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production notes...
well a couple of things, this is a re-hash of an old tune and this track signifies myself giving up smoking... maybe i will forever remember this track for this reason!
this track took around the usual 6 hours to complete and i like it!
its my usual trance style... i think spiritually im dutch lol!
reasonably laid back but as always there is a thumping element. sounds very european... (maybe a good thing).
after moving to my new flat i havent had the chance to create so im pleased to be able to sit down and make a tune. also ive not had my speakers wired up.
ever tried to create using tv speakers? a big no-no! so anyway ive hooked up my 500 watt studio monitors and this track sounds great! i hope you like the tune, it has quite complex ever changing melody supported by a very big bass line. the tune kicks in more or less straight away rather than my usual 2 min intro!!
if you like trance hopefully you will like this happy uplift...
thanks for listening... its mp3 so will be quick to download..... enjoy  :D


wow nice this one sounds very eurodance ish from the 90s or 2000-ish and it also reminds me some trance I listened a few years ago. This could play at a club I'M sure. Very nice job on this song, as usual :) However, i think you might want to re-record again because near the end at some point the sound jumps and then it somehow get pitched down for the last 30 seconds or so.

and I understand what you mean by making songs using TV speakers. I had to do this for 2 years when I got mtvmg because the TV had no headphones port. On top of that only one of the TV speaker worked properly, and there was no bass, so for songs I had to set volume at 40-50 and have like 4 channels of kickdrum so we can hear them. When I rerecorded most of them I only had to use 1 channel x.x

147 crew

Lovin the rapid download, didn't even blink..

Good luck with the smoking, I gave up when my little boy was born in NOV' temptation got the better of me after 3 months..

500 watt studio monitors? What's that in English then, my brain is mush..all I know is I have 2 giant speakers that r 135 watts per channel n they are MAJOR YOI, so you must be taking off!!

Pretty different to your other tunes, sounds good..loads of variation. Yeah the end drops off suddenly?

I also remember using TV speakers to make choons, not good. Bad enough with headphones, least you get some idea of whats goin' on

Nice uplifting tune..good work, look forward to the next creation


ok ive re-recorded so now the slight jump at the end has dissapeared and it plays very smoothly!
hmmm what does 500watt studio monitors mean?
well all i know is that it is very loud!!
im not up to much with technical spec. although i do like it when omni and not a number get chatting!
it goes straight over my head lol!
i bought my speakers on ebay for only 16 pounds! a real bargain. so much better than my 14 inch tv!


they still use pounds in UK? O.o  I thought most European countries changed to Euro in 2002?


yeah still pounds! not all countries changed... im glad, i hate the euro... and so do most europeans...


Hey Pillage, wow, very European! I like it!

Gorgeous melody work as always, superb, crystal clear percussions, you should be signed to a dance label of some sort, quality.  :)
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many thanks guys!
yes i also like that its european sounding as most good trance is made on the continent...
the only annoyance with this track is maybe the kickdrum... ive used 2 kickdrums, creamie and headache.
i have to use 2 otherwise it sounds flat... creamie gives punch, headache gives thump...
but because of a glitch in the programme some of the kickdrum notes are missed/clash.
oh well its not a massive problem as i feel the track sounds good overall!  ;D


yeah i still have a lot of trouble with kickdrums. If you listen to my sound Timgul the kickdrum really doesn't sound hardcore-ish. For It's The End Of Time song it lacks some bass. You did a nice job on the song though :)

As for Euro I agree this can be a problem when people are used to a money for a while and if value decrease then it's the entire continent economy that is affected. In America they wanted to merge both USA and Canadian dollar once IIRC. If they did this this would have been a disaster, since obviously it's the USA dollar we would be using here in Canada, and look at USA economy right now...


yeah very true, i also feel that countries lose some of their identity. ive heard that germany absolutly despise's it. i dont like going on holiday in europe and not using the local currency. you dont get passport stamps either... this may be a very minor thing but in my opinion i hate that...

147 crew

I remember goin' to France and a bubble gum machine cost 10francs, wonder what it costs now  ???


Yeah this sucks that each countries can't have their own money. I don't mind much the travelling part since it is a bit easier to not have to change your money, but I would hate my money to depend of several countries economy x.x


i feel we have digressed somewhat lol!  :D


i have probably commented on this tune on youtube but i think it is way worthy of another comment on here too :) its just fan-bloody-tastic dude, and thank god i remembered the name of this site when i was at work today as almost every other site is blocked at work, the swines lol,

i must say i think this is one of your best, the kick in really gets my head nodding, just cant fault it in anyway, would love you to make a hardtrance, tech house, or psy tune, as thats my style too,

i feel like a bit of a dick as i keep talking and still not uploaded any of my tunes yet :( but when i do you will be the first to know about it mate, i have a one in the pipe line, brand new, and a a shit load of back dated tunes, witch are ready for the go,

PS this made me crack up (David Morales says "Get in there, make it happen"... idiot) class lol lmao. i hate it when he says, " you can make trance, " then you hear the tune playing, then he says "techno" and its the same fucking tune playing lol oh and when you see him with the joypad in his hand lol what the fuck is he doing???? lol like hes having some kinda fit, or playing track n field, lol , your right, idiot , :D


lol good ol david is a legend!
nice to see ya here, i still cant wait to hear your tunes! hows that going?



Lovely beat and melody that just gel together so effectively. Great work.


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Very nice progression, lovely melodies, and fantastic production.

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