After MTV Gen. My fave Trackers list

Started by areacode613, November 12, 2009, 03:28:23 AM

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MadTracker- This one is stable, great sound, and does vst instruments and samples.

Axs for windows beta- hard to find but a great synth, and tracker

Vst host- this will let you run many free vst soft synths, like minimogueVa and 8-track an 8 track recording studio

These are all you need, If anyone knows a free host I will put up a software pack with samples ready to go
just email me.


Thanks for the file share info, looks like a great site,
try out these links below, let me know what you think, the vst can be a little tricky but the others are straight up simple. Axs is aq real hard to find gem!