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These are two tracks that I and KeithSonic were working on last year after our first collaboration but never got around to finishing. They are the original first previews that we did to show each other where we were with our tracks at the time. And after recent talks, we plan to try to finish these soon and also hope to work on a whole new project as well, now that we both actually have a little extra time to do so.

So for now, here are the previews of:

Desert Machina & Thriller P.
This is a track I made about 4 mounths ago, while experimenting with some of my songs. Its a mash-up of my songs, "Sacrifice for Life" and "Xtra-Terrestrial".

I'm planning on doing more work on this project, re-editing and re-recording it to better quality eventually. I was also planning on using this track in as an Exclusive in a DJ mix, but the Mix never came off the ground so I decided to go ahead and upload the first version of "Sacrifice for Xtra-Terrestrial Life".
MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix These are the Tutorials

This is a tutorial series that I did of the tutorials in "MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix". I decided to make the series after getting a few questions from people on my videos who wanted to know a little more about it. And also to show how easy and fun it is to put together a track in Music Generator 3. I have both the PS2 version and the XBOX versions, but decided to use the tutorial off the XBOX version because its the one that I use the most. And aside from the slight differences in the Ripper(which is better on XBOX due to the ability to store soundtracks on the hardrive) and the buttons, both versions are identical.

I created a Tutorial menu to make it easy to access any part of the series that your curious about without having to search through a bunch of videos to find the one that you want. I also added an automated voice to go along with the tutorials.

Here are the individual links for each Tutorial Video:

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Remixer

Part 3: Studio A

Part 4: Studio B (advanced)

Part 5: SampleBase

Part 6: Master

Part 7: Channel

Part 8: Dynamic  

Part 9: BeatBox 

Part 10: Melody

Part 11: Waves 

Part 12: Ripper  

Experimental/Other / Hypernova
January 31, 2010, 09:31:29 AM
This is an experimental track that I created two months ago. The style could best be described as 'creepin music'(as I have dubbed it), one of the styles I have developed(and am still developing) through experimentation.

Created with MTV Music Generator[1]
The group is called Boomkat.

(I posted this info months ago before the site crash and decided to post it again because I think it really is an inspiring story of how an MTV Music Generator user found success with the help of the game.)

For those who don't know, Boomkat is an electronic and pop music duo, with brother-and-sister Kellin and Taryn Manning. Kellin writes and creates the music and Taryn is the singer, she is also an actress that has starred in such movies as "Hustle and Flow". Kellin used MTV Music Generator to help get the group off the ground using it to create more than a few songs for what would later become their first commercial album back in 2003.

Here is an article where Kellin and representitves from MTV and Codemasters talk about the success of the group due partly to the help of MTV Music Generator.

Here is an interview where Kellin and Taryn talk with OPM about MTV Music Generator and making music.

Heres a music video of one of their songs off their debut album.

This an old experimental track that I was able to dig up that I put together years ago. I made this using samples from the sample song "Movement" by Mike Clarke & SJ. I edited some of the guitar and piano samples and added my own beats and a few subtle strings throughout the song.

This song is a WIP(Work in Progress), And still in an early stage. But since its been a while since I last uploaded and posted a new song, I felt it was long overdue to upload a new track.This is an experimental smooth hiphop/triphop track where I'm experimenting with having a 2 bar hook between the verses.

Created with MTV Music Generator.
Just thought I would share this experiment I did remixing one of my old original tracks called "Are You Ready" which I created on the first Music Generator(original song found in Rap/HipHop Section). I remixed the song on Music Maker 12 Deluxe. The style of the remixed version is Hip hop with an atmospheric tone.

Ok I've finally had time to come back to Timgul, and like always happy to see its still alive and hope it continues to live on.

I decided to just go ahead and just upload all the songs lost to the site after March 3rd into one topic. And since all are experimental I decided to put them in this section.

The Unexpected (Old skool house)- Youtube link and MP3

This was my first full orignal Electronica house track. Which I was actually inspired to make after joining Timgul.

