Windows 7 issues with MTVMG

Started by mrbungle_, January 27, 2011, 10:42:34 AM

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Hi guys!

I'm new here.

I'm a PSX Music 2000 user since the release of the game, but now i'm working with the MTV Music Generator application for PC. I'm always using the old machine of my parent using XP and it works properly, but now the pc it was broken and he replace with another W7 machine, as my laptop got.

So, the problem is that game is working properly in W7 (better with W2000 compatibilty enabled) except when you want to Load a song (no error saving, just loading). I've tested almost everything:

- Compatibility modes: Same problem.
- Virtual PC, Audiobox and VMWare to virtualize an XP machine: The problem here is that when the application launch it's getting an error. Maybe it's a problem with the memory.
- Create a new XP Partition: It was so dificult because of the W7 boot fix and also with the SATA drivers, but when it's installed it's also not working because of the Video drivers are not available there...

Is there somebody having the same problems? Even better if somebody know how to fix!!! hehe



I just found a copy but i still have Vista and it couldn't rock on that either. Same issues. I would think someone here has Music 2000 pc running in perfect conditions (with its flaws intact). Help would be appreciated. A system rundown & general PC issues post is greatly needed guys.
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