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Albums / Not a Number: DAY ONE EP (2011)
June 30, 2011, 10:02:36 PM

Finally, folks, a proper album/EP release of mine. Granted, it's my third overall, but it's the first one which has the style of music I intended.

Day One is a four-track collection of songs I made during my studies at college, which also serves as a portfolio for when I ever get to study music further, or anything else relevant. There have been a whole bunch of songs that I wrote during this time ("They Don't Know", "(Release) The Animal Inside" and "This is why I shouldn't have ideas" to name a few.. since they're the only ones with names), but I left those out of this, as they were all at different stages of completion - maybe I'll carry them over for the album, it just depends if I ever get a Mac and Logic at home; since my studies at college are now officially over, I'm back to solely using Music 2000 on PS1/PC until then (Ideally, I'd want to get them asap; I've put a tentative date of Dec '12 for the next release).

01. Clockwork 2011 (8:15)
02. Aphelion (9:24)
03. Build Around You (Monster) (4:50)
04. The Unlucky Ones Are Those Who Escape* (4:36)
*re-recorded as WAV, since Bandcamp won't allow mp3 uploads

Also note: I have put it as "name your price"; while you can download it for free (just set the price to £0.00), bear in mind this account only has 200 overall free downloads available (until the 20th of each month, in which it's bumped back to 200) before Bandcamp puts a price on it - and I don't know if I have to set it or if they put it there themselves - I'm very new to Bandcamp so I'm still figuring out how this thing works. That said, if you do want to pay for it, then I ain't stopping you. \/\/

So without any more delays, enjoy.

Or endure, whichever applies. :P

Update 2011/06/22

Tweaked a little more to it.
Update 2011/06/20

Finally put my own guitar to it. About 90% done, this track.
Heard about this on the radio a couple weeks back, and even though I missed the initial broadcast of it, I've managed to find a video of the full performance on YouTube.

It's not exactly the WOBBLE WOBBLE FILTH FILTH that you'd expect it to be, but I think it's pretty damn awesome.
Song name: Clockwork
File type: SoundCloud -> mp3
Length: 8:28
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9

Remeber the old version from last year? I've put a little more work into it.

Differences between 03/2010 Version and 2011 Version:
- Intro and outro stretched out
- MIDI guitar replaced with own guitar (played by yours truly; something I'm hoping to do more in the future - at least, until I get a Mac (abd thus Logic) at home so I'm not limited to college hours), recorded through the amp clean (through multiple microphones), distortion added in mixing.
- A couple guitar sections rewritten.
- Drums completely rewritten. YOU CAN HEAR THE KICKDRUM YOU GUYS.

Still has the old auto-tuned vocals, though I did rerecord them at one point, but the lack of a pop-shield at the time made them unusable.

It's not 100% finished; still needs a little more mixing and mastering to get it just right, but that should be ready by next week (bloody well should be, everything gets marked on Friday - Clockwork included)


-update 2011/06/20-
Made minor fixes to the track. Same URL as before.
Oh, I didn't perform in this band; just mixed the song.

(that said, there is a possibility that I might be performing one of my songs with some of the other students at college, but it's not final...)
Song name: Build Around You (Monster)
File type: SoundCloud -> mp3
Length: 4:50
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9
For those who follow me on SoundCloud, time to explain a couple things about this, since I didn't say anything about this track when I uploaded the two demos.

I've been playing Portal 2 recently, and felt compelled to make my own fan-song to the game. Hence why some lines have the same melody as some lines from "Still Alive" (ie, the theme from Portal 1). I chose NOT to reference "Want You Gone" (the theme to Portal 2), merely because I hadn't completed Portal 2 prior to writing this.

Anyway, onto the actual song itself.
As this is about Portal 2, I wanted to have the vocals sung in the perspective of GLaDOS, but putting my own interpretation on the relationship between her and Chell/the player, namely, what I believe is her conflicting emotions - she absolutely hates the player, but at the same time, she can't live without the player. I wanted to capture this feeling of "duality", such as the chorus line "I'll build myself around you, you monster".

Maybe I'm just reading too much into the game, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless.


And yes, that is me on guitar. My vocals were admittedly a little rusty in places, but I did purposely limit myself to three takes.
I will be putting together a video for it soon (and I'll be posting it on the Steam forums as well, though I don't know whether I should wait until the video's put together before I post it)
As far as banners go, I think I might still have the project file for the "2.0" banner I did for the ProBoards backup, but I haven't checked.
Check original post for YouTube video, and video description for mp3 download link.
Glad you like it so far. :)

WIP 02 uploaded:
My SoundCloud account is more for demos, WIPs, and ideas - A "musical sketchbook" if you will :P. I'm not one for putting unfinished/unmixed stuff up for download, which is why I don't often enable downloads on them.
I can send you the mp3 for the Sonic dubstep remix (which I already created a thread on if you want, but I haven't really done any proper mixing on it, so it doesn't sound as refined as I want it to - chances are I won't be expanding on it either, since I've found that dubstep is a pretty hard genre to get right. (But, I'm still figuring it out - I've already started incorporating it into another track)
Time I started on making original tracks again after all those cover/remixes.

Song name: The Unlucky Ones Are Those Who Escape
File type: YouTube -> mp3
Length: 4:36
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
After hearing Renard's "", I was immediately inspired to do something similar.

This track is sort of (Dark) Ambient, with a blend of Trip-hop. With my own progressive twist, of course. ;D
It's not entirely in 4/4 (I'll leave it for you to figure the numbers out), but it was definitely a challenge to work within Music 2000's 4/4-constraint.


mp3 download in video description.