The Last Stand (RPG Experimental) -Youtube, Video link and MP3
Video download -

This is the first RPG inspired track of mine that I have actually finished(still have a couple of unfinished ones).

Dark Matter (Atmospheric Hiphop) - MP3 only

This is the last song I did before I got busy again and had to take a short break from making tracks on Music generator.

This is an old track of mine inspired by rpg battle themes that I recorded about a month and a half ago. I decided not to upload it at that time because when I found it I thought it was one of my completed songs only to realize after recording it, it was just a first draft save that I never finished.

I thought it would be cool to upload this version before I finish it(which I probably won't get a chance to do for a while).
The final version will be longer, have more structure to it and probably have a different name.

But until then, here is the prelisten.
The DexDrive

For all of you who use MTVMG1/M2000, this is perfect to Archive your save data on your computer. And Like I said before, the ability to upload and email your save data could help make this site even better than it already is. It would make it easier to do collaborations, remixes of each others work, we would also be able to help each other out a lot better as far as making music. Just imagine chatting online with a member while sending a save file back and forth on a site like MSN, collaborating in real time to do a song and also learning new tricks and getting new ideals on creating music from your TIMGUL co-producer. And with these being so cheap and easily available online its easily possible for every one here to have one.

Heres  a link to information on the Dexdrive along with a video showing how to use it.

Information link -

Ok, like you probably already know if you looked at the video or link, this is an awesome device that allows you to transfer PS1 save data to your PC to upload online or send through email. Like he said in the video its pretty easy to  find these cheap online, I bought one that was new and it only cost me 19 bucks. Its easy to setup and use once you have all the software. It came with a serial port cable and two floppy disks for the software. If your computer doesn't have a serial port, Make sure you buy a USB to Serial (DB9) Adapter.

Heres the Adapter that I've got.

Another thing you will need to do is download the dexdrive software online if you don't have a floppy drive(and chances are, you don't). I pretty much tried to use every software available for this online and the only one that works for me is Dexter.

Heres the link for the Dexter Dexdrive software:

Note: The other software downloads can also be found in the information link above the video.

Short tutorial of Dexter software

Next open the software and at the top of the page Click on Dexdrive > Open dexdrive. And select whatever port you have your Dexdrive connected to. If you don't know which port its in just keep selecting different ones until it opens your Dexdrive.

Then just select the files that you want to transfer and save them as single file.

I played around with it for a while, deleted and restored files(even recently tried a 15 block save with ripped samples too) and I never had one problem with anything when I tried to load them in the game after using the Dexdrive. I thought about trying to see if I could use a PS2 memory card but decided not to. It probably won't do anything to either your Dexdrive or memory card, but I didn't want to take a chance of accidentally corrupting my memory cards because there isn't any way I can change it back to normal if I do, like you (supposedly) can in the Maxdrive software so I'll save my PS2 memory cards for the Maxdrive experiments. So if you want to try this with your PS2 memory cards do so at your own risk. Otherwise DO NOT CONNECT YOUR PS2 MEMORY CARD TO THE DEXDRIVE.

All in all, this is a great product that works well, and anyone who makes music on the first MTV Music Generator/Music 2000 on Ps1 would greatly benefit from it, because after you buy  this you really won't need to buy any more memory cards to archive all your songs on.

It gets a thumbs up from me.

I didn't expect to get this before I got my Maxdrive because I ordered that weeks before I did this, but hopefully I get it soon. I'll do a review and tutorial for that as soon as I get it too.

I hope to see these Revolutionary Accessories, Revolutionize TIMGUL.
I read in another forum topic that someone said in one of their posts,

"wish we could transfer memory card data over the net, and rip it into our own cards, that would be soo cool".

And I agreed, this would be very cool. If it were possible to transfer our memory card data over the internet, it would easier to do remixes of other peoples work and also allow for collaborations among the members here. So I did a little looking around and I recently found out that this is possible.

