METALvsNASTY- Metal Skeleton trials

Started by 147 crew, March 02, 2009, 06:10:21 PM

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147 crew

Months have passed since creating 'the Nasty'

Irndemon upon hearing this tune created/had the idea for Metal Skeleton.

Now 7 parts have risen and hopefully I have a tune about to be added to this ultimate series.

From the sample I had for 'the Nasty '09 Remix' I have begun to create my unique version. 'Beat Down' also spawned from this skin but Metal Skeleton hopefully flows through this in a totally different way.

4 song samples to listen to and give me yr feedback, which bits to keep, which to ditch. Total tune length 14m52. No outside samples used.

Sample 1- Original opening to Nasty '09, Metal Skeleton Beats.

Sample 2- 7m30 into whole version. Created after listening to Irndemons PARTS 1 & 2. Pretty straight forward, cuts into some different melodies/synths.

Sample 3- From around 10m. Hardest sample, loadsa beats. Big BASS comes in.

Sample 4- End of song most recently made 13m30 New melody, quite a few layers. Big Beat.

For obvious reasons the tune doesn't want to be 15m long, its not that good. If you can help me out, much appreciated. Think I will start it again, screen is getting too busy. 4 memory card blocks!!

Sound is not the best, few skips  >:(


 :) Cool!!...Just listening to sample 1....That is some terminator gritty bass!!...Drums good too..The silent only bass part is cool & dark
The track is pretty dark when it gets going...Would have a darker intro if you done somthing with the sample mechanic...bit like part 1 with but with more erie soundeffects than i used .instead of the pad you used here...But it works either way.I think the sample "Mechanic" sounds robotic and "Terminator" like

That wobbly volume envelope thing you do makes the synths sound robotic....good idea  :)

Sounds good!!
Check the others in a bit

147 crew

Cheers, can work as I go you see. Need some help 'cos I wanna add something good to the series, not just a rip-off. Have tried to include some of yr beats though, have gotten totally lost in this tune. 15m is a lot to go through. Used so-sub only in the last couple of days for that sub only part,(yrs.) Will check out mechanic for the start too. The original tune I have goes off line a bit from the original parts, maybe upload the FULL 15m before I change anything? Bit long though.

Thanks for the info..


Just listnd to all. They all have good elements. For me, sample 2 & 4 are my favourites for hard synth lines but love the sub in sample 1. A breakdown with the start of sample 3 would be nice :) Your call mate.... its all good!
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.


I'm listening to sample 2 while writing this...Good sounds here...These type of beats with the reverb are perfect,Gives them that Techstep machine/robotic sound,...loved that synth near the start where the track goes into just hihats "uurroowwweeeea",Should use this more in the track coz its twisted! Seriously!! :D

But like stonecold said...Your call..we all have a different sound,..& thats whats so cool about it  :)

147 crew

Cheers for the feedback, can't believe I didn't use 'mechanic' missed it somehow. Now I loaded it, used 'acidic' and 'Buzz filter' most recently. That Twisted sound is cool, may try something.

Just started a new skin with some of the more darker elements, keep it simple to start with.

Light version for later. Tried that sample site, (for voices etc.) when I recorded in audacity then recorded my tune with it, got loads of crackles. Any ideas??

Yeah the different styles r nice, listened to loads of variations today. Programmes HUGE  :D


Sounds good so far mate, I enjoyed the beat lots, was it replicated on purpose? (Sounded alot like T-1000)

Unsure about the crackling, sorry.


i agree with stonecold parts 2 and 4 are my fav also but love the bass of the last part of 3 plus also loving the strings in the intro of part 1!


ignore this post, quoted myself by accident... :-\

147 crew

Cheers JCW, just tryin' to get the authentic sound so it blends nicely. Coming up with a new version made up of various bits. Thanks for the help.

Seipher- Yeah reckon thats what i'm gonna use first. Hopefully work out, already added some more freaky bass. Took out the strings though. Will save that bass for another tune I reckon. Cheers mate  8)