Started by pillagemyvillage, October 09, 2008, 08:37:16 PM

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well heres another tune from my upcoming 'album'!
finished it today which is some achievement as ive had no time lately!
originally i had no name for this but after listening to the melody a lot, i decided on 'mosquito sunset' because the sample used sounds like a mosquito!? the 'sunset' part comes from a clubbers isle image that i see when listening to it.
its verrrry banging and plays like hardhouse/hardtrance, so... enjoy!  ;D
one of my best so far? - you judge! click the link!


ok here we go!!! i like it when you make a banging track, as this is close to my own style, starts off with a wicked banging beat, you know and feel this is gonna be great, and yes of course it is..... and i wouldn't expect anything less from you adam, love it a about 1:17 when it steps up a gear, and again at 3:13 when the track takes a different direction and the tune starts to evolve, ive been waiting for a track like this to come from you mate, don't get me wrong i love your trance stuff as you know, but i think you have stepped it up a gear here with this uplifting hardtrance track  ;D

its got a great summer vibe to it, melody's are just class in abundance, i would defo say one of your best, but maybe thats because i love hard uplifting trance, i think all your tunes are great in there own right, man this is awesome, wish i made this, ok this has got me motivated to make a new tune right now.

how long did this take you to make mate?

so just to sum up, this is 10/10 and awesome, and your awesome, about to check out your other new upload now mate,


this took around 5 hours to make... dont know where it came from really! had some free time and was messing around and it turned into this! i too like the change of pace. i love making something that really gets you going!
i never set out trying to make this, sometimes (very rarely) you can stike gold!
oh and defo make some new tunes! i now have a new fav from you!


wow its amazing how you can turf out tunes so fast like 5 hours, i always have to leave it a day or 2 because i sometimes have to go back and check that i wasn't dreaming that i made a awesome tune and that it was real lol

ive gone back on tunes in the passed and thought to myself, "what the fuck was i thinking ?" "this is a bag of shite lol"  i have one in the pipe line like that at the moment, its just don't want to work for me, its called THE ULTIMATE and its far from the ultimate at the moment lol but im sure it will come together very soon, i think i have over done it and i need to trim the fat kinda thing,

i love it when great tunes like your new one comes by accident, but then, is it ever really an accident lol

so you have a new fave from me, thats always a nice thing to hear. ;D

crimzon doom

very impressive ;D ;D...the build up...the melody change.....all the makings of an awsome song.This get me really exited about your doubt!!! 12/10 :o
\\\\\\\"citius altius fortius\\\\\\\"


Aggghhhhrrrrr!!! I spent ages commenting on this tune last night! Paragraph upon paragraph telling you how immense it was but it`s all been lost!

Anyway, I love this song, slightly darker than your usual stuff too, I listened to this last nght and it got me in the mood to go out, which I did, so thanks!

(By the way Pillage, I have a new song on here now, it`s called G.I.N.A. and is another really chilled out one, just letting you know as I highly value your feedback mate).
"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012


I Like this, a bit different melody from your other tracks, altough still true to your style in overall. Nice job :)


Lovely work Pillage, reminds me of Ibiza and Kevin & Perry haha great stuff mate can really envision the clubs.


Nice! :D
I'm not one for hard trance, but I'll make an exception there.
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I am not a proper musician, I do this for fun.
My songs suffer because of that...

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147 crew

Love the comment from Bliss,(goin' out.)  :D

Just been in the Dnb section as there is sooo many new tunes from people. Very good, thought i'd better come to check out the TRANCE too.

Blimey this track is GOOD! yr 'mosquito' sound is very very cool. Always sounds like a real pro tune whenever I listen to yr MUSIC. So yr Album is 1 download YES?

No offence JCW but better than Kevin & perry  ;) QUALITY!! 10/10


are you on ocremix pillagemyvillage? I seem to recognise your username from somewhere, but I can't seem to remember where. Fantastic production as always. I'm really impressed by what all you guys here on TIMGUL manage to create with limited software. Very impressive. I'm not a really big fan of this music style, but I enjoy everything I listen to on this forum. I guess it's because I know the level of effort that is put into creating music with the music/mtv music generator software. And I'm a sucker for great melodies. I love the melody in this track, fantastic progression and great bangin' beats!

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