Northern Direction (FL Studio 9)

Started by Michael, August 28, 2010, 01:16:25 AM

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Hello people.

This is a rather smooth track I've been working on lately with some nice variation in melody through out. It's not quite finished yet but I've been so eager to upload it here so I can see what you guys think of it.

To get the full benefit of the track I highly recommend listening with headphones as I use headphones myself and constructed the track to suit them well.

Been using FL for a month now.

Take care.  ;)

.:DJ Droppin:.

Mike! Good to see you again.

Opening pads are fantastic. Lots of warmth and emotion to the feel. The melody is really nice. Next the plinks. Really like where this goes.... Beat and percussion is smooth and done nicely. I felt the pads in this 2nd section could have been a touch louder. The final section those arps! Those ARPS.. I love those how you constructed them and how they change in frequency. Panning was great(as you mentioned good for headphones and this sounds great on my SonyXB500's) I would say this is pretty good with massive potential. You could do so much with what you've already created. You could go a lot of directions with it. Nice work, Mike.
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Hello there DJ nice to see you again to buddy :) hope you are well.

Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you like the arp melodies I made and using headphones yeah, it really does take a track to a different level than normal speakers depending on its structure.

Due to my current level of skill I still have much to learn yet, creating sound effects, wind sounds (something similar to what Omnimaga used in M2000) and I'm still aiming towards a decent Reversed Cymbal (lol) :P

Currently no VST's as of yet, but I've got plans on getting those designed especially for trance music pretty soon.

Thank you for listening, have a great weekend my friend.         Best.


Wow gorgeous pads!!!
Oooooh being filtered out.... gorgeous. Very smooth.
I absolutely adore the plinky melody/ pretty...icey. So delicate...heaven forbid I should even look at them in case they shatter!
OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! Fantastic drums/percussion - very nice production - crisp. As Rob said though, those pads could do with being louder. Very lovely cymbal crash. FlangeyPads...very nice.

The arpeggiated melody.......PERFECT!! I love all the notes, trickling around my ears...divine!
My ears are buzzing in the delight of this piece of delicious audio. It is quite icey and cold, but not in a bad is like a beautiful and intricately designed Ice Castle!

Also, maybe this is just me, but I think the kick is a little too loud? I dunno, but it gets a bit too much when it is doing the crazy build up bit.

I also like the gaps inbetween the sections, but for me personally the second one could be a little shorter - like the first. But then tricks you into thinking it has finished when it hasn't...which is clever, especially since the reason it is long is because the arpy synth is fading in...which is I don't know. Lol

Otherwise, a lovely piece :D


This actually has "the skip-back" factor - whereby, I love the change in key between the different sections so much so that I want to keep skipping back through the track to hear the transitions between them! Lush!!!