The making of a Music 2000 trance song (first 22 minutes)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, October 04, 2008, 02:08:11 PM

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I was bored last night and decided to do some footage of me making a song in Music 2000 so I recorded the first 22 minutes, which allowed me to setup basic song melody/beat/string pads/basslines. It isn't really much a tutorial but it can help in some ways as it shows how to change the note enveloppe, use the riff editor, load samples and such stuff. The file size is huge and it's in WMV format but here is it anyway: :)

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Wow, that opened my eyes a little. I usually stay away from the custom reverb settings, usually because they didn't work for me. (now I see why; I had been using Red Mono all this time :P)

Also, I'm amazed at how you can manage to keep up a whole melody/chord/bassline and still manage to keep it in tune; are you just making it up as you go along? (Also for some reason, the video kept freezing at random points; I'm guessing it's MTVMG just crashing on you. :P)


oh the video freezing was the emulator freezing for no reason. I never understood why this happen. I scanned for viruses and found nothing, my PC just suddently start taking max CPU usage for no reason every 3 minutes or so, it's quite annoying. I have to set ePSXe to higher priority mode to avoid this but then it gets hard to run fraps at the same time, even if fraps is also set at higher priority
I generally write my melodies from ideas I have in head, but when i accidentally do something else if it sounds good I often get carried away and do something else

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Cool, will check out this vid soon..The baseball is on in 15mins and I wanna watch it all with my game loaded for sure  :D


ok wow...imma have to find this game (i could probably dig this up at Movie Trading Co.) its has so much more than


Yeah I agree. I used MG3 sometimes but darn it felt limited. Beware of the sound memory limit, tho. Avoid premade riff abuse, lol.

EDIT: Uploaded vid on youtube and changed link, since I'm trying to clean some files on the server to save space.