One accessory that would help make TIMGUL more interactive.

Started by DJ Ryznup, February 06, 2009, 03:26:30 AM

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I will paste my post from another thread.
You will need:
-PS1 memcard(s) with M2000 data (DUH).
-A modded PS2 (or PS2 that will play backups).
-USB-stick (any USB-stick will work).
-Lots of programs.

@DJ: Here are the progs you need to convert the MC files from PS1 to PSP format:

There is no tutorial b/c I forgot how I did it. I will tell you what i do know:

1.  You extract the rar file.
2.  There are two folders: Memcard utils for PC and PS2.
3.  First burn the iso image (in the PS2 folder) on a cd.
4.  Put your PS1 MC card(s) in a modded PS2.
5.  Put a USB-stick in one of the USB slots. Any USB stick will work.
6.  Load the cd in the PS2.
7.  You see a menu. Choose 'Filebrowser' and press X.
8.  Select 'MC0' for Memcard1 or 'MC1' for Memcard2.
9.  Press L1 -> you see a small menu popup. Press square for displaying proper file names.
10. Press triangle to go back to the memcard files.
11. Now you have choice whether to copy a just a single mc file or the whole memcard.
     If you want to copy a single file. Choose a file you want to copy.
     If you want to copy whole memcard just select a random file.
12. Press R1. You see a popup menu and press 'Copy'.
13. Press triangle to go back until you see a list of all the drives (MC0/MC1/MASS/etc..).
14. Select 'MASS:/'
15. Choose a directory to put your copied mc files.
16. Press R1.
17. Press 'MC PASTE' --> For copying the whole memcard!
     Press 'PASTE' --> For copying a single memcard file!
18. Congratulations! You just copied your PS1 mc files to a USB-stick!
19. Now you have to convert the mc files so your PSP can read them.
20. I forgot how to do this so you have to figure it out by yourself  Grin
21. I will try it if I have time
22. There are some M2000 files within the rar file so you can see how I made my incredible tracks Wink.
23. I hope this will help you.  :)
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DJ Ryznup

Thanks Smates! Appreciate the info, I'll experiment with that program you gave a link to, to see if I can use it with my dexdrive save files.

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DJ Ryznup

Been meaning to update this recently, but kept forgetting to. But I won't be reviewing this anytime soon, because It doesn't seem to work properly. The main problem being that when I'm actually able to get the main disc to work(which isn't very often), the program will not upload my files to my usb port at all. I've tried to this more than a couple of times and was never able to get it to work. I decided to look into this a little more to see if anyone else was having this same problem, and come to find out that the program is less compatible with the PS2 slim, than it is with the PS2 fat. And since I don't have a fat ps2 close by, I can't test it out on that model. But if theres anyone who has a fat PS2 who wouldn't mind giving it a try I could easily mail it to anyone who wants a free maxdrive, because I'm done with it.

Note: if anyone does recieve it be sure to take care that you don't try to move more than one file at a time or delete anything through the maxdrive program, otherwise you could corrupt your whole memory card(which, thankfully, I was able to avoid).

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."


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