CoLD SToRAGE Easter Bargain Bonanza! :OD

Started by CoLD SToRAGE, March 25, 2010, 03:06:31 PM

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Hi Guys! :OD

I hope you're all keeping well?

It seems an age since the Christmas Competition...

If you've not already heard, Easter is going to be a rather special time at CoLD SToRAGE H.Q.

From now until the 12th April ALL my albums and singles are just ONE POUND.

Yep, just one singular UK pound!

You can of course throw over a few extra pennies which I will happily add to the CoLD SToRAGE Easter Fund, but that's completely up to you. :OD

Pop over to my BandCamp page to either treat yourself, or someone else you know who might like some nice music instead of a chocolate egg(!)

All the best!

I know I've posted this in the "MUSIC Series Discussion" but that's because a lot of my albums contain tracks written using MTVMG2... so there is a (tenuous!) link, LOL!
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