WOW-just picked up a rare brand new copy of mmg

Started by Casper AudioGhost, February 06, 2010, 07:20:55 PM

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Casper AudioGhost

i can't believe it!!!i went to this place near my house called vintage stock that carries used music movies and video games to try and find simple ez to play ps vgs for my girlfriend-she likes puzzle games and simple rpgs.anyway i been in this shop dozens of time and never seen a copy of mmg-my old copy has been thru hell and i lost the case and book long ago.well it must be a sign from god because today for 14.99 usd i found a pristine brand new copy with the book the codemasters mail in warranty card intact.i can't friggin believe it    casper
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Wow...7 years ago my original copy of Music Generator 2 got accidently sent when I shipped my original PS2 for repairs. I asked them to send it back...and I got the Getaway instead. I played that lousy game for a few days, then took it in and traded it...for MG2.
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I've still got my disk of M2K on my desk. It's missing its booklet and warranty card and the case is cracked, but it still works. ;)

(I'd make a backup of the disc on my computer in case the disc fails but two of the files don't want to copy over...)

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I bought my copy of MTV Music Generator(Music 2000) back in 1999? I believe. It still works excellent albeit has heavy wear marks. I still have the original case and manual. A prized possession to say the least.
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