WIP 02

WIP 01

MIX 2 added.

Song name: Super Metroid - Ridley Theme [remix]
File type: YouTube, mp3 (MediaFire)
Length: 2:46
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
Not gonna lie: I love this theme. Maybe it's because it's so dynamic with its time signature (in that it goes between 5/8, 15/8, 6/8 and practically barely touches 4/4 - something I like), maybe because it's so intense.. No idea.
(although out of all the versions I've heard, Other M's rendition is my favourite)

The one thing I'm proud of the most in this mix is one of the two break sections in this song (0:44, 1:22, 2:02) where the time signature goes from 4/8* in one bar, but the bar afterwards is in 3/8.. yet is still 4 beats long, thanks to a little bit of tempo changing. That's why you see the BPM counter "glitch about" on those particular bars - it speeds up from 250BPM to 450BPM for 1 bar, before reverting back to 250BPM.
(*well, 4/4 really, but I had to double up the tempo to 250BPM because the time signature is so dynamic)

I was going to mix Mother Brain's theme into this, but I decided not to, due to 1), not being too sure where the two could interchange and 2) a guy by the name of DM DOKURO did it a lot better than I would've. Maybe another time, eh? ;) (I've already been learning the two on my guitar and can play them quite well.. if not a little sloppy sounding due to how GODDAMN FAST they are)


Semi-related, I really gotta stop using the Choral/Alternate samples - it's almost becoming cliché of me. :-/

(Ironically, I've never actually played a Metroid game. Shame on me, huh?)
Update 24/03/11:
Attached a newer version to MIX 1. Levels are brought up a little without it clipping. Not a huge difference, but from a production point of view, the dynamics are evened out a lot more.

God I love the limiter tool. :P
Update 2011-03-09:
New demo added.
Song name: Psycho
File type: mp3 (attached)
Length: MIX 1 3:24 | MIX 2 3:21
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9
A track for my Mixing/Mastering and Studio Sound Recording units at college. I had to record and mix a track performed by a band at college.

Attached are MIX 1 and MIX 2 of their track, each made to sound like particular songs.
MIX 1's reference track: Slipknot: Gematria (The Killing Name)
MIX 2's reference track: Suicidal Tendancies: Institutionalized

Attached a newer version to MIX 1. Levels are brought up a little without it clipping. Not a huge difference, but from a production point of view, the dynamics are evened out a lot more.

Attached MIX 2.
First off, get well soon.

As for the track itself.. wow. Not gonna lie, I was kind of expecting it to go metal around the 1:05 mark (and the double-bass that kicks in doesn't exactly help. :P) - reminds me heavily of Acceptance Concealing Fate, Part 1 by Tesseract.

If I had a seven-string and this track's key was a little lower (Ab minor instead of (what I'm guessing to be) B minor), I would've so put some guitars over this. :)

Simply an amazing track.
Song name: Aphelion
File type: mp3 (SoundCloud)
Length: 9:24 (as of 2011-06-22)
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9

Chaos. Utter chaos. Timing-wise, that is.
Time signatures for current version:
00:00-00:49 :: continuous loop of 3x 13/16, 1x 7/8
00:49-01:30 :: alternates between 4/4, 9/8 (or 7/8, 5/4)
01:30-01:40 :: 13/8
01:40-02:15 :: 6/8 (finally, something in a regular time-signature)
02:15-02:31 :: 13/8
02:31-02:51 :: alternates between 4/4, 9/8 (or 7/8, 5/4)
02:51-03:56 :: 6/8
03:56-07:00 :: 4/4
07:00-07:31 :: 4/4 (19/16 polyrhythm)
07:31-08:59 :: 4/4
08:59-09:24 :: alternates between 5/8, 7/8


Demo 2011/03/09
Demo 2011/02/02

There are a few things I need to do before this is finally complete.
A friend suggested I use a lower key/tuning, but alas, my guitar can only go down as far as D (it being a 6-string, and left-handed 7-string electrics are expensive)
Y'know, I could just guess from the title alone that it was a reference to Sonic... just for the wrong reasons.. :P (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the title was a reference to what I thought it was a remix of :P)

Onto the actual track itse-WOAH, 9:23? I'm staying around for this one.

0:00-1:18 :: Beautiful intro; really sets the scene.
1:18-2:12 :: Teasing us with snippets of the melody, interesting way to build it up.
2:12-3:55 :: There's the melody we know and love. :P
3:55-4:47 :: Again, teasing us with snippets.
4:48-6:02 :: Good way to break it down, doesn't make the song seem like it's going on forever.
6:03-6:25 :: Again, feels like a new section.
6:25-7:17 :: Again, there's that melody again. :) Nice buildup too..
7:17-8:09 :: Was kind of expecting a more dramatic breakdown to happen here, to be honest the previous bit was building up and building up and then.... nothing. :-/
8:09-9:01 :: There's the breakdown I was looking for. I like the way the purcussion fades out at the end of this bit.
9:01-9:23 :: Nice way to end the tra-HEY WHERE'S THE REST OF THE MUSIC, SONG. D: Yeah, it kind of cuts off suddenly mid-loop, might want to sort that out.

Overall, pretty damn good. A couple minor flaws towards the end, but nothing too detrimental. Should totally consider submitting this for OCReMix. :)
Personally, I would've put a bit of compression over the song, just to bring the levels up, but that's just me; I like my tracks dead on 0.0dB most of the way.