A Max Drive is all you need, and its actually not difficult to use from what I've read on it. Heres the pic of it along with excerts that I took from the CodeJunkies site about the product:

"MAX Drive is a USB device that fits into your PS2's USB port. It can store game saves transferred from standard memory cards for later use, or archive them on your PC's hard drive.

MAX Drive's massive 16MB(also avaliable in 32 & 64MB)capacity makes it ideal for archiving your saves, transferring them from a standard memory card to the MAX Drive USB drive using the PS2 software supplied. When you need the save again, just move it back again. The USB drive can hold double the amount of saves possible with a standard PS2 card. Just the thing if you're running out of space.

After archiving your saves to your MAX Drive, you can (if you wish) transfer them to your PC's hard drive using the MAX Drive PC software supplied. Storing your saves on your computer's hard drive gives you near-limitless space to archive saves you're not currently using, but don't want to delete. It also helps protect your game saves against memory card failure, which is the most frustrating thing that can happen to any gamer. Ever got 95% of the way through a top title, only to see your card dump your saves? With MAX Drive, you can back them up to your PC so all is not lost in the event of a memory card crash.

With your saves on your PC's hard drive, you can email them to your friends using your PC's internet connection. Imagine having all that flexibility at your fingertips! Also, the PS2 MAX Drive comes supplied with Datel's memory management software, enabling you to crush your files to save even more space, as well as PC software to manage your save files on your computer."

Heres the link for more info on it:

Just imagine, if a lot of the members here had this, we would be able to upload not only our mp3s, but also our complete work, for download, and there could also be a whole new section for memory card data uploads. Also, if anyone wanted to collaborate with anyone, they could just email their work back and forth doing their part until they completed the project. This in my opinion, would make TIMGUL more interactive, fun, and interesting just to see what type of collaborations and remixes would be created.

I'm actually planning on getting one of these myself, just to back up all my memory card data on my hard drive.

OK everyone, after finding out about this from the codejunkies site a couple of days ago, I had been planning on ordering it this weekend. Today I went to Amazon to see if I could find a cheaper one than they had on their site. It was unavaliable to buy but I starting reading the reviews of people who had already bought it and all of them for the PS2 were BAD NEWS. The main problem being that the system disc(not the Max Drive) caused their memory cards to become corrupt and lose all their data.

Check out the review for yourself:

I also found a more in-depth video review on youtube for it.

(Skip to 2:18 to go straight to the Max Drive Review)

*The video gave some great advice on how to help get around losing hours of your hard work. But it would require a spare memory card.

So while I still kinda think this is a good product when used with caution, I can no longer recommend this. Because I would hate to be one of the people responsible for someones memory card getting ruined and data lost(I know about this first hand and would never want anyone to experience it).
Rap/Hip Hop / Xtra-Terrestrial
January 29, 2009, 02:04:19 AM
I had some down time to relax, so I finally got a chance to play MTVMG1 again. Its been years since I tried to put together anything on this and I realized how much I took this for granted now when comparing it to the music programs I been using for for the last few years. I decided to finish one of my many unfinished songs to ease myself back into the flow of creating music with it before I make a completely new one.This is really one of my more experimental tracks, so it just made sense to start again with this because I always have the most fun making them.

This was recorded through my stereo so its not the best quality, but I'll probably upload a better version in the future.

Experimental/Other / Sacrifice for Life
January 01, 2009, 05:01:17 AM
I originally planned to go back to this track and re do it, but since I haven't had too much time to do so at the moment, I decided to go ahead and upload it as it was  when it was originally created 5 years ago. I really couldn't figure out what genre to put this in from the list of categories that are listed here in the artist lounge. I still might re-edit and add some stuff later, and if I do I'll upload it.

