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Video Game/Film Soundtracks / Re: REPONSES PLEASE
June 15, 2011, 10:02:13 PM
you see, i'm a fan of OCR but i'm not the biggest fan of their point of view about what is most important in a song... i think that the idea behind the remix and the overall mood of a song are both far more important than production level, but they don't seem to think the same. as for lack of things going on (yep that's what i meant) it's ok for me, as i am quite a fan of ambient music, but it seems thay don't like it aswell. so i'm just trying to point you in some the OCR's direction if you know what i mean.
...and yeah you deserve it because you're fuckin good ;)
Video Game/Film Soundtracks / Re: REPONSES PLEASE
June 15, 2011, 06:33:51 PM
hi rikki here's my opinion, i hope you understand that this is meant to be constructive criticism as i'm a huge fan of yours.

basically at OCR they're obsessed with: 1 production level 2 track development 3 track length. if you ask me the weakest points of your track are 2 and 3: the song is still a tad too long (for an OCR 'average' song) and it lacks in variety (a few new instruments should be introduced in the middle-ending section). my suggestions:
- 3'21" would be a terrific song start
- the rhythm should change a bit in the 2nd half, getting faster or more complex
- there's too much void space right now (for an OCR song)
- i like a lot the pizzicato strings and the arpeggio, while the main lead is a tad annoying to me

hope this helps, you deserve a place in OCR
That's a pity. I still use to pop up here from time to time and download a few songs and i consider you as one of the most skilled Mg users i've found since i quitted timgul. you can make solid beats and nice little melodies that remind me of seipher's style, an all time timgul favourite of mine. i think you should try moving forward to advanced software so you can understand the difference it makes, the freedom you get to shape your own style. or maybe get your music heard by a wider audience. it's sad when good music makers decide to quit, same for you omni. i hope you all reconsider that.
i joined the group, here's my profile . i'll share a few old MG tracks of mine sooner or later
very nice!
people, watch out, that darkbliss guy is a psycho and is gonna turn your beautiful songs into shitty stuff...

...nah, just kiddin, he did an awesome job with a song of mine, i really have to recommend his work to all of you.
big ups phill!
blissful bliss watch out for PMs :)
i'll send you a track of mine in the next few days.
as for the remix, my fav song is way out so i would go for it.
i'd rather get the .als file (abeton project file), for many reasons: it's a smaller file, i could replace quickly the synths you used with my fav ones, moreover the result might turn out to be more different from your own version.
as for you message to rikki, that would be a great help to me. big ups if you can send it to me. speak soon.
great then! now you should point me in some direction i guess.
-does it make any difference to work on an upbeat tune rather than working on tunes with no beat or bassline? do you have any preferences?
-i usually add equalizators to single instruments. do i have to clear it all up and leave the whole eq thing to you? may some effects like pingpong delay cause some conflict with your adjustments on the panning/multiband/widening thing aswell?
oh, and in return i could remix a song of yours. to be honest i've always wanted to. if you're interested you could send me the ableton project file. let me know mate
may i ask too? it's non-MG music any longer but i'd love to hear the result, as i still can't handle compressors and limiters.
Other interests / Re: Who has Myspace?
January 08, 2011, 07:48:09 PM
i guess that guy means that shellshaka is an amazing talent. no need to remark that though, everyone already knew that shellshaka was a total genius..i wonder what happened to him  ;D
btw long time no see steve
Non-MUSIC/MTVMG / Re: Way Out (Mastered)
November 17, 2010, 01:23:01 PM
crispier and dirtier sound, i can hear the improvement on this new (!) version
Introductions / Re: G'day folks
November 17, 2010, 01:17:57 PM
welcome here!
some thoughts about rikki..

..first things first....

about his music, he makes the most sophisticated and classy music i've heard on this site. his melodies are not too catchy, instead they're subtle and complex. his sound is ethereal with the occasional presence of crispy beats. not too easy to describe, it's some kind of mixture of chillout, ambient and electro.
personally i admire his positive attitude, he's one of the most technically skilled producers around here yet he takes a lot of time to write lots of encouraging comments on music made by less experienced guys. he writes more comments than he receives and never gets into fights. besides i usually agree with his comments and suggestions.
for some reason he never showed the original music he made with MG software, i used to be curious about that

i saw your messages on my fb wall and i'm glad that you liked this, especially the section from 3.39 onwards, which is my fave part too and is the portion where the song suits my own style much more than the rest.
again, you had a huge part in this. since it took me little time to make this, and i'm pretty happy with the result, and you and bliss liked it, i may consider the idea of giving another try to bass music in the future.
brand new tune from me. this is my first attempt at making a futuristic, sci-fi-themed bass music tune. it was made with ableton in two days, which is astonishing compared to my usual standards.

it's so obvious that this song simply wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the inspiration that DJ Dropping gives me by releasing his own songs. i never knew that such a thing as bass music even existed before i met him. so 2 days ago i started thinking about a funny name for bass song and came up with 'bass holes & bass turds'  :D ; all of a sudden i felt the urgency to give a try to make some bass music and 2 days after i've come up with this. i had quite some fun doin' it.
i hope you all like, especially you rob. we've been through harsh times but you're a good guy. consider it as dedicated to you and your passion for bass music.

News and announcements / Re: Artist of the Week
September 05, 2010, 10:53:41 AM
this is a nice thread, reminds me of the good old timgul times. so here are my thoughts about dutch. well he's not really into melody, it's not his thing and he's probably not even interested. his talent consists of growing up a unique style, which was possible thanks to his impressive skills in finding the weirdest bits, beats, thrashes, sounds, pieces of music found in the most unimaginable places, and mashing them up to create his own tunes. his music is urban, original, and most of all stylish. he really deserved the prize in the xmas competition, i loved his entry.
Non-MUSIC/MTVMG / Re: happy fuckin' mindless birthday!!!
September 02, 2010, 07:28:05 AM
hehe, i guess i should say thanks (or maybe i should say i'm sorry  :D). it was made two days ago, with ableton, about an hour before my b-day. it took me an hour to make this bullshit  :D
glad to see all of you back on tracks, F2S people!
Non-MUSIC/MTVMG / happy fuckin' mindless birthday!!!
August 31, 2010, 11:27:30 PM
LOL i've just made this song and this video for fun guys..check it out  ;D

aaahh i couldn't wait to get the full version of my fav song from you. it's been over a year and i'm still enjoying this one. i have to say i miss the gorgeous shotgun sample at the ending ;)