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Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], January 20, 2011, 11:32:57 PM

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Here At The End Of All Things

1 - The Awakening (Intro)
2 - Reapercussions
3 - Digital Storm
4 - Something Wicked Comes Things Way
5 - Half Remembered Dream
6 - The End Of All Things (Outro)

This is my first attempt at an album so hopefully you'll like it.

Anyhoo , as always - enjoy.


Congrats on the masterpiece! Lets get rolling...

1 - The Awakening (Intro) - Ready 4 War!!!!!!!!!!!
2 - Reapercussions - Great melody! Awesome build up! Chorus is wicked! Great Break!
3 - Digital Storm - Nice vibes. Simple. Great string work.
4 - Something Wicked Comes Things Way - My fav on this set. very hard. Very Good movement. Shit bro. Awesome work
5 - Half Remembered Dream  - Reminds me of Legend. Awesome work.
6 - The End Of All Things (Outro) - classical. taps are hot. feeling the variations.

Great Album man. Keep it frosty!
The One and Only, Koolassjoe


Yeah , along with Half Remembered Dream , Something Wicked Comes This Way are my top faves here.

Thanks for taking the time out to listen and comment on these Joe , much appreciated.

Very pleased that you enjoyed it.


damn, dis album is bad ass (i havent heard "Something Wicked Comes This Way" computer was acting like a cunt when i tried to download it but imma give it another try).  but anyways, "REAPERcussions" and "The End of All Things" are my fav.  i enjoyed every bit of it.


(finally..."Something Wicked Comes This Way" downloaded) Well, I hav another fav.  dat track is wicked. i really love how at 2:56, the kicks are like giant footsteps as the melody of the song gets darker (very very fitting to the title).  dis album kicks ass dude.


Thanks again mate for taking the time to write up. Glad you enjoyed it man :)


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