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just created a track called 'fanfare for a common timgul user'...
it is in honour of all who create on this site... enjoy... and thankyou all..!  :D



where is the link to the song ;.;

EDIT: NVM I found the other topic x.x

Master Dutch

When I was 9 I started making mixtapes of stuff off the radio. Mostly hiphop stuff but eventually I started hearing beats and little snippets of things I could make my own music from. Like taking BDP's "The South Bronx" beat and playing it during  the opening theme to some tv show. Later cutting and looping stuff on tape was my thing. I have a couple old tapes of me mixing tracks and making Jerky Boys rap songs and Beavis and Butthead shit...lol...Then I got into DJ Soulslinger and DJ Wally.....slipped into the jungle/d&b scene for a while and got the PS version of 2000. 1st messed with D&B stuff then slowly morphed back into a Triphop/ Hiphop type of vibe that is still with me today. Now i'm a pot smoking beat manic who never has enough time to do anything!



Quote from: Master Dutch on May 10, 2008, 05:25:26 PM
Now i'm a pot smoking beat manic who never has enough time to do anything!

Ha!!  I know what you mean!

I started out doing remixes using a cassette recorder - press PAUSE, move the needle to another spot on the record, un-press PAUSE, etc..  I actually still have some of those remixes on tape, around here somewhere.
Then, about twenty years ago, I hooked up with a club DJ who taught me all about scratching and beat-mixing and did that for a couple of years.
Through it all, though, Heavy Metal was always my first love, so I traded the turntables for an electric guitar and haven't looked back.


In 2003 I still had no computer because I didn't had the money to buy one. We would never know if we would be able to afford food until the end of the month and could barely pay the rent sometimes, so I decided to do a remix anyway with what I had. I had an old local song recorded from radio on tape in french, and did some beat that followed the song on MTV Music Generator. The original song was around 155.5 BPM because if I set MTVMG at 155 it was too slow and at 156 it was too fast. So what I did to record is that I had the radio next to the TV speaker and a microphone tape recorder. I put the mic near both radio and TV speaker and started playing the mtvmg tune, then the oriignal song. However sometimes it seemed to want to go out of sync so I pushed the play button very hard  to slow down the song. The pitch down wasn't noticeable really and it gave this result:


Sound quality isn't very good obviously. However back then it was even worse, you couldn't even hear the hi hats. Fortunately though, I had a better recorded version (altough still bad) with more treble, since I was able to use the built in tape recorder mic instead of an external one for this one, since it was only the MTV Music Generator song alone so I could put the tape recorder closer to the TV speaker. So 4 years later, almost a year ago, I ripped both versions on my PC and converted to mp3. I mixed both together, syncing them and all, adjusted equalizer settings for each versions and reduced noise slightly, so this is what it gave today. However for some reasons it came out a lil faster than it used to be after I mixed both songs. Also I didn't had the entire song so it is only a remix of the 2nd part of the song

EDIT: You can hear the original song in the following Youtube video:
And you can hear my other recording that wasn't mixed with the original song somewhere near the end of this mp3: http://netham45.org/archives/omnimaga/Old%20DJ%20Omnimaga%20Recordings/Omnidance2.mp3

Hint, it is the 3rd last song in this mp3


Where is Tune....


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http://www.mtv-music-generator.com/index.php?topic=417.0   thats the topic link for pillage my village's fanfare for the common timgul user- the song link is there too
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