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Started by spacekid890, June 03, 2008, 04:25:55 PM

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hi guys, i making a best of mix album of my tunes to post on the site just wondering whitch ones to use i was gonna make it about ten tracks long any help would be great cheers ;D


Nice ^^, if i get some time I will check again through your old tunes, but make sure you add Stop 2008 and Yum Yum :)


Yeah def Yum Yum and Broken Robot Tribe, maybe finish it off with Eclipse? Pretty much anything you`ve done that I`ve heard is brilliant anyway so whichever tracks you choose to include will still sound great!
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well i think you know what im going to say...
coming home! either the original or barmy galaxy remix... id love to hear the original saturated with space reverb...


If you can give me the original artist name for Coming Home I am thinking about putting both your versions in Timgul Mix 4. I need the original artist name because usually for remixes I name the songs this way: Original Artist Name - Coming Home (Pillage My Village Remix)

kinda like UK electronic/dance music albums/compilations


its taking a bit longer than expected lol ive never done any mixing b4 and im still trying to get my head round the program i got ill keep on at it tho  :D the original artist name for Coming Home is me (spacekid). another timgul mix already u r keeping busy ;D


Wait I see now x.x I am stupid. I thought coming home was a remix of a movie theme, but it must have been  another person who did one. After posting this I realised you had two versions of coming home and that the remix was a remix of your first version x.x

my bad

but yea maybe a mix 4 soon, idk. There will be between 3 and 4 DnB tracks for sure on it, but it could be more