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Albums / Not a Number: DAY ONE EP (2011)
June 30, 2011, 10:02:36 PM

Finally, folks, a proper album/EP release of mine. Granted, it's my third overall, but it's the first one which has the style of music I intended.

Day One is a four-track collection of songs I made during my studies at college, which also serves as a portfolio for when I ever get to study music further, or anything else relevant. There have been a whole bunch of songs that I wrote during this time ("They Don't Know", "(Release) The Animal Inside" and "This is why I shouldn't have ideas" to name a few.. since they're the only ones with names), but I left those out of this, as they were all at different stages of completion - maybe I'll carry them over for the album, it just depends if I ever get a Mac and Logic at home; since my studies at college are now officially over, I'm back to solely using Music 2000 on PS1/PC until then (Ideally, I'd want to get them asap; I've put a tentative date of Dec '12 for the next release).

01. Clockwork 2011 (8:15)
02. Aphelion (9:24)
03. Build Around You (Monster) (4:50)
04. The Unlucky Ones Are Those Who Escape* (4:36)
*re-recorded as WAV, since Bandcamp won't allow mp3 uploads

Also note: I have put it as "name your price"; while you can download it for free (just set the price to £0.00), bear in mind this account only has 200 overall free downloads available (until the 20th of each month, in which it's bumped back to 200) before Bandcamp puts a price on it - and I don't know if I have to set it or if they put it there themselves - I'm very new to Bandcamp so I'm still figuring out how this thing works. That said, if you do want to pay for it, then I ain't stopping you. \/\/

So without any more delays, enjoy.

Or endure, whichever applies. :P

Heard about this on the radio a couple weeks back, and even though I missed the initial broadcast of it, I've managed to find a video of the full performance on YouTube.

It's not exactly the WOBBLE WOBBLE FILTH FILTH that you'd expect it to be, but I think it's pretty damn awesome.
Song name: Clockwork
File type: SoundCloud -> mp3
Length: 8:28
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9

Remeber the old version from last year? I've put a little more work into it.

Differences between 03/2010 Version and 2011 Version:
- Intro and outro stretched out
- MIDI guitar replaced with own guitar (played by yours truly; something I'm hoping to do more in the future - at least, until I get a Mac (abd thus Logic) at home so I'm not limited to college hours), recorded through the amp clean (through multiple microphones), distortion added in mixing.
- A couple guitar sections rewritten.
- Drums completely rewritten. YOU CAN HEAR THE KICKDRUM YOU GUYS.

Still has the old auto-tuned vocals, though I did rerecord them at one point, but the lack of a pop-shield at the time made them unusable.

It's not 100% finished; still needs a little more mixing and mastering to get it just right, but that should be ready by next week (bloody well should be, everything gets marked on Friday - Clockwork included)


-update 2011/06/20-
Made minor fixes to the track. Same URL as before.
Song name: Build Around You (Monster)
File type: SoundCloud -> mp3
Length: 4:50
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9
For those who follow me on SoundCloud, time to explain a couple things about this, since I didn't say anything about this track when I uploaded the two demos.

I've been playing Portal 2 recently, and felt compelled to make my own fan-song to the game. Hence why some lines have the same melody as some lines from "Still Alive" (ie, the theme from Portal 1). I chose NOT to reference "Want You Gone" (the theme to Portal 2), merely because I hadn't completed Portal 2 prior to writing this.

Anyway, onto the actual song itself.
As this is about Portal 2, I wanted to have the vocals sung in the perspective of GLaDOS, but putting my own interpretation on the relationship between her and Chell/the player, namely, what I believe is her conflicting emotions - she absolutely hates the player, but at the same time, she can't live without the player. I wanted to capture this feeling of "duality", such as the chorus line "I'll build myself around you, you monster".

Maybe I'm just reading too much into the game, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless.


And yes, that is me on guitar. My vocals were admittedly a little rusty in places, but I did purposely limit myself to three takes.
I will be putting together a video for it soon (and I'll be posting it on the Steam forums as well, though I don't know whether I should wait until the video's put together before I post it)
Time I started on making original tracks again after all those cover/remixes.

Song name: The Unlucky Ones Are Those Who Escape
File type: YouTube -> mp3
Length: 4:36
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
After hearing Renard's "", I was immediately inspired to do something similar.

This track is sort of (Dark) Ambient, with a blend of Trip-hop. With my own progressive twist, of course. ;D
It's not entirely in 4/4 (I'll leave it for you to figure the numbers out), but it was definitely a challenge to work within Music 2000's 4/4-constraint.


mp3 download in video description.

WIP 02

WIP 01

Song name: Super Metroid - Ridley Theme [remix]
File type: YouTube, mp3 (MediaFire)
Length: 2:46
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
Not gonna lie: I love this theme. Maybe it's because it's so dynamic with its time signature (in that it goes between 5/8, 15/8, 6/8 and practically barely touches 4/4 - something I like), maybe because it's so intense.. No idea.
(although out of all the versions I've heard, Other M's rendition is my favourite)

The one thing I'm proud of the most in this mix is one of the two break sections in this song (0:44, 1:22, 2:02) where the time signature goes from 4/8* in one bar, but the bar afterwards is in 3/8.. yet is still 4 beats long, thanks to a little bit of tempo changing. That's why you see the BPM counter "glitch about" on those particular bars - it speeds up from 250BPM to 450BPM for 1 bar, before reverting back to 250BPM.
(*well, 4/4 really, but I had to double up the tempo to 250BPM because the time signature is so dynamic)

I was going to mix Mother Brain's theme into this, but I decided not to, due to 1), not being too sure where the two could interchange and 2) a guy by the name of DM DOKURO did it a lot better than I would've. Maybe another time, eh? ;) (I've already been learning the two on my guitar and can play them quite well.. if not a little sloppy sounding due to how GODDAMN FAST they are)


Semi-related, I really gotta stop using the Choral/Alternate samples - it's almost becoming cliché of me. :-/

(Ironically, I've never actually played a Metroid game. Shame on me, huh?)
Song name: Psycho
File type: mp3 (attached)
Length: MIX 1 3:24 | MIX 2 3:21
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9
A track for my Mixing/Mastering and Studio Sound Recording units at college. I had to record and mix a track performed by a band at college.

Attached are MIX 1 and MIX 2 of their track, each made to sound like particular songs.
MIX 1's reference track: Slipknot: Gematria (The Killing Name)
MIX 2's reference track: Suicidal Tendancies: Institutionalized

Attached a newer version to MIX 1. Levels are brought up a little without it clipping. Not a huge difference, but from a production point of view, the dynamics are evened out a lot more.

Attached MIX 2.
Song name: Aphelion
File type: mp3 (SoundCloud)
Length: 9:24 (as of 2011-06-22)
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9

Chaos. Utter chaos. Timing-wise, that is.
Time signatures for current version:
00:00-00:49 :: continuous loop of 3x 13/16, 1x 7/8
00:49-01:30 :: alternates between 4/4, 9/8 (or 7/8, 5/4)
01:30-01:40 :: 13/8
01:40-02:15 :: 6/8 (finally, something in a regular time-signature)
02:15-02:31 :: 13/8
02:31-02:51 :: alternates between 4/4, 9/8 (or 7/8, 5/4)
02:51-03:56 :: 6/8
03:56-07:00 :: 4/4
07:00-07:31 :: 4/4 (19/16 polyrhythm)
07:31-08:59 :: 4/4
08:59-09:24 :: alternates between 5/8, 7/8


Demo 2011/03/09
Demo 2011/02/02

There are a few things I need to do before this is finally complete.
A friend suggested I use a lower key/tuning, but alas, my guitar can only go down as far as D (it being a 6-string, and left-handed 7-string electrics are expensive)
Oh looky here, Neo's done yet another electronica remix of a metal song.

Song name: Icarus Lives!
File type: YouTube -> mp3 (Mediafire)
Length: 3:12
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)

Mathcore, Hardcore, I-don't-bloody-know-core. :P
A recreation of "Icarus Lives!" by progressive metal band Periphery. Found a Guitar Pro file of the song, exported it to MIDI, and the rest is history.

