Started by 147 crew, June 26, 2008, 02:09:50 PM

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147 crew

AUTHOR- 147 Crew
FILETYPE- Youtube link
DESCRIPTION- More creations coming thick n fast, this time bit more of a mellow approach..lots of BASS to begin with, then going into some strings and lots of percussion finishing with more mellowness. Plenty more tunes to come including the finished TIMGUL nation VOL.1 Gonna make this a hard tune hopefully..

Video is uploading to youtube now so will add link shortly- 5hrs later..heres the link  :D


cool I can't wait to hear final version :)

147 crew

so far 4 hours..  :( can't be long now..listened to it at MEGA volume and it sounds ok..loads of reverb!!!

Casper AudioGhost

wow,i was an original us club freak rave in 91-94 when i was 20-23,and i hear echoes of moving shadow record and berlin techno and hard house here,so cerebral and eloquent.awesome song 147        casper               
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147 crew

Thanks for the listen and comment, much appreciated!!

147 crew

This tune is now gettin' a well deserved makeover  :D


Hey 147, only just got round to listening to this and I`m glad I did! This is very mellow, something you could have on in the background and just chill to, I really like it, top job.
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147 crew

cheers bud, think this one is a little random..Too much of everything.

Finished the Revamp now so will add shortly

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