Not a Number: Build Around You (Monster) [Pop/Electronica] {PORTAL 2 FAN-SONG}

Started by Not a Number, May 19, 2011, 07:10:54 PM

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Not a Number

Song name: Build Around You (Monster)
File type: SoundCloud -> mp3
Length: 4:50
Software used: Logic Pro 8/9
For those who follow me on SoundCloud, time to explain a couple things about this, since I didn't say anything about this track when I uploaded the two demos.

I've been playing Portal 2 recently, and felt compelled to make my own fan-song to the game. Hence why some lines have the same melody as some lines from "Still Alive" (ie, the theme from Portal 1). I chose NOT to reference "Want You Gone" (the theme to Portal 2), merely because I hadn't completed Portal 2 prior to writing this.

Anyway, onto the actual song itself.
As this is about Portal 2, I wanted to have the vocals sung in the perspective of GLaDOS, but putting my own interpretation on the relationship between her and Chell/the player, namely, what I believe is her conflicting emotions - she absolutely hates the player, but at the same time, she can't live without the player. I wanted to capture this feeling of "duality", such as the chorus line "I'll build myself around you, you monster".

Maybe I'm just reading too much into the game, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless.


And yes, that is me on guitar. My vocals were admittedly a little rusty in places, but I did purposely limit myself to three takes.
I will be putting together a video for it soon (and I'll be posting it on the Steam forums as well, though I don't know whether I should wait until the video's put together before I post it)

DJ Eddy

dude!!!..that was fecking amazing ..
Never played the games but love that song...
Great vocals and beat was superb..
Nice nice nice..loved it..


Nice job with the clippy-build-up bass at the intro. Nice vocals , to tell you the truth like Eddy I've never heard this before ( an I missed the part at bottom about the you play guitar n voxing it ) so I assumed you found an acappella version or something.
Very nice guitar solo. Beat is nice and solid.
Overall very good work , I wouldnt have the balls to put vox down in a track in the first place so well done for doing it mate.