Special TIMGUL mixes for MUSIC 10th anniversary this fall?

Started by DJ Omnimaga, August 18, 2008, 08:38:43 AM

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Ok in case some people might not know, on October 29th 2008, this forum will have been opened for one year. 2 days later, on Halloween day, this will be the 10th anniversary of the Jester Interactive MUSIC series.

As original plan, I had an idea to release a "Best Of" TIMGUL Rave Mix mp3 for the end of 2008, featuring songs from all previous TIMGUL mixes as well as new ones. However, I thought afterward: Why not do it for the MUSIC series anniversary instead? So I had a few ideas in mind:

To celebrate the first year of this board, and at the same time, the 10th anniversary of the Music series, which is very close, I thought about doing a 10 minutes mix to be posted on Youtube containing the best songs made with this program. I'm still unsure yet but I think it would be cool if I did a mix with at least one song from each of them. It would at least be songs from the Playstation versions, and if possible, even the Gameboy and PC versions. If the later is the case, then the video could be a chronology of the releases in the series from 1998 to 2004. Else, it could just be one song (meaning shorter video), showing each CD pockets (in this case the song would most likely be "In Your Eyes"). What do you think?

As for the TIMGUL mixes themselves, in addition to any possible normal mix that could be released prior that time, a special mix could be done, featuring songs from all previous TIMGUL mixes plus maybe a few others. If this is the case, the special mix is almost guaranteed to include "Choir Of Phantoom", "Ocean Of Sadness", "TIMGUL Nation" (the version that will be avaliable at that time, since there seems to be looooad of them and updated frequently lol) and "Fanfare from a TIMGUL user". I just need to check the entire music sections again. What do you think?

I am open for any other suggestions, providing I can do it lol, but I thought it would be cool to do something since both forum and series anniversaries are only two days close to each others. :)

(note this was a pure coincidence... when I started this site I thought Music 2000 was the first program in the series, since it was the first to come out in North America (as MTV Music Generator 1). Then I discovered another one came out one year earlier. No matter what I had no idea of which day they came out back then. I only discovered today the first one came out on an Oct 31st. ^^)

147 crew

All sounds rather special, all helps promote the awesome-ness of the MUSIC/MTV series..rather like Oasis VS Busted

The more mixes the better I reckon


well this is a great idea!
i just wish i could help in some way!
the timgul mix is always superb and the ideas suggested sound great. i think it will certaintly make a few more people aware of the capabilities of mtvmg.
youtube is still the place to be for a wider audience so i know that anyone who would see a video of mtvmg mix would either be impressed and wish for their music to be in a mix or maybe re-kindle their passion for mtvmg and start working on new material to be heard on here!
i always stick a link to this site on my youtube tunes... i also message people who use mtvmg to encourage them to join here and show their music. its the logical place for any mtvmg fan to be.  :D

Not a Number

So we do epic songs of our own?

I am so willing to finish /0 (the track, not the album; it's unlikely I'll finish the backings to 10 other songs by then) (although the only problem with the song is that it's really, really progressive; there's only one section of it that's in proper 4/4 time, being the ending, which is just a Cm7 chord)