TheGreenDutch presents: The Used Car Mixtape

Started by Master Dutch, September 03, 2010, 06:02:36 PM

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Master Dutch

Hello TIMGULers,

Download my free mixtape at the link above! Fully assembled from old car commercials and Youtube junk. Get bent and relax. I'm going to take you on a magical journey thru time. Stuck in the lab for 3 days chopping and screwing, no mixing, no editing. Just me messed up and samples. Its offbeat, pitchy, its volume unbalanced and other times in shambles, but trust me you ain't never heard beats like this before!

Download it now and leave a comment or post a verse in response. Enjoy peeps!


Fuck man, this is brilliant!

Reminds me of artists like DJ Shadow and The Avalanches.

I tried to download from the mediafire link but it said it was an invalid or deleted file?
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ooo shit...dis mixtape is fuckin raw dude.  im listenin to it right now, and the tracks that ive heard so far sound so fuckin sick. dope ass mixtape dutch.


btw...i luv the concept.  its crazy how u get so creative wit ur work dude.

Master Dutch

thanks fellas...Bliss I uploaded a couple back up links check it out again.

Yo Z thanks. I can't wait for that Halloween Ep you are doing.  I was thinking of the same thing. I usually do a halloween track every year...


this is crazy def, fresh, dope , aint no joke, yea boyeeeee! lol.

1st... the throwback video is awesome. retroizm in its finest.
2nd... great ideas. imagination is 9/10
3rd... Congrats. great album man.
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Can't speak for anyone else but I really like these. Very interesting sounds. How did you create the awesome warped sounds like on the "Skyline"?.. I'd like to explore more of this style for myself. "300zx" is great! "Chevvy" is wicked! Well done.
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.:DJ Droppin:.

This IS the sickest, rawest, meanest, most creative, innovative shit you've ever produced! Damn.... I mean given everyone's comments I don't even know how to follow it up or what else to add? It's just a tremendous work.... The sampling and arrangements are pro, there is no other way to say it. LEGIT bro. Oh and the hilarious bits you include  :D The beats smack you right in the skull, seem a bit more pronounced bass on some tracks. I like how from track to track, car to car the styles, sounds, techniques are all different, fresh.

5 stars
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I hope you do more Mixtapes in the future.
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Listened to all this on the way to work - I just fell in love with the awesome beats/percussion/loops immediately. All the stuttery rhythms, some out of time with others, but still fitting perfectly! Wonderful, you really stretch the boundaries of what MUSIC is capable!

Very original too...many people would sample someone talking about God... or war... or Love... or the meaning of life... but you sample car adverts! AND IT WORKS! This is when music becomes art and you orchestrated it so well... clever techniques; beats that truly pose your talent for restructuring the fabric of sound and making it something else... while still retaining funk, groove and rhythm!

Top work!

Master Dutch

Thank you guys for listening to this and giving me great comments! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it...!


Only just got around to checking this out. Don't really have anything to add that hasn't already been said above. Fucking love it.
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That was amazing.
I dunno how you put this together Dutch , my brain would probably just implode lol.
Sample upon sample and the video too ?...I gotta agree with the others an hope you do another.
Really creative stuff man.

Master Dutch