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Started by 147 crew, December 13, 2007, 01:12:45 AM

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147 crew

Hello all, just wanted to know what yr favourite samples are in MUSIC2000(europe) I guess MTV music generator for non europe, need some insperation for new tracks!! I have put links to over 40 of my tunes on my youtube page,(More to come,) perfect sound is now available..Running out of ideas, need snare samples, good melodies, Hi-Hats everything I guess..

Some of mine include- PERCUSSION Short hiss,shaker drop,cheap open,hissy close,bright shake BEAT- floor it 3 SNARE- Vari closed 2,Military,909 snare 1,Thump n top BASS- Quicker,Distortion,Dual osc,Thudder,Grizzly 2 MELODY- Lowly,Soft key cl

Gonna attempt to start using MUSIC3000 too, so any suggestions welcome..Cheers


sizzle lead
and a monster for bass in melody is static synth played low

low pass
the boss
the king

nine bright
nine short

147 crew

LOVING the Boss and the KING!!! cheers for the ideas, my game is loaded right now


i find for the best trancey uplifting breakdowns...

synstring 3/4
sci fi which is great for a 'haunted sound'
twilight works well with sci fi
sweep reversed which is great for a more synthy sound
static synth played low for the bass
for each sample i change the note envolope so each note fades in...

these are the samples i used for 'another chance' and 'sunset chasers'.

of course lots of reverb (space).

also on music 2000 i loved sawtooth at sample rate 11 with a stereo effect.
played high up can sound similar to rank 1 etc.

147 crew

Wicked, cheers, really need a nice melody for my remake of tune of hope. Try out some of those later, got the foundations down already but I can't seem to find the right melody..I love changing sample starts, fading in etc..whenever I use the reverb settings I can never tell the difference? I normally use echo BLB/Guitar or ML4 I think its called..thanks again, any more ideas would love to hear


@PIllagemyivillage what are the settings you use for space?


i only ever use space as reverb as most tracks i make are trance and im addicted to epic sounds! using the space setting gives emotion and dreamy depth.

when using music 2000 i alternated between space and studio c. i found studio c was excellent if you wanted a spacey reverb but toned down a bit.

anyway for sunset chasers and another chance i used space at 100 depth!
this may seem like too much!? but when i want an epic 'haunting' sound thats how much reverb i apply.
it wasnt just the strings and melody i apply the reverb to, its the percussion and bass too. but if i applied space at 100 to most samples it could be too much.
so when applying space to the bass... (no rhyme intended!)
1. i make the bass riff as i want (dancer is excellent for trance)
2. clone that bass riff
3. place the cloned bass riff next to the original bass riff
4. leave the original bass riff with no reverb
5. apply reverb to the cloned bass riff
6. play both bass riffs together and you should achieve a balance of reverb on the bass thus not making the reverb on the bass sound too over powering.
7. i also change the volume of both riffs so the bass is not too loud
8. if less reverb is required on the bass i simply change the volume on the non reverb bass riff to a higher setting and the volume on the reverb bass riff to a lower setting.

i also apply this method to the melody.

with percussion i might only apply the reverb to one hi hat in each bar so it is not too over powering.
if i use several percussion riffs and use reverb on a few odd notes it sounds alot better to me (more depth).
a classic riff for me is using a human 'clap' sample, place as normal (on the 2nd and 4th beat) and apply reverb to the first 'clap' but not the second. sounds very good especially with trance.

in previous tracks, for example busted up drum and bass version i only use space at about 40 and only apply to the melody. i guess this is because its drum and bass and i dont want too much emotion only big beats and bass!

so space at 100 seems far too much but if im making an epic track and apply the techniques as described above the track can be lifted and not sound too flat.


just thought... eighty at sample rate 11 played high up sounds awesome as a melody even though its in the bass section.

also window or window 2 are very good for bass and sound very similar to the bass used in some trance tracks made today! again played higher up sounds good.
if 1 line of bass is played low and the other (maybe loaded at a lower sample rate) is played higher, in the same key, the effect is a very good sounding bass!

in the bass section... any of the 'nasty' samples played very (very) low can sound like a helicopter..! try it, i reckon it would sound excellent for the start of a track or in a breakdown.

cant remember if music 2000 has it (i think it does) but try messing with the low pass filter on some melody samples as this can provide really cool messed up sounds!

another cool effect that is used in countless dance tracks is... choose a hi hat.
start the riff low down place each as normal (4 notes on each bar) but each note goes up 1 for 8 bars.

so you have 32 hi hat notes that, instead of all being played on 1 line (key) start on key g (1 octave below the c where you want your hi hat played eventually) and ends on c.
when the final note reaches its normally played destination you have a great sounding riff. the whole riff should look like a stair case!
do this with kickdrum, hihat and human each riff for 8 bars and place before your main tune kicks in and it sounds awesome. like an evolving build up!
hope that makes sense!!

147 crew

Having loads of fun with all these sounds, adding the samples i'm using to my latest vids on youtube so if anyone wants to make a remix of a tune you've heard, feel free..still need more ideas though!!



this is the samples used in A new world to discover and Timgul songs


I think the link was broken, I fixed it now

I think it doesn't load in Opera though so I would recommend using Mozilla Firefox of Microshit Internet Exploder


Microshit Internet Exploder
i love it! makes me laugh every time i see it  :lol:  

Not a Number

QuoteMicroshit Internet Exploder
i love it! makes me laugh every time i see it  :lol:
It's funny 'cause it's true. :P

Me, I'm very much more in the Rock section, and I usually use the hihats pieces of the Rockbeat 1a/b and 2a/b (though I haven't used the Rockbeat Fill ones yet)

147 crew

Getting really frustrated lately, probably 'cos i'm too tired and I shouldn't even be tryin' to write tunes at the times that I I reckon I am gonna try out some pre-made riffs and alter to suit my needs...sayin' that, went into guitar riffs(MUSIC2000) found a sample called POWER, WOW..very cool, didn't suit my tune though..shame  <_<  


yeah pre made riffs are cool to modify if youre low on ideas...
i found that by loading one of the demo tracks and analysing the riffs created really helps learn new techniques and give ideas!
for music 2000 the track by leftfield has some brilliant percussion which uses techniques i had no idea existed!

147 crew

that leftfield track is cool, constant goodness..

Unforgotten Village Idiot

I use.....


FLATT  ( The Synth I Always Use  :P )
Light Fizz 1 & 2 (Makes good house tracks)
Nasty two

Hard Boys  ( From Trashcan )



Military ( Played low as in The Faktory and The Beasts Night Club )
909 Open Hat
Floor It 1
Nineteen (Played low)
Typer ( As in my newest song Iron House )
Big Synth ( Played Low makes a machine gun sound. As in Pissed Off Robots)

Yay?  :blink:
I am The Unforgotten.

Not a Number

QuoteGetting really frustrated lately, probably 'cos i'm too tired and I shouldn't even be tryin' to write tunes at the times that I I reckon I am gonna try out some pre-made riffs and alter to suit my needs...sayin' that, went into guitar riffs(MUSIC2000) found a sample called POWER, WOW..very cool, didn't suit my tune though..shame  <_<
Power? Which section's that in? I've just been using the Distorted Sustain string samples (which from a rock point of view aren't very good)


I discovered that Sizzle Sweep 11 KHz combined with Syn Brass 44 KHz or 22 KHz makes quite an harsh synth sound

I use it for one of the melody in my new song called Void