One group that got a record deal with the help of MTV Music Generator.

Started by DJ Ryznup, December 21, 2009, 07:39:29 AM

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DJ Ryznup

The group is called Boomkat.

(I posted this info months ago before the site crash and decided to post it again because I think it really is an inspiring story of how an MTV Music Generator user found success with the help of the game.)

For those who don't know, Boomkat is an electronic and pop music duo, with brother-and-sister Kellin and Taryn Manning. Kellin writes and creates the music and Taryn is the singer, she is also an actress that has starred in such movies as "Hustle and Flow". Kellin used MTV Music Generator to help get the group off the ground using it to create more than a few songs for what would later become their first commercial album back in 2003.

Here is an article where Kellin and representitves from MTV and Codemasters talk about the success of the group due partly to the help of MTV Music Generator.

Here is an interview where Kellin and Taryn talk with OPM about MTV Music Generator and making music.

Heres a music video of one of their songs off their debut album.

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More names to add to the list... great news!  ;D

Others I'm aware of;
Dizzee Rascal ( Dylan Kwabena Mills )
Wylie ( Richard Cowie )
DJ Mentat ( Adam Bell )
DJ Grooverider ( Raymond Bingham )
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Morning Moon Night or something like that made an album that had full of Music 2000 songs.

.:DJ Droppin:.

I don't know about a record deal, but I have 2 CDs I want to release. Unsure exactly which site I want to go with though.... Just not 100% sure yet.
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If I publish any of my songs, I will probably only bother about Europe and maybe Japan, because I doubt I would ever get signed in North America since you have to do mainstream over here to publish anything. I might just sell my music online, though. If I sell my stuff, I would probably grab my best work, find highest quality mp3 sampling versions and put them on one album. I would probably have one album with eurodance/italo and one with rave music.

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I'm in same situation as Droppin'. We actually have enough material to release a box set (or two...seriously) but I've been getting cold feet. Plus,about 1/4 our our material (and most of our best material) is already posted online for free, so nobody probably would buy any of it. I mean, never mind the fact that we're more experimental...probably would sell the least out of anybody on here.

But, hey...I can dream though :lol:
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DJ Ryznup

I really think that anyone here who wants to publish and release and album should definitely give it a shoot, even if you don't think it will work out the way you want it to. Boomkat and others mentioned that were successful enjoyed making music and took the initiative to do what they could to get their music heard and it worked out for them. Even Ex-TIMGUL member Quade77's chart topping success a few months ago is a good example of what can happen when you get your music out there and put in the work to build a fan base. All you have to do is look where you can find a good audience for your music, market to them, release your album, and see where it goes from there. And who knows, maybe the works that you release could help to get you a record deal in the future.

You just never know until you try...

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

Master Dutch

Wasn't this same thread posted up before? lol...I swore I replyed here.

DJ Ryznup

lol yes it was(don't worry, your not trippin :D), I mentioned that and my reasons for doing it again at the begining of my initial post of this thread. Like everthing else that was posted after March 3rd until the site crash months ago, it got lost.

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i remember hearing something about boomkat getting signed from MTV-MG
i went straight to my ps2 and was like "gotta get signed, gotta get signed" lol
dizze rascals beats nowadays still sound like theyre being done in music generator lol

Master Dutch

I still use the PC version and people have no clue what I

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Music Generator is good stuff. I got picked up in 2002 by Psychopathic Records (Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, etc) and almost landed on Universal in 2005 using the Music Generator. I plan on releasing a new album and go on another hunt for a deal after completion (as soon as I fix this snag I recently ran into). But didn't know Dizze Rascal got picked up using this. Gotta check his stuff out.
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