Most annoying thing about making this mix was those bloody triplet notes; just made it that little more frustrating (I even said "screw that" to one section, since it was asking me to do 1/48th notes, so I just did 1/16ths instead - I draw the line at 1/24th, sorry.).


Original: (for comparison, so no-one can call me out on "accidentally" making certain sections go out of time :P)
I'm feeling a little festive, so why not celebrate the season by covering John Cage's 1952 work, 4'33"?

(and if you know why I chose this song, then internets for you)
Trying my hand at Dubstep after finding a tutorial on how to create the trademark "wobble" found in that genre.
very rough initial demo
Demo 2 - bit more refined and added a little more.

Of course, being my chaotic self, there's the odd change in time-signature, but nothing too chaotic; I'm only veering off a little from the source material.
Oh yeah, that's right; it's a remix of a video game tune.. fairly well known tune, I'd hazard a guess (it's far from "obscure"..).
This topic has been binned.

Song name: (Release) The Animal Inside
File type: mp3 (SoundCloud)
Length: 9:50 (as of 2010-10-18)
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9

Probably one of my most unconventional songs in progress. At least Clockwork was consistant in its time-signature, as odd-time as it is.

This one goes between 6/8, to 5/8, to 11/8, to 4/4, to 21/8, ending in a simply-why-the-hell-not 23/8. But it is mainly in 6/8, so at least there is some sense of consistency. :P

Even though this is Progressive Metal (I mean, you can practically smell the Dream Theater inspiration), there is an element of Trance in there as well, what with the synth patch.

There's a few bugs I'll be ironing out for the final version, as well as adding vocals (which I won't put through an autotune like I did with Clockwork and Our Special Place)

Oh, you want a link? ta daaa
Since I've started using SoundCloud as one of my music hubs (I can only upload 120 minutes of music on there, since I don't have a Premium account with them), I'd personally find it easier to have SoundCloud's player embedded into my post itself, rather than posting a link to an outside page (much like what the forum does with YouTube videos)

I've had a look through SMF's community forums and found this thread where someone's coded the BBCode for SoundCloud's player for SMF 2.x and 1.x.

Just figured I'd throw this suggestion there. :)

Figured I'd try my hand at a new genre.
Admittedly, Renard is a heavy influence behind this track; go listen to his album Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and you'll notice a resemblence. :P

As of this version (2010-09-19), I've only just started. But, I'd like to see what people's thoughts on it are so far. Any sort of feedback is greatly appreaciated. :)


(key = G Locrian (Ab over G))

tl;dr, Justin Bieber slowed down 800%.
It sounds bloody awesome.
Song name: Unjustified Infiltration
File type: mp3 (MediaFire)
Length: 5:36
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)

Since I've got two months of no college, It's an excuse to fire up Music 2000 until September.

This track is part of a little project I want to try and finish by then; create a "soundtrack" to a fictional game. There is no game that this song is a part of, but I want to give the tracks in this release a "video game feel". I blame Renard and his Shark Attack release. :P

I'll most likely add more to this track in the final version (needs a few strings here and there in my opinion), but it's pretty good for the time being. :)

I didn't choose a Major- or Minor key this time; for a change, I decided to use the Dorian mode, in the key of D (so D Dorian). I've grown to like Dorian over Minor.. it feels a lot easier to use. I'm hoping to use all the other modes in this "album", if you can call it that. (Locrian mode's going to be fuuuuun ^^)

Oh, and one more thing. It's not in 4/4, rather a constant 5/4. :D So it's not too crazy, but it was definitely a challenge in places. (well, not entirely constant; the drum solo about half-way through is two bars of 4/4)

Song name: Our Special Place
Genre: Rock/Pop
File type: YouTube -> mp3
Length: 4:32
Software used: Logic Pro 8

A cover of "Our Special Place" by Renard Queenston. Guitars sound a little more refined due to using a different sample patch and mixing technique than what I did with Clockwork. I don't know how Renard got his vocals to sound the way it does in his tracks, but I did try to emulate it as best as I could.
In case you're wondering, the song is in G minor... sort of. Some of the verses are in a sort of wierd G major/minor combo.


mp3 in video description. :)
July 04, 2010, 09:33:15 PM
File type: mp3 (MediaFire)
Length: 5:48
Software used: Logic Pro 8

This one's another college assignment. Unfortunately, it'll be one of the last Logic-produced track you'll hear from me.. until I return to college in September, of course. ;) I don't have Logic Pro at home, so I'll be stuck with Music 2000 again for two months. (but hey, that's not to say that's a bad thing, right? ;))

On reflection, there are a few things I should've fixed with this track: For one, I do NOT recommend you hear this with sub-woofers; I didn't bother turning down the sub-bass, so if you've got a really complex sound system, sorry if all you hear "BWWWWWWWWWWWW". Two, I should've been a little more confident with the compression, despite it being really quiet, it's at peak volume. Thirdly, that kick drum sounds a little weak to me.

I'm not sure what genre you could put this under: It's got the tempo and drumming of a Drum and Bass track, but there's a real trance element creeping in behind it as well. (I can't help it - I need a melody to drive my tracks forward) (Someone in my class who listens to a lot of drum and bass said he'd put it under "Liquid", but it's not calming enough to be Liquid, in my opinion. I've put it under "Melodic Drum and Bass" myself, but I'm sure there's an official definition. :P

I should be uploading this to YouTube soon, once I find a suitable enough backdrop.

The adrenaline of Pheonix, the anarchy of They Don't Know, the chaos of Clockwork, time we all chillaxed. :)

Song name: Lucid Dream - parts I & II
Genre: House / Electronica
File type: mp3 - Gimmesound
Length: 5:18
Software used: Logic Pro 8

Very simple House tune. Tried to go for a bit of a deadmau5 feel with the loud bass drum.
Was made as part of another college assignment, where we had to create a track in a genre we weren't too familiar with; it was either House or Drum and Bass (and since that's apparently meant to be percussion galore, I don't think I could've done the genre justice so I went with the simpler option - no offense to the House producers out there)

Rock/Metal/Pop / Not a Number - Clockwork
March 17, 2010, 11:02:38 PM
If you're wondering what happened to the other thread.. I moved that to the Trash bin. No point in showing a demo version.

Song name: Clockwork
Genre: Progressive Metal
File type: YouTube -> mp3
Length: 7:28
Software used: Logic Pro 8

Remember when I said that Pheonix was my darkest track? This one just takes the darkness to a whole new level. :P

Originally came up with the intro melody on my guitar; since I knew what the notes were, I programmed them through the keyboard into Logic and just built it up from there.

Main inspiration behind the track as a whole was Tool, since I've really gotten into them recently, although the slight gothic element that this track has... no idea where that came from. :P

Must say, the guitar samples in Logic are, simply put, win. It's certainly the sound I'm looking for. Saying that though, I may just end up recording every sample form M2K and making sample patches of them into Logic.. of course, I'd need to get a Mac for myself if I want to use Logic at home (admittedly, I do find it a lot easier to make a track in Logic than I do M2K... I am considering getting a MacBook and switching to Logic Pro. :-\)


mp3 is in video description. :)

One last thing..actually no, I'll let you figure out what crazy time signature it's in. :D
Song name: Supporting Me
File type: YouTube -> mp3 (MediaFire)
Length: 3:30
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)

Who says I can't make songs that are less than 6 minutes? :D

Remix/Recreation of the Biolizard theme from Sonic Adventure 2 for the SEGA Dreamcast/Nintendo GameCube. Created in Music 2000 for the Sony PlayStation.
Just a warning to all: Even though my vocals aren't perfect to begin with, parts go a little above my usual singing range.. making them sound... ugh. :-[
Also since I recorded the vocals on top of the instrumental, it does mean they'll jump in and out of the mix at random points.

mp3 in video description.

Enjoy. Or Endure, whichever applies to you. :P
News and announcements / RPM Challenge 2010 Collab
January 31, 2010, 12:16:05 AM
As 01/02/2010 draws to the 24-hours-away mark, I fuigured now would would be a good time to gather up a little more interest from the other thread I posted a week or so back (I'll soon move that into the Contests section)

So, for those who missed the other thread:

The RPM Challenge is an annual event in which musicians are given 28 days - from 01/02 to 28/01 - to create a whole album from scratch - This is usually a minimum of 10 tracks or 35 minutes total, whichever comes first.