And I would also like to say to all my TIMGUL peeps,

Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Creepin'
December 21, 2008, 09:54:16 AM
This a track that I created with a friend when I was trying to get him into making beats with the first MTV Music Generator. Turns out he wasn't that good at making beats by himself, so he stopped using it. But we ended up making a few cool beats together, Unfortunately this is the only one that I was able to find from our collaborations. Because the rest are lost like many of my other creations that were on memory cards that I misplaced or lost in the process or moving around >:( . Still kinda makes me mad thinking about it, and even a little sad too  :'( lol. But anyway, this is one of my favorites, so I hope you all enjoy this as much as we did when we created it  ;D .
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Dreamstate
December 20, 2008, 04:04:28 AM
This is a calm moody song that I finished about 5 years ago on the first MTV Music Generator. I couldn't really define what genre this would go into, mainly because its more of an experimental track than anything else.
Introductions / Oh.... Hello, how rude of me, lol.
December 18, 2008, 05:28:52 PM
Sorry about that, I got so excited about finding this site that I started posting stuff in forums and uploading songs and creating links before I realized I never formally introduced myself.

So Hello everyone I'm Ryznup and I've been mixing and producing ever since the First MTV Music Generator. When I was younger I used to do beat boxes all the time cause I always had some kind of beat in my head. I never had the money to get the equipment for beatmaking and I didn't know anyone who made beats, so at time I could never create it myself. But I did have a Playstation and when I heard of a game called "MTV music generator", I thought it would be cool to buy. I bought it and struggled with the interface for a couple days before I finally figured out how to make a decent track. After that I was hooked to the Art of Beatmaking. It became my favorite hobby and I started spending more time making beats and mixing songs on my playstation than I did playing games on it.

I created a lot of tracks on the first generator, But also lost a lot of them as well thanks to the stupid 24 memory card in 1 that I thought would be perfect for making songs, but it would always reset itself and erase hours upon hours of work that I had done. But the good thing about that is that if forced me to keep trying new things cause I never wanted to try the same thing that was in the stuff that I lost. And I was in the process developing my own sound before I quit using it about 5 years ago.  I decided to move on to the second generator But I didn't really use it much cause ended up hating the interface in that one with a passion, lol. but who knows I might end up going back to it and experiment with it a little after joining this site. Then I got the digital hitz factory and music generator 3 for the playstation, and I wasn't to fond of either of them because they weren't like the first one.

Then 3 years ago I bought myself an XBOX and got the music generator 3 for that system because I noticed the reviews were more favorable for the XBOX version and then I fell back in love with series again through mixing and the fact that the interface was closer to the first generator helped me enjoy it more. In between this series I used some other programs (which I won't mention here, cause their not in the music generator series)  to create music and started doing a lot more mixing. and I recently bought the pc version of the game, even though I can't seem to get it to work on VISTA!!!!!! And I even decided to get the gameboy advance version of music to mess around with when I was out and about.

This year I haven't really started anything new with the generator games, I just been going back to my old work that I did on them and finishing projects that I put on the shelf a while ago, making them better with extra experience I developed through doing other projects on other programs. I've also been uploading some of my old finished products on the internet for the first time, since I finally have the resources to do so. And in the process of uploading some projects on youtube (All done with music generator mixes) I was made aware of this site through Grebz, who told me about it after seeing one of my videos.

So thats My Mtv Music Generator Life Story, lol.
But thanks to this site its far from over, I plan on uploading a lot of my productions, both mixes and original productions. I'll probably try to go back to the generators that I didn't like as much just to see what I can do with them with the little bit of extra music experience I've gotten since I last used them. I also look forward to learning from all the musicians here and listening to original compositions and mixes.

Just happy to to be a part of this site!!! I've been looking for a site like this ;D
Rap/Hip Hop / Bad Vibes (Moody Hip hop)
December 18, 2008, 03:11:44 PM
Click  link to read description of the song.
Rap/Hip Hop / Dark Party Mix
December 18, 2008, 10:48:35 AM
This is was the first hip hop mix that I put together on MTV Music Generator 3.
I uploaded some of my other Music Generator 3 mixes on youtube, but this is the only one I uploaded with no external samples.

Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Are you Ready....
December 18, 2008, 09:48:45 AM
I decied to upload this track that I made on the first mtv music generator about 5 years ago. Not my best work, but definately not my worst. Just want to know what people think about it.