Started by pillagemyvillage, February 28, 2008, 05:24:57 PM

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i thought id make a hands in the air tune!
its quite cheesy but i like how it progresses. as you may know im a big fan of breakdowns and i love this one. kind of euro feel to it.
after making the melody i just couldnt get it out of my head!
its quite a simple tune to make but thats exactally what i fancied at the time.
its very breezy but that suits the music just fine!
hope you like it  :lol:


Wow this is actually the style of trance I like the most, reminds me stuff from 2000-2002. I like it :)


yeah its fairly straight forward musically but i like that!
i wanted to make something commercial and cheesy... seems to be my mood at the mo  :lol:  


Oh cool! :D
Now I can complete a CD of your stuff!

Ima gonna use it to learn your secrets! :D
All songs were made between 2001 and 2005,
unless otherwise noted)

I am not a proper musician, I do this for fun.
My songs suffer because of that...

I am more adept in the following:

My art:

My novels:


you know if you need any tips or advice feel free to ask.
the more i use mtvmg2 the more i discover!
its been a long process to get to where i am now... everything ive learnt musically comes from using the music programmes.
i started off making complete rubbish! but after using and learning from pre made riffs ive developed my own sound...
so let me know if you need any pointers!  :D  


strange... i dont usually like my own stuff... but for some reason i keep playin this one!!
sounds awesome on the big amp and speakers i have!  :lol:  


to be honest with you i didnt think much of this to begin with but i kept on playing it and now its drilled into my head  :lol: great tune