A Thousand Secrets new and old

Started by RSCONCEPTIONS©, October 10, 2010, 09:03:05 PM

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Hey guys I am working on revising one of my old tunes "A Thousand Secrets". I have no idea what genre/category to put this under.

I decided I need to fatten up the drums.

I am attaching both the original and the new version - please compare and tell me what you think. I am asking for actual constructive criticism as this is a work in progress and I need to know what people think of the new version COMPARED to the old version.

Thanks guys!


Enjoyed both versions RS. The original had more structure but the gain on some of the melodies out gunned the percussion. The retelling seemed to over do what the original needed. There are moments when the chords are covered by the drums. Especially where the percussion is multiplied.

I think if you can balance the highs and lows it would be hard to COMPARE both versions. lol. Great work. If you want a pick i'd go with the original with a general gain on percussion. Seems like you rushed the retelling and was thinking "more kick ass drumwork..." and so i'd go with the laid back stepping of the original. Not to mean the retelling was not pro either. Very strong percussion and the melodies are fantastic. These pieces mirror each other very well. Blend them together. That should sound awesome!!!

Just my opinion RS. Great work.
The One and Only, Koolassjoe