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Started by Not a Number, September 01, 2008, 09:11:31 PM

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Not a Number

o hai.

Well, as you may have seen from my forum signature, I was hoping /0 to be released by Summer 2008 and as it has gone and passed, you're probably wondering where it is. Well, here's the truth.
It's far from finished. And it's unlikely that it'll be finished anytime in 2008 either.

The main issue is that I've been going some creative slump lately. The biggest mistake that I've made in making /0 is that all the lyrics have been written, and I only have an inkling of an idea of the backing, so having to create the backing with the lyrics in mind is a lot harder than it sounds. But, I got myself into this mess and I'll try my best to get it finished. /0 is still happening, peoples.
As well as that, another problem is that Music 2000 is very limited; and with the sound being run from an emulator*, the sound quality is by no means perfect. The program was designed for dance-orientated music, and not all the songs I have in mind are this genre, so I'm really pushing this program to the limits. I can figure out the notes by trial and error, but with one track of the album being really progressive, there's only so much that both I and the program can do. That being said, when I do put the notes in, they sometimes don't sound right. But as I said, I'm still using it; it's much better than the other software I've tried.

So will /0 ever be released? Well, I'm definately trying my best to get it finished. I don't really want to put an approximate release date, but mid-Summer 2009 looks feasible, so anytime upto July. I'm not making any promises, though I truly don't want to have it delayed any further, because it'll definately clash with what I have planned for future albums.

Not a Number, over and out.

((copypasted from latest update on website with few minor changes; yes the server's back online))

*This problem will be sorted out in