MTVMG2 Sample kit

Started by pillagemyvillage, May 19, 2008, 08:53:31 PM

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so i dont own the sample kit but would like to.
i would love to sample so many tunes particually carrie tree...
does anybody know where i can get it? ive tried ebay play, amazon etc but i cant find it!
any suggestions?

also is it any good?

many thanks guys!


damn...those were the places i would've said to look...i got mine off of ebay in 2003...had a bidding war...started off at $35 i ended up paying $180!!! yeah i wanted it that bad!! haha...maybe check a used game store if there is one by you...thats about it....keep checking ebay

the only thing i dont like about it is you can sample probably 8 bars worth of music, and thats it...once you fill up the sample memory from the sample kit, you can bearly add any instruments!!(if any at all)

what i had to do before was record the sample and the beat separate and use another program to mix them together (i used music creator pro)...its a crazy process...the mic quality is nice for a ps2 usb plugin though haha


I came $2 close. IRL too.  :o
I got to hold it. It had a big ol' Jester logo and everything.

I find a work around to things I cant have, P2P excluded usually,
and I think that learning to use Audicity might be a good substitute. :)

Granted, I haven't done it myself, yet, but it should work.
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yeah id love to get my hands on some sample packs from the games too
does anybody own the PC versions to zip the packs for us maybe?