So, who's up for this?
I've already got interest from myself (of course :P) and Fear2Stop, who else is up for this?

Few ground rules regarding the collab:

1) All tracks MUST be produced between the dates of 01/02/2010 and 28/01/2010.

2) Submit your tracks in the RPM Challenge 2010 discussion thread that's in the Contests section. The higher the bitrate, the better; These will be burnt onto CD and sent off to RPM on 01/03/2010. If you're attaching various demos, then notify me of the final version via PM and/or through email (flappy DOT thirteen AT googlemail DOT com). Since I already have an account on RPM, I'll be uploading the tracks onto there, but you'll still own the rights to your respective tracks. :)

3) I don't know what RPM's official stance on creating songs based off ideas you had before that time, but let's just assume that if you thought up a melody and hadn't started making it into a song before the Challenge starts, that could count, but remakes/remixes.. probably not. In fact, to quote RPM's website itself: "All material must be previously unreleased, and we encourage you to write the material during February too." I think to be fair, I'll allow any melodies you thought up in January '10, provided you haven't put them into a track already. I'm afraid that won't count (as it happens, I've come up with a few melodies on my guitar but haven't done anything about them)

4) All tracks MUST be composed using MUSIC/MTVMG software. I request that when you do submit your track, you do specify what MTVMG software it was created in. External samples are allowed, provided they are mixed using MTVMG software.
4a) Although, if you do add anything outside of MTVMG (guitars, vocals), they can only be an accompaniment (I think that's the word); creating a song sans-melody, importing it into FL Studio and putting an FL-Studio-made synth over it doesn't count.

5) Meta-collabs (that is, "Artist A" ft. "Artist B" on one track) are encouraged, so if you want to make a track with someone else, then go for it. :)

Full details can be found here.

There doesn't HAVE to be a maximum of 10 songs for this disc, although I'd recommend keeping the whole thing limited to a total of 80 minutes just to keep it on one disc.

So, to quote a Mr. Jenkins: "LET'S DO THIS."
Contests! / RPM Challenge 2010 Discussion
January 21, 2010, 05:19:53 PM
This thread is for the discussion and hosting of the tracks made for the RPM Challenge.



No doubt this'll be something you'll want to enter.

Premise of this challenge is simple: Create, from scratch, a load of new songs in February; from the 1st to the 28th. A "load" of songs being a minimum of 10 tracks or 35 minutes (whichever comes first).

I already signed up to it this year for the first time ever.. anyone else up for this?

Link -->
DISC 01:
DISC 02:

Here we are: The 3rd and final installment of TIMGUL Hypermix 2009, containing 12 tracks from September through to December.

Total time: TBA


3.00: Not a Number
      Pheonix pt. III: Fly Away [Reprise]
3.01: Mike CJ
3.02: Sacred Virgo
3.03: DJ Droppin'
      Gimme the Rhythm
3.04: DarkBliss
      In My Dreams I See A Polygon Girl
3.05: nakamura
      Escaping the Darkness...
3.06: DJ Ryznup
      Malicious Men (Keithsonic Remix)
3.07: Pete Tinsley ((aka "redmistpete"))
      Once Around The Sun
3.08: spacekid890
      Wooden Dolls
3.09: Grebz
      End Credits VIP (Ext. Vocal remix)
3.10: J-MACHine
      Beyond Human: Dead Alarm Ringing
3.11: Not a Number
      Parabol(a) (TIMGUL Hypermix Edit)
3.12: Blonde Justice
      John's Gone

Super Edition (66-minute mp3):
Standard Edition (Individual mp3s, with transtitions):
Ultra Edition (Discs 1, 2 and 3 as one huge mp3):
- coming early January 2010

*I know "13" isn't the "official" title, SV, but I'll always know the song by that name. :P
Now, I'm going under the assumption that most of you guys live outside the UK (as far as I'm aware, Dubya and CoLD are the only other ones that I know are UK-based), but this news is just too awesome to not pass on.

So, over here, we have this show on TV called "The X-Factor". Basically made to replace Pop Idol (or whatever "- Idol" you guys have. :P it's got Simon Cowell as a judge so you know what I'm talking about).
And for the past 5 years, they've had this thing where they've always taken the Christmas No.1 spot. I mean, it only makes sense... 19m people in the UK watch it and the single is released in the run up to Christmas.. so 19 million people can't be wrong... right?


Earlier this month, a couple from some corner of the UK set up a Facebook group to get Killing in the Name by Rage Against The Machine to Christmas No.1. Being a fan of rock/metal music and a hater of manufactured pop, naturally I joined and bought the song off iTunes. I mean, I'd rather have a somewhat old song that the musicians wrote themselves than a cover that was originally performed by Miley Cyrus. (Hell, the other songs from previous years weren't original songs either)

Well guess what.


Made the record of being the first Christmas No.1 from downloads alone. And of course, being the greatest c-c-c-combo breaker of all time musicwise.

So without further ado, The current Top 10 singles this week. Note the lack of X-Factor (Joe McElderry) in the No.1 spot. :D
Song name: They Don't Know (...When You've Sold Your Soul)
File type: mp3 (attached)
Length: 5:17
Software used: Logic Pro 8

A couple weeks ago, we were given the choice of three vocal melodies and to build a track around it for an assignment at college; any style, any whatever. This was my submission. I felt it sounded empty with the one vocal sample, so I wrote and recorded my own lyrics and vocals over it. I'm not the greatest singer ever, I'll admit that. :D

Will soon be uploading this to YouTube.

Oh, one last thing: The intro (0:14 - 0:40), middle 8 (1:39 - 2:05) and bridge (3:05 - 3:30) are all in 7/4. The rest is in 4/4.

Style is quite odd: it has elements of Punk (with the heavy bridge section), Prog Rock (with the 7/4 and guitars), a little slice of techno (with the synths) and my vocal style... somewhat Pop-y. :P
Behold the first track under alphaSYMBOLIC!

Song name: Sincil Drain (alphaSYMBOLIC edit)
File type: mp3 (attached)
Length: 2:16
Software used: Logic Pro 8
Story goes as this:
Couple weeks or so ago at college we were given the raw Project file for a hip-hop track produced at college. Our task was simple: To cut down the song from 4:37 to as close to 2:00 as possible, as well as make it radio friendly - take out any swearing/other inapproriate language.
This was my result.
Bit of an interpretation on this one: The chorus you hear in this version is actually the Pre-chorus in the original (the chorus in the original is the bridge/third_verse in this version)
One minor thing that I'm really proud of in this song is at 1:14 - the line you hear, I had changed to "In the place with the rogues / with their nose full of.. pain"; the original line was "In the place with the rogues / with their nose full of cocaine" (though personally, I keep hearing "propane" in place of "cocaine"...)

Also, for those not in the know, "alphaSYMBOLIC" is just another name I use, simply to keep any track I wish to keep seperate from "Not a Number", ...seperate. :P
Song name: Shattered Fortress Zone
File type: YouTube -> mp3 (MediaFire)
Length: 6:21
Software used: Audacity

What can I say... The vocal track to The Shattered Fortress by Dream Theater set to various tracks from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (and one from Sonic 3).
That's about it really. :P

Goes a little out-of-sync in places, but that was Dream Theater's fault. :P
Other Music related Discussion / Tabs for TIMGUL songs
October 10, 2009, 10:12:34 PM
I got really bored last week and figured out the guitar tabs for one of the songs off TIMGUL:

Tempo: 165 bpm
e|- - - 10 10 10 10 10 | 10 - 9 7 - 9 - 10 | - - - 10 10 10 10 10 | 12 - 10 9 - 7 - 5 |
B|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |
G|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |
D|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |
A|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |
E|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |

e|- - - 12 12 12 12 12 | 7/10 - 9 7 - 9 - 10 | - - - 10 10 10 10 10 | 9 - 7 6 - 7 - 9 |
B|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | - - - - - - - - |
G|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | - - - - - - - - |
D|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | - - - - - - - - |
A|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | - - - - - - - - |
E|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | - - - - - - - - |

e|- - - 10 10 10 10 10 | 10 - 9 7 - 9 - 10 | - - - 10 10 10 10 10 | 12 - 10 9 - 7 - 5 |
B|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |
G|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |
D|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |
A|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |
E|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - - - - - - -  | - - - -  -  -  -  -  | -  - -  - - - - - |

e|- - - 12 12 12 12 12 | 7/10 - 9 7 - 10 - 12 | - - - 9 - 5 - 7 | - - - - - - - - |
B|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - -  - -  | - - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - - |
G|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - -  - -  | - - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - - |
D|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - -  - -  | - - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - - |
A|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - -  - -  | - - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - - |
E|- - - -  -  -  -  -  | -    - - - - -  - -  | - - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - - |

See if you can figure out which song it is. :D (and yes, I've tabbed pretty much the rest of this song as well - once my camera starts working properly I'll record it onto YouTube. :D)
Oh, quick tip: the "7/10" bit just means play the 7th fret and then very quickly move to the 10th. It works after a little practice.
Albums / Not a Number: /0, Part 1 EP
October 01, 2009, 05:06:27 PM
As you know, I kinda cancelled /0 a few weeks ago, but I only released it on some other forum (that you had to be a member to download musics from) so it's only fair I release it everywhere else.

Some of these I had already released here but I figured if I handed it out in one big folder it'd be easier to find.

Download link -->


- *32-bit Twist (2009 Demo) 3:17
- *32-bit Twist (instr.) 3:17
- Clouds (Illemonati Demo) 2:52
- *In The Air Tonight (Demo 2) 5:05
- Infinity - Pt. 1 (instr.) 9:24
- Nothing's Impossible (2007 Demo) 3:50
- Nothing's Impossible (2009 Demo) 3:50
- Transition 0:15

I've left out two of the proposed tracks, those being the full version of Clouds and Prologue: Into the Fire. Those are a much better quality to the ones I've put up so I'm carrying them over onto an actual album.

This thing was in development for over 2 years (originally announced July 2007) and honestly, that was too long; considering I was hoping for an Autumn 2008 release.

I didn't really bother with fixing some of the tags, so some are tagged with "NaN" as the artist and "/0" as the album.
Tracks marked with an * are covers.
(also I had to resize the album art so it wouldn't crop in the forum: hi-res image is here)
Song name: 32-bit Twist
File type: mp3 (attached)
Length: 3:17
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)

This song will probably haunt me to my grave. So many times I've had to rerecord this song. First it was created on the PlayStation itself, then recreated on the emulator, then it needed adding to it, then it needed fixing, then it needed more fixing, then the vocals needed redoing because the sound kept clipping.. with the Memory Card file being lost forever, I don't think this song will ever be finished. Hell, even the version I've supplied has unfinished vocals. :P

The first 25-odd seconds begins with a heavily sampled excerpt from a 1969 film called "The Cube" before starting the song itself.
The song is a cover/remix of a similarly titled Deporitaz song, but I changed the "A Schizophrenic" to "32-bit", simply because the PlayStation is a 32-bit console. :P
I was hoping to finish recording the vocals for this song but I kept putting it back and back until I ended up forgetting about it. :-/
Song name: Nothing's Impossible (instr.)
File type: mp3 (attached)
Length: 3:50
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
Another proposed track for /0 Part 1.

A much more pop-like song that, lyrically, I thought was pretty good. Some of the rhymes I made were pretty clever (box with watch, eg. :P)

Unfortunately, I lost the Memory Card file for this so I couldn't fix the very first original so I tried a hand at remastering what I had.. resulting in something very echoey (which wasn't what I wanted) I've tried remaking it from scratch, but I couldn't get the acoustic guitar to sound the same (see also: "good" and "not sounding like a piano") plus I know I used a default riff for that short synth loop, but I can't for the life of me remember which one.

Note that I used the same drum loop in Infinity - Pt. 1. I is lazy :D

I've attached two version of this song: One was made in 2008 that has vocals, and the other is a "remaster" of 2008's instrumental.. I didn't get to record the vocals for that one.
Song name: Infinity - Pt. 1 (Instr.)
File type: zipped mp3 (MegaUpload)
Length: 9:24
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)

One of the proposed tracks for /0 Part 1.

I. Autumn (0:00 - 4:00)
II. Winter (4:00 - 9:24)

This song, whilst I thought it was great at the time, was one of the main reasons behind the Post-"Pheonix" announcement. Whilst this song was great in concept, the lyrics I wrote for it... sucked. The lyrics for the possible "Infinity - Pt. 2" were so bad as well, I thought it best to scrap this song. Not to mention the backing melody for the second Movement being pretty much the same two riffs over and over again (with the key going up from G to G# at 6:03).

In my opinion, this song wasn't one of my best works. I'd go as far as to say that I was simply trying too hard at making something that at the time, I simply couldn't do. Some bits of the song I do like (for instance, the 7/8-9/8 melody in the first Movement) but for the most part, I'm not a big fan of it. I'm not ashamed of making it, but eh.. I could've done better.

In the .ZIP file, I've included the proposed lyrics to both Infinity Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. Compared to the lyrics I've written now (eg. Prologue: Into the Fire), they're pants. (as well as unoriginal)

After releasing Phoenix onto the internets, I went through the earlier stuff I created for /0 Part 1 (stuff that I haven't released yet) and listening to them, I really think they wouldn't be good enough to sell. In short, I think they were pants compared to what I've created this year so far (Clouds, Phoenix and Transition/Prologue: Into the Fire to name a few).
I'd go back and remaster them, but I really think some of them are beyond saving - the rest I lost the Memory Card file for (which was idiocy on my part) so I can't fix them. (I tried recreating one but I couldn't get it to sound the same to the original)

So, I've come to the (not very easy) decision of restarting /0 ..moreorless from scratch. This isn't something I've not done before: for instance, I once had the idea of making an eight part epic entitled "Re-Awaken: Act One" early last year, but I gave up when I (as I used to) tried to write the lyrics first and failed miserably. (It's very unlikely that this song may actually get remade, as much as I want to make it - even though its premise has been done many times before)
The only tracks I'm carrying onto /0 are the ones I mentioned in the first paragraph. Hell, I may even drop the name "/0" and call it something else.

However, fret ye not, peoples. I'll be releasing what I had created for "/0 part 1 EP" for free (with the exception of Transition/Prologue: Into the Fire) as it wouldn't be fair on you guys, seeing as you've been waiting over 2 years for this and these mp3s will be sitting on my harddrive, doing nothing otherwise.

There's only about 4 mp3s for me to hand out, so keep an eye on the Music Showcase section for those. (I was an idiot with the folder structure and the songs are scattered about so finding them will take me a while)

This wasn't an easy decision, but it's a fair one at that. It's a shame that /0 Part 1 was so near, yet so far.. and at the same time so bad. :P


Another announcement I'd like to make is that I'll be starting Music College this year and they don't use Music 2000 (though one of the tutors there did say he had heard of it in the past.."it's that one where it scrolls along, isn't it?") - I think they use stuff like Pro Tools and the like. Since I'll be switching softwares, there's a chance I'll be using a different name for my post-2009, non-M2K produced music. Still thinking on a name; might be some "corruption" or "opposite" of "Not a Number" (like idunno, one name flying around my head at the moment is "Alphanumeric") though my M2K-produced stuff will still go under Not a Number.
DJ Mixes / TIMGUL Hypermix 2009 // DISC 02
August 30, 2009, 09:31:16 PM
(If this could be moved to the DJ Mixes section, that would be great thanks)

Guess who's back with another Mix? :D

Disc 02 is the second installment of TIMGUL Hypermix 2009, containing 12 tracks released from May through to August.

Total time: 1:19:58 (just 2 seconds away from a full CD)


2.00: Shellshaka
     Kinesis [Reprise]
2.01: The Lyricist
2.02: Beoulve
     Battle Royale
2.03: nakamura (ft. Shellshaka)
     Walking Through a Winter Night (27/05/09 version)
2.04: JohnP
     Rendered in Depth      
2.05: nakamura
     The Last Goodbye (Pillage Fanfare)
2.06: Pillage My Village
     End of an Era
2.07: DarkBliss
     Beautiful Death
2.08: spacekid890
     Flip/Sting (Hold On to Your Speakers)
2.09: DJ Omnimaga
     Not Another Fucking Hardcore Remix
2.10: Pillage My Village
     Insides (TIMGUL Release)
2.11: J-MACHine
     Revolution: In SPACE
2.12: Not a Number
     Pheonix (TIMGUL Hypermix 2009 Edit)
       I.   Burn
       II.  Re-Ignite
       III. Fly Away

Super Edition (80-minute mp3):
Standard Edition (Individual mp3s, with transtitions):
Ultra Edition (Discs 1, 2 and 3 as one huge mp3):
- coming Christmas 2009 -
Song name: Pheonix [TIMGUL Hypermix Edit]
File type: mp3 (MegaUpload) / YouTube
Length: 11:43
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
I don't want to sound... pretentious, but this could possibly be my heaviest/darkest/greatest_ever song created to date.. hard to think I only put a total of 8-10 hours into making it, huh? :P
This song carries a lot of inspiration from a few power/progressive metal songs.. Originally I was going to make this song a minute or so longer, but I was going to be adding this into DISC 02 of TIMGUL Hypermix 2009, and there was only 11:52 of the Mix left before it would be over 80 minutes (and I'd rather the Mix be able to fit onto just 1 CD)

Unfortunately, because the song is 26.8 MB in size, I'm unable to attach it to this post, which is why I've uploaded it to MegaUpload:

In case you're wondering, this entire song is in the key of Cm.. ..most of my songs have been in that lately and I don't know why. :P

I. Burn (00:00 - 01:45 [1:45])
II. Re-Ignite (01:45 - 10:07 [8:23])
III. Fly Away (10:07 - 11:43 [1:35])

Uploaded onto YouTube:

As you know, with my computer not being the most powerful, a problem I often run into with my music making is Audacity.. and its tendancy to make the audio skip most of the time. (Heck, Omni told me that even on his computer he has trouble with skipping audio)

I have recently remembered I have another Audio Editting program on my harddrive, called GoldWave.
If, like me, you record from an emulator, this program is miles better (at recording) than Audacity. I had no skipping problems whatsoever.. or rather, it only skipped when the emulator would normally skip, which isn't that often anyway.

I also recommend this if you use MTVMG 1 PC / Music 2002 or any other MTVMG software that doesn't have a working reverb setting, as you can add your own reverb to the recording.
Plus if you only have a video of the song, this can open video files and export the audio inside it (from experience, I know that it works with .WMV files.. tried with .MOV and ran into a few problems)

There are a couple things I want to clarify:

- Don't immediately switch to this and forget about Audacity. I simply use GoldWave for recording, export that onto mp3 and then finish it up in Audacity.
- I will also say, it is shareware; you only get about 100 edits for free*. Thankfully, you are still able to use it after the limit is up; you get reminded every 5 edits that the free limit is up (at least with the version I use; I have v5.20, the latest release is v5.52)

[download link]

(*well, I can't remember exactly what it says.. it's either 100 or 1,000. :P)
This were the two of mine that sadly got lost in the database crash, so I've decided to reupload them.

Title: Aerials (Demo 090419a)
Length: 3:57
Filetype: mp3 -> Attached
Genre: Rock
Created in: Music 2000 -- PSX (console)

An instrumental cover of the SOAD song. A few issues with some sections being in the wrong key, but it still works out pretty well in my opinion. Not likely to be finished. It really was a test to see if I could do a decent rock song. I'm sure the samples in the PC version sound better.
A "Demo 090419b" exists, but not much differs.

Title: UNTILITED "09"
Length: 4:39
Filetype: mp3 -> Attached
Genre: Rock/Techno
Created in: Music 2000 -- PSX (console)

Another instrumental. No actual title on this, but at the time, the name of the file was "09", so I just went with that. My main goal in making it was to try and merge Rock and Trance/Techno together. First time in trying, but I gave it my all. Was going to be the backing to a track on the album, but it didn't work out that too well.
(random fact: it's in the key of G Major, so I managed to improv the whole synth solo)

I am very much aware that in both of these, the bass has been turned up really high; I created these from the console itself (so no skipping) and through the TV - which, due to it being a slightly old TV/VHS combo, only has one speaker. I tried mastering it a little, but this was as best as I was able to get it. I've been considering getting a new TV (one with AV) with two speakers so this issue wouldn't arise.
Watch in order:
Half-Life: Full Life Consequences

Half-Life: Full Life Consequences 2: What Has Tobe Done

Half-Life: Hero Beggining

Half-Life: Full Life Consequences: Free Man

DJ Mixes / TIMGUL Hypermix 2009 // DISC 01
June 23, 2009, 09:12:13 PM
I was originally going to do this for 2008 in time for Christmas but I couldn't get enough songs in time, so I'll do the next best thing and make a new mix every 3 months. (and then mix that year's files into one 3-hour mp3)
Each mix contains 12 tracks, 3 from each month that the song was initinally released onto the Internet (Disc 1 has January, February, March and April; Disc 2 has May, June, July and August; and Disc 3 has September, October, November and December).

So, Hypermix 2009 DISC 1.
Total time: 1:15:58


1.00: Intro*
1.01: DJ Omnimaga
      level3.mp3 ((there wasn't any title in the mp3, but that was the filename))
1.02: Pillage My Village
      Messages From Heaven 2009
1.03: Seipher
      No Hope (Remix)
1.04: Dimuliya
      01 - 30 ((ok so it's not on TIMGUL; it's epic enough to be included))
1.05: nakamura
      A New Dawn   
1.06: 147 crew
      The Machine (12" Vinyl Mix)
1.07: DarkBliss
      Memory Erased
1.08: AudioGhost
      Less Than Zero
1.09: Bass Launch
      2010: The Year of Robotic Control (vocal edit)
1.10: DJ Ryznup
      The Last Stand
1.11: Weapons Division ((a.k.a. stonecold))
      Refuse to Fight
1.12: Shellshaka

Super Edition (75-minute mp3):
Standard Edition (individual mp3s, with transitions):
Ultra Edition (Discs 1, 2 and 3 as one huge mp3):
- coming Christmas 2009 -

*yes I'm evil. :D
Albums / Not a Number: Re:spawned EP (2005)
June 23, 2009, 08:57:25 PM

Recorded: ??/01/2005 - ??/06/2005
Released: 11/12/2007
Total time: 31:38

01. A Day (or 34) of Rest | 1:30
02. Djerba | 3:09
03. Piano My Forte | 3:41
04. Red Light/Green Light | 2:40
05. >WhatU.R | 1:21
06. 1982 | 3:02
07. Rave Planet Two | 2:36
08. Game Over (DanceMix'05) | 3:14
09. Criminal Injustice II | 3:29
10. Out of Control | 3:00
11. --Bonus track: ???-- | 3:58

Re:spawned is a collection of old tracks I made using a old version of eJay back in 2005, under the name "DMcK". These songs are primarily hip-hop, dance and rave; you can tell which genre each track is when you listen to it. I was still learning how to use computers back then (after upgrading from a Pentium MMX running Windows 98), thus the quality isn't too good. Though after stumbling across them a while back, I rebranded the songs under Not a Number and released then here.
Was released for a short space of time — but for archive and fairness' sake, I have reuploaded it.
All songs were made in January 2005 unless specified:

hehe.. knew I forgot something.  :P
Even though I don't like giving away too many spoilers in any work I do; with development on /0 going, to put it lightly, slower than a dead snail going backwards (well, maybe not that slow. :P) I figured I'd create a thread here.. just to give people any small updates that happen: even if it's a minor thing like "I've added a new section to Track x"; At least you'd know how far it's close to completion (no matter how far away that may be...  :-\)

So, current things completed with /0:

  • Lyrics for all tracks have been written, with exception to "Prologue: Into the Fire"; I'm gonna see if I can write better sounding lyrics when I have a backing to go with it.
  • I have finished creating the backing for:

    • 02. In The Air Tonight
    • 04. Nothing's Impossible
    • 07. Clouds
    • 08. Transition
    • 10. 32-bit Twist
    • 12. Infinity part one

  • I've begun work on creating the backing for:

    • 09. Prologue: Into the Fire
    • 11. /0
  • I am yet to record vocals; Audacity is being an idiot and making them go out of sync (despite me recording them with the song playing over it.. I guess I could just slow down the vocals)
  • I am also considering rewriting, if not replacing "Autopilot", as I have no idea what the song is meant to "sound" like; I tend to forget how the lyrics go as well. :P I may produce its replacement in the same way as "Prologue: Into the Fire", and I don't want to end up cutting the album down to 11 tracks; A section of "Infinity part one" references the entire album as a whole and requires 12 lines to complete that certain section.
    • If I do end up making a new track in place of "Autopilot", I'll post up the lyrics and I'll let you make the track based off them (rewrite the melody if you want; I have trouble remembering the melody as it is. :P)

Current confirmed track times (estimates in italics)
02. 5:15 -- In The Air Tonight
04. 3:40 -- Nothing's Impossible
07. 5:08 -- Clouds
08. 0:13 -- Transition
10. 3:17 -- 32-bit Twist
12. 9:00 -- Infinity part one

I'll post new updates as a new post. This post will also have these updates.
Around mid-May, Omni showed us this little gem that had been floating around the internet:

The song itself, Kumikyoku "Nico Nico Douga", is a 10-and-a-half-minute-mashup of various Japanese anime- and video game-themes.
Here is a table of all 33 songs in Kumikyoku "Nico Nico Douga":

(mm ss)
00 00
00 45
01 14
01 25
01 37
02 00
02 20
02 31
02 42
02 52
03 16
03 35
03 44
04 07
04 31
04 53
05 40
06 42
07 07
07 28
07 44
08 06
08 15
08 27
08 35
08 51
08 58
09 08
09 21
09 29
09 54
09 56
10 03
Song title
Agent Yoru o Iku
Hare Hare Yukai
Kanbu de Tomatte Sugu Tokete ~ Kyouki no Udongein
Help Me, Erinnnnn!!
Critias no Kiba
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms
Makka na Chikai
Airman go Taosenai
Yuuki vs. Iji
Tori no Uta
Marisa Stole The Precious Thing
Wily Stage 1
God Knows...
Motteke! Sailor Fuku
Gacha Gacha Hertz
Genesis of Aquarion
Futari no Mojipittan
Here We Go!
true my heart
kiss my lips
Overture (Dragon Quest)
Gacha Gacha Cu~te
You are the Prince of Tennis
Let's Go! Onmyouji

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Touhou Prjoect
Touhou Project
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters BGM
Super Robot Wars Alpha 3
Super Mario RPG
Digimon Adventure
Busou Renkin
Megaman 2
Musical: Prince of Tennis
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Touhou Project
Megaman 2
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Lucky Star
Genesis of Aquarion
Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan
Super Mario World
Nursery Rhyme
Sakura Saori
Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy
Musical: Prince of Tennis
Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku: Bonno Kaiho
folk song
List taken from KumikyokuWiki. Times are approximations.
you have no idea how goddamn frustrating it was to get that table right

I had originally thought of remixing it myself, but I realised that this would be impossible as I'd run out of riffs before I'd even reach halfway (even with my DragonForce remix, most of the riffs was the "solo" section), so a couple days ago, what with the Quade/Pillage TIMGUL Mix on the horizon, I thought to myself "why not have another collab mix?" and decided that it could be one huge TIMGUL-collab-remix!

If you want to take part in this, here's some things I'd like to clarify:
The original Kumikyoku "Nico Nico Douga" is at 180 BPM. I'd like it this to the be the same for the TIMGUL Collab Remix. Of course, Music 2000's tempo's a little off, but it's barely noticeable.
With some of the sections being a few sections long, you can do adjacent sections (for example... sections 19 through to 24 as one track).
You choose the style that it's remixed in; it'd be great if this was as musically diverse as can be; so pieces in rock/metal, pop, dance, trance, DnB, the lot!
Also, obviously, as it's a TIMGUL Remix, It has to be made in software from the MUSIC/MTVMG series.

You can "reserve" sections that you want to remix, but if one or more people have the same bit reserved (let's say, User A wants to do #5-10 but User B wants to do #10-14), that's no problem; (using the example: so long as User A does one part of #10 (like, I dunno, the drums only) and the User B does that rest. This "overlap" would be great as it would serve some form of transition between one user's piece of the remix to the next. An maximum overlap of about 2 sections would be best.
I'll write up a second list of the sections below which I'll edit everytime someone reserves a section:

Not reserved, available for remixing
Reserved, but acts as an overlap.

01 -
02 -
03 -
04 -
05 -
06 -
07 -
08 -
09 -
10 -
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 -
15 -
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 -
21 -
22 -
23 -
24 -
25 -
26 -
27 -
28 -
29 -
30 -
31 -
32 -
33 -

Once you've finished the section(s) you've reserved, simply email them to me at flappy <DOT> thirteen <AT> googlemail <DOT> com and I'll compile them all up. Once all 33 sections are remixed, I'll post it up in a new topic for all to se-I mean, listen!
When submitting your completed sections, save the mp3 as "<starting section> - <ending section>.mp3" and tag it as your normal artist name (Don't worry about the album name, it's all going under one track afterwards. ;)) (for example, "03 - 05.mp3")

Oh one last thing; these'll help you loads:
mp3 of Kumikyoku "Nico Nico Douga".
MIDI file of Kumikyoku "Nico Nico Douga". Open this up in something like FL Studio/Reason/whatever program can open MIDI files and lets you see the notes and use this as a reference. NOTE: it only has the main melody and what I think is either the strings/chord or bass. Any other backing melody that's in the MP3 but not the MIDI you'll have to figure out, I'm afraid; that MIDI file's the "full version".

So who's up for this?

(maybe this will help me get out my creative slump :P)
As we all know, the PC version of MTVMG1/Music 2000 has this thing where there's no stereo reverb; even Yellow Stereo has no effect. And whilst I still haven't gotten myself using MTVMG1PC yet, I figured this method could benefit those who do use it, which is I've put this here because it can help with those who use the PC version of MTV Music Generator / Music 2000, but in reality, this method works with every mp3 file. It can even be used to enhance songs that already have a form of stereo reverb.

Sadly there are no images to use as a reference, so just trust me on this one; this works.

What you will need:

- .mp3 / .wav file of the song
- Audacity (get it here, it's freeware)
--- For reference, I am using Windows XP. Keyboard shortcuts may be different in Mac OS.
- Patience, plenty of it. (and I ain't kidding here. :P)

So open up Audacity, and import your song into it. It's easiest if you just open up My Computer, go to the file and drag it into the Audacity window.

Now, ideally, your songs should be "dual-mono" where it has info for both the Left and Right speakers; you can tell if it is by looking at how many channels the file has; if it has two, then proceed to Step 4. It should be dual-mono anyway, but if not, go to Step 3.

If your song is not in dual-mono, then select the channel by clicking on the bar on the left, go to Edit, Duplicate. Set the one channel to 100% Left using the L/R slider and set the other channel to 100% Right. Hit CTRL+A on your keyboard and go to Project, Quick Mix. This should take a minute or so to mix. Go to Step 4.

Now, with the dual-mono channel selected, go to Edit, Duplicate. Do this again. Press CTRL+Shift+F to bring all 4 channels up. Close only one of them by clicking the X at the top-left of the channel. (any one will do, but there has to be 3 left.)

Now, select the middle channel by clicking the bar on the left, and go to Effect, High Pass Filter.... and hit OK. Once the effect has been applied, pan it 100% Left.

Now select the bottom channel by clicking the bar on the left, and go to Effect, Low Pass Filter.... and hit OK. Once that effect has been applied, pan it 100% Right.

With the bottom channel selected, hold SHIFT and select the middle channel (by clicking the bar on.. you get it now. :P). Go to Project, Quick Mix.

With the newly created channel selected, go to Effect, Amplify... and in the box next to "Amplification (dB)", type -91 and click OK. This should take a few minutes.

Once the effect has been applied, keep the channel selected. Select the Time Shift Tool (which looks like a double-ended arrow ( <-> )) and drag the channel to the right by one pixel. If you mess up, just hit CTRL+Z and try again.

At this time, your song has technically been made stereo. For a much better reverb, keep the selected channel.. selected and go to Effect, Echo....

This is where patience comes into play.
For the delay time, set it to 0.001 seconds.
For the Decay Factor, set it to 0.333333.

Click OK and go do something else. Regardless of how long your song is, this will take hours. I am not kidding. My computer may have 512MB of RAM, but it can take up to 3 hours for a 30-second sample. I've had to leave it on for 24 hours for a full song.

Once this has finished, go to File, Export as MP3, and save as you would1. I'd recommend saving it as a different file.

Congratulations; you have acheived Stereo Reverb.

Good luck. ;)

1-9 is a guideline; some songs may need to go lower.
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / WIP track segment
December 11, 2008, 10:00:38 PM
I recently tried recreating the backing to a track for /0 as I lost the Memory Card file. It didn't sound right

Luckily I had recorded the old demo version of it, but as I hadn't discovered Yellow Stereo, it was pretty much still in mono.

So I did my little technique on adding minor reverb to it as well as adding an echo to the main backing track, in hope that this would make it sound better.

I didn't want to spoil the whole surprise of what this track sounds like, so I've attached a 5-second sample.

So I ask: Does this echo sound good? I've still got the original backing mp3 and I saved the Audacity project as well so I could go back to it. I might not record the vocals just yet; I'm considering doing all the vocals last, all in one go.
Other interests / brb
November 30, 2008, 10:31:37 PM
As you or may not know, I likes to make music. Unfortunately, the album is in no way near completion (see latest update (010908) on site for more info) and even since posting that update, progress has been really, really slow. (since the the update which was nearly three months ago, pretty much one song has got its backing finished)

I feel that the only way to get this thing finished is to go on a full-on music making binge; for some reason, my music making program seems to disconnect me from the internet when it runs, so I'll be taking advantage of this. It may not be a healthy option, but I truly want to get this thing finished and out the way for what I have planned for Not a Number in future.

I will start from Monday 01/12/2008*, and hopefully when I return, /0 will finally, be ready for release (with the main site getting a bit of a revamp if Windows Explorer lets me transfer stuff - but that's for another thread on another forum).

So in short, bbl.

Song name: Through the Fire and the Flames
File type (mp3, wav, etc): YouTube -> mp3
Length: 7:15
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
Well, I know of one person from here that's already seen it, but it's only fair that I share it with everyone else.
This took me roughly 12 hours total to do, spread over the course of 2 hours a night for 6 days (on average), the "guitar solo" alone taking 2 days to complete.
More notes are in the annotations, so make sure those are switched on for a running commentary of the song.
YouTube link >>
mp3 download link is in the video description. Enjoy.
o hai.

Well, as you may have seen from my forum signature, I was hoping /0 to be released by Summer 2008 and as it has gone and passed, you're probably wondering where it is. Well, here's the truth.
It's far from finished. And it's unlikely that it'll be finished anytime in 2008 either.

The main issue is that I've been going some creative slump lately. The biggest mistake that I've made in making /0 is that all the lyrics have been written, and I only have an inkling of an idea of the backing, so having to create the backing with the lyrics in mind is a lot harder than it sounds. But, I got myself into this mess and I'll try my best to get it finished. /0 is still happening, peoples.
As well as that, another problem is that Music 2000 is very limited; and with the sound being run from an emulator*, the sound quality is by no means perfect. The program was designed for dance-orientated music, and not all the songs I have in mind are this genre, so I'm really pushing this program to the limits. I can figure out the notes by trial and error, but with one track of the album being really progressive, there's only so much that both I and the program can do. That being said, when I do put the notes in, they sometimes don't sound right. But as I said, I'm still using it; it's much better than the other software I've tried.

So will /0 ever be released? Well, I'm definately trying my best to get it finished. I don't really want to put an approximate release date, but mid-Summer 2009 looks feasible, so anytime upto July. I'm not making any promises, though I truly don't want to have it delayed any further, because it'll definately clash with what I have planned for future albums.

Not a Number, over and out.

((copypasted from latest update on website with few minor changes; yes the server's back online))

*This problem will be sorted out in the nearish future.
Now I'm not being that pretentious when I say that my style of music made is a sort of "progressive-pop", as my music has a lot of prog-metal influences, but one of the main elements in my music making os the use of wierd time signatures, ie. not 4/4. I still 4/4 a lot, but I like to stray away and go all technical.

The problem is that whilst this is fun and all, the main barrier in Music 2000 is that I'm stuck with making 4/4 riffs; a time signature that obviously the vast -- if not all but a small few -- dance songs (as this was made for dance music; another barrier that I'm overcoming) are in. Is there any way I can utilize anything other than 4/4 in my music making? So far, all I've been doing is making everything adds to a multiple of 4  (example: one song starts with a bassline that goes 7/8, 9/8; or 2 bars of 8/8; another example, is , which uses 4 bars of 5/4, or 5 bars of 4/4). I think I've tried doubling the tempo in very select areas, but the BPM doesn't really kick in until after the first 1/16th note plays, making everything go off synce with itself. Should I stick with what I'm doing and make sure everything adds up, or is there an easier way (besides sticking with simple 4/4 :P)?
(Not made by me, sent the link elsewhere)
A very trancey danceable remix of Sky Sanctuary, Panic Puppet, Ice Cap, and Diamond Dust Zones from various 16-bit Sonic the Hedgehog games, namely Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic 3D Blast: Flickies Island.

You might want to check out Sonic Megamix II as well:
(Again, not made by me, stumbled across the link)
Another Sonic the Hedgehog "Rave Mix", this time consisting of: Gene Gadget Act 1 (Sonic 3D Blast), Doomsday Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles) Chemical Plant (Sonic the Hedgehog 2), Lava Reef Act 1/2 (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Song name: Clouds (Demo #1) (Instrumental) ((also called the "Illemonati Demo"))
File type (mp3, wav, etc): mp3
BPM: ~90
Length: 2:54
A demo version of Track 7 of the upcoming album /0. A vocal version was released in a compilation album on another forum, seeing as I needed to resume work on this album (which is terrible of me say because I've been hoping to get this album released by September 08).

The actual song itself, I wanted to do something a lot more slower and ambient with my usual style of prog-rock/metal-influenced-futurepop. The final-album verison of this song I've intended to be much longer; although I'm unable to write a second verse, I'll be making it up by adding a solo-esque section.
Yes, the song sounds simple and possibly repetitive, but bear in mind this is meant to be a vocal song, so the complex element is toned down a little.

With the new version of Firefox out, Mozilla are aiming to make Firefox the most downloaded software in 24 hours, as there hasn't been an official record set.

With any luck, you might be able to get to the main website to pledge, but in case you don't, here's the official download link.
Firefox 3 release notes

Personally as a Firefox user, from reading at the release notes, there's a lot of new stuff I don't like about version 3. Only a few things actually interest me and I'm actually content with at the moment (aside form that godawful QuickFind bug that's been there since v2.0.0.7). Nonetheless, I felt participating and I saved the install file; I just ain't gonna run it anytime soon.

So, anyone else wish to take part?
Song name: [WIP]
Duration: 1:35
File type (mp3, wav, etc): mp3, ePSXe memory card file
BPM: 140, 145
Crated with: Music 2000 -- PSX emulator
Download link: [link]
Description: Awesome. Also, the midsection is in 5/4 time signature, adding to its awesome.

In the download link, I've given out a 192kbps mp3 file, but I've also handed out a ePSXe file containing just , because it was skipping whilst recording. It's compatible with Music 2000 ONLY.
Other Music related Discussion / So. Instrumentals.
March 28, 2008, 10:21:46 AM
Aside from the absence of lyrics, what do you say makes a good instrumental? I ask this because in some of my songs, I hope to create a guitar-type solo somewhere in each song. I'm even going one step further and creating one entire epic instrumental, a-là Dream Theater's "Stream of Consciousness" (search it on YouTube) and although I've written what section goes where, I haven't actually written the sections themselves.

Could anyone give me any pointers on how to create a good and listenable melody whilst at the same time making it last for a large amount of time without listeners wanting to switch over?
As I run Music 2000 from ePSXe 1.6.0, whenever I record the audio through Audacity, the framerate on the emulator gets all messed up, going between 30 and 60 FPS every so often. This results in the audio skipping and can really get annoying when I record, especially when I want to record vocals afterwards. Admittedly, I don't have a lot of RAM (a measly 256MB) andI one an onboard graphics card (though I have found an old graphics card, but whether ePSXe can run under DirectX 7 (as the graphics card is able to run upto, even though my PC has v9.0c) is beyond me so far, as we can't find the install disc for the card.
Is there any other way I am able to record from ePSXe without the audio skipping? I usually have both Audacity and ePSXe minimized when I am recording. I've tried upping the Priority of both of them in Windows Task Manager (I use WinXP SP2) but that resulted in huge system slowdowns.

If my songs Pentanol 1.250 and N.M.C.C.? (Music 2000 remix) were anything to go by, how would I be able to get a decent sounding guitar sample? I'm looking for one similar to the one used in MadnessXXI's songs. So far, I haven't experimented with reverb or note effects, so I'm assuming if I play around with that, I might get a decent sound.
Note: All of these are all old tracks of mine which were all ripped from my Memory Card with exception to the first song listed.

Download Link

Song name: Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine
File type (mp3, wav, etc): mp3
Length: 1:23
Genre: Speedcore
Seriously, I don't know what was going through my head when I made this 3 days ago. Those who know this type of dance music may be familiar with the song "I Feel It/Thousand" by Moby; at 1000-1025BPM, it is the fastest song in the world. I made a little tribute to the song, though I could make it go as far as 999BPM, thus the title. This was ripped from the emulator, so skipping may have occured.

Song name: Classical X
File type (mp3, wav, etc): mp3
Length: 5:31
Genre: Drum & Bass / Hip-Hop
Using the default riffs from Music 2000, I created this little ditty. The only thing that bugs me about this is the 100-second drum loop at the end, though somehow it gives it that edge to it. I think I inspired it from Slipknot's "The Blister Exists", as the drum loop seems to last forever on that song. :P

Song name: h.a.r.d. Remix 2003
File type (mp3, wav, etc): mp3
Length: 7:18
Genre: House
A remix of a classic tune from Music 2000, using the riffs from HARD itself. I am aware that the piano at 6:25 is essentially 5 notes being hit simultaneously; I was trying to make both the PIANO 3RDS and PIANO RIFF riffs play together (in fact, this happens at least 10 other times in the song), and although it does sound off-key, it was pretty me putting my hands in the air and saying "I tried to make something work, it went a little wrong, like it or lump it".

Song name: N.M.C.C.? (Music 2000 remix)
File type (mp3, wav, etc): mp3
Length: 5:14
Genre: Technical Metal
A cover of Meshuggah's "New Millennium Cyanide Christ" ([]), using tabs from some site. Also, the Distorted Guitar notes suck. :(

Song name: Pentanol 1.250
File type (mp3, wav, etc): mp3
Length: 2:05
Genre: Rock
My first ever experiment with unconventional time signatures, namely 5/4. Well OK, the drum loop is still in 4/4 time, but what the hey.

Song name: Racy Advance
File type (mp3, wav, etc): mp3
Length: 1:59
Genre: Metal
Simple; a song using guitar riffs from the "racy advance" set of samples. Not too sure whether the piano is in tune with the rest of the song, but meh.
OK, when you go to save your music you type in the name of the song and the artist and whatnot, but all your letters are in capitals; if the premade tracks on the disc are all in sentance case, there must be a way to write in lowercase... you look in the manual and it doesn't say... so how is it done?

It's a lot simpler than you'd think; simply use the O button in place of the X button to write a lowercase letter.

So instead of having your track being:

Song: DANCE 2008

It can now be:

Song: Dance 2008
Artist: Whoever

Hope this helps you. ;)  
Song name: Sometimes It Amazes Me
Length: 1:02
File type: mp3 [Link]
This is based off an injoke from another forum I frequent to; we were told to create a song using the lyrics provided. So yes, I sing in this; but the vocals were recorded last and then mixed in Audacity, the vocal sections were not in Music 2000 (so really, I'm not entirely sure whether this counts as a Music 2000 mix)

Song name: 32-bit Twist {version 1}
Length: 2:50
File type: mp3 [Link]
A cover version of a song titled "A Schizophrenic Twist"; the PlayStation is a 32-bit console, thus the song name "32-bit Twist". This is a demo version of the song, with the final version being a track in my upcoming album /0. Don't worry, that godawful guitar solo at 1:49 has been reworked into something more listenable in the current version. ;)

Song name: Hyakugojyuuichi 2007 (or "1512007" for short)
Length: 4:56
File type: mp3 [Link]
I'm certain without a doubt you've all heard of the animutation known as "Hyakugojyuuichi 2003", well, it was the creator's birthday a few months ago, and I made this tribute for him. Again, as it contains a vocal section that wasn't mixed in M2K, I don't know whether ths counts as a Music 2000 mix.

Song name: Me or My Cap
Length: 2:25
File type: mp3 [Link] []
I'm assuming you're familiar with the term "YouTube Poop" (if not, search it, you're missing out), and I decided to make a rap about said topic. As 1512007 shows, I can't rap to save my life. :P

Changed links for the first and third songs.
Introductions / [generic introduction thread]
February 12, 2008, 01:00:22 PM
[generic greeti-K I'll stop this now.

I go by many names online; "NaN", "Not a Number", "/0", "Neo 2.3 Hylan" (or just "Neo" or "Hylan"). Either one'll do, chances are I'll recognise who you'll be talking about when either name is said. ;)

I discovered this site a few days ago through random YouTube videos of Music 2000. I've been using it since 2000, though I've been using it predominately since last year on an emulator (I don't know where in this part of the UK I can get 3.5mm Audio-in cables plus I'd need loads more Memory Cards)

At the moment I'm using Music 2000 for creating my first album "/0", which I'm hoping to ship out in the summer this year (2008); although it'll be my third release, as I've released 2 EPs before, but I class them as old material, as they don't represent NaN (one's acoustic guitar, the other's re-released material dating from 2005)

...and I think of run out of things to say here.. so......

Oh, what music software do I use? Predominately Music 2000 (PSX, run on an emulator), though I'm thinking of starting to use FL Studio, but until I get the, er... "resources" to get it, I'm using the former.

[generic post closure]
Note: Both songs were created on Music 2000 for the PSX, although the game itself was run on a PlayStation emulator, so the songs may skip a little.

Name: Infinity part 1
Length: 12:00
File type: mp3 [Download link]
The first part of the Infinity suite; each section revolves around the concept of "everything lasts forever", thus the name "Infinity". I was originally going to record a vocal section (sung by yours truly :D), but due to the fact that Section IV was way too long (I was hoping on having Part 1 being 12:00 exactly) and Part 2 being too short, this song was scrapped and rewritten (I've already recorded the new Part 1 and am in the process of creating Part 2), which is a shame because I was quite proud of some of this song (Especially when I'm not very good at creating instrumental sections anyway).
- I was going to have more instruments playing, but I ran out of sound memory (Taking up 2 Blocks)
- I took a lot of inspiration from the song Octavarium by Dream Theater; this can be seen from the fading-in synth chord at the start, the sudden change of riff between the sections "One" and "Always Here".
I: "One" 00:00 - 2:51 (2:51)
II: "Always Here" 02:51 - 05:57 (3:06)
III: "Part I: Ready" 05:57 - 06:52 (0:55)
III: "Part II: Go" 06:52 - 08:48 (1:56)
IV: "One (Reprise)" 08:48 - 12:00 (3:12)

Name: Infinity part 2
Length: 0:32
File type: mp3 [Attached file]
The second and last part of the Infinity suite. Not much can be said about this song, what with it being 32 seconds long. It's advised that this is listened to right after Part 1; it completes the "musical flow" of the Infinity suite, especially when Part 1 plays right after it as well.
V: "Always Here (Reprise)" 00:00 - 00:32