Moment Stood Still - DJ Gift (Breaks/Breakbeat)

Started by ArcaneFuture, May 20, 2011, 07:42:45 PM

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Okay, well here's the link for my favourite tune from my first album (Silicon Beats (The Past Present's Future))hosted over on SoundCloud. It's a full-on melodic/atmospheric piece, hope you like it. Comments welcomed here or on SoundCloud (if you're registered). Thankyou!

For those interested - it was written in 1999 using the original Music for Playstion, recorded onto MiniDisc and mastered to CD by a mate who did some general EQing. I ripped the MP3 file off the CD as I saved all my Music files on Third-Party memory cards which subsequently died, plus I found my MiniDisc player has also passed away so I can't access that recording either!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture


Extremely melodic...very good melodys throughout the track.
Especially like the intro section and 2:06. If this is a rough idea of what you do
I'd very much like to hear more.
Good work.


Thanks very much for the positive feedback!
Yes, it's pretty indicative of much of what I do - melody tends to dominate my composing.
Having said that, though, there is variety into the darker, harder or funkier stuff. I'll post some more links in the coming days and update here whenever I upload a new track on SoundCloud.
Stay tuned! :¬)
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture

DJ Eddy

Very impressive for the first Music..
Great melodies and i gotta agree with Knowlesy the bit at 2.06 was a proper wicked tune..
I too would love to hear more of ur stuff m8..
Enjoyed that cheers...


DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture

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