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Thnx DJ Dropping , Means alot m8 and im over the moon....Cheers.
Cant believe you was thinking about not posting this. I see what you mean about the J-Machine influence. Beat is reaaly top stuff and that bass was pretty amazing. I never in a million years would of thought u made this track lol. Great work on the pads too and the flute melody is catchy stuff m8. Enjoyed that, I reckon you should keep mucking around a bit more cause I'd love to hear. Hey I would love to hear a Zodiac Massacre DNB tune if you would. Seeing as you posted something totally off genre ive got somthing i might post now. Anyway great track m8, Cheers.
Techno/Trance / Re: Seb@s - Juump !!!
June 29, 2011, 01:40:43 PM
yo welcome to timgul. Love the track, that main melody is amazing, the bit where it kicks in at around 1.10 was amazing. Had me bopping along cause iI used to listen to this style of music. Cant wait to hear more from you.......THNX.
Drum & Bass / Re: DJ Eddy Vs Casper Audio Ghost
June 28, 2011, 01:52:01 AM
thnx Arcane......I to am pretty happy with this track.
Lol Z, I definitely wanna hear it m8. Everyone mucks around once in a while..a massive YES from me....Its what i listen to music for lol.
I with agree with Z, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!....Na seriously m8 u are the best ive heard on here at the heavy metal stuff and like what Knowlsey  said it made me want to up my game. But I knew I couldnt so working with ya on DJ Eddy Vs Danthrax and Manic Pandamic DNB Remix ( which the original Manic Pandamic is still one of my alltime fav songs not just on this site ) was a super joy for me m8. Seems we both have lost the will but I hope u get ur mojo back then maybe we can do another song oneday..
Sounds like a decent idea to me...I have an account on anyway lol. The music player would be brilliant for everyones songs to.
Drum & Bass / Re: DJ Eddy Vs Knowlesy
June 28, 2011, 01:07:12 AM
Thnx m8 ........Im actually working on The Motherboard atm cause i kind of feel this song wasnt my best and i can do better ( feel like i let ya down Knowlesy )....Sorry its takin so long but tbh i totally forgot about it cause i dont go on Music 2000 anymore only 2002 but i went on it a few days ago and i aint gonna stop workin on it till im totally happy with it.....As for the album i dunno maybe if I get my mojo back lol, lets see how Motherboard turns out. OH yea and the Happy Hardcore one I still need to finish but that was a melody from the first stuff u sent me......
Jesus guys that was the dogs bollocks........totally amazing blend of both styles...i liked the original and withs Zs wicked dark epicness it gives it a new n outstanding horror feel to it......Zodiac and CMG I absolutely loved it thnx.
Hardcore / Re: I Lost My Mind-DJ Eddy
June 28, 2011, 12:48:43 AM
yea of course i will m8 np
Hardcore / I Lost My Mind-DJ Eddy
June 24, 2011, 01:39:20 PM
I know i said i wasn't going to make any more and to be honest i didn't cause this is a old thing I was working on, I just sort of finished it. I got loads and loads of the stuff so if anyone has Music 2002 Club Edition and likes Happy Hardcore or Drum n Bass let me know and they can have loads of stuff I started but probably never going to finish. Which to me sort of seems a shame.

Anyway Its Happy Hardcore and made using Slinky and i really like this tune, probably one of my favs so i had to finish it.
Hope you enjoy, thnx...

Drum & Bass / Re: DJ Eddy Vs Knowlesy
June 24, 2011, 01:21:39 PM
Thanks DJ Dropping...
dude that was a very impressive use of the pre-made stuff....Liked the way you chopped em up and the beats are amazing as always from you m8.
Really god damn impressive m8.
The Growling kicks ass m8...Outstanding beat and yea that snare sounds really good m8.
Brilliant eeryness to the pads n strings and the background Sfx is amazing..
That bass is proper banging the way u add bits to it as the song goes on.
Beats and percussion is top dog dude...Love that bassline that kicks in at around 2.10.
Like what Zodiac said this track is fecking sick m8!!!..
Battle Los Angeles Sample?...
Outstanding strings real epic stuff again m8..liking the build up of the toms then that strings kicks back in, brilliant!..
Superb track m8, Cheers again....
Albums / Re: Koolassjoe presents... The Gamers Den
June 21, 2011, 04:10:05 PM
I got the message on PSN and couldnt wait to check this out m8....Im a pretty big gamer to and will know most of these tunes....Downloading now and will check back once ive listend to em....THNX!!!
Rock/Metal/Pop / Re: ...
June 21, 2011, 04:07:36 PM
Cool stuff m8...really like what uve done to the beats. some cool sfx sounds in this to like the build up phase thing...amazing guitar riffs and i to have em playing back in my head..
Catchy and rocking..loved it m8..Cheers
If MTVMG 2 is the same as Music 3000 then theres a way to change the scroll thing from top to bottom to left to right on the options because thats what i done and i changed the button arrangments to.