Eternal Light (DNB Remix)

Started by DJ Eddy, January 13, 2011, 10:53:43 PM

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DJ Eddy

Hello people I havent been around lately but im gonna be more active.
So I thought id come back with a new tune..well not new just remixed.
This was made using Music 2002 on PC....Its sort of like a Happy Hardcore and DNB mashup.
Hope u Enjoy..thnx


Oh aye I remember this.
Loving the transition @ 0:46...the synth (I think) building it - here we go... :) nice .
The drumwork is amazing all the various samples playing there version of the melody.
That was excellent mate , nice work.


Great drums and like Knowlesy says, that breakdown/build-up is class!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture

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