nice to air them.

.:DJ Droppin:.

I am not a DnB fan (yet)


I really like the samples. Melody is infection and catchy.
I like the buzzing sound.

2:08 is awesome. That blew me away right there.... Damn
2:38 that synth and beat.... damn man you have skills.

Real sorry I hadn't listened to this earlier. Kick ass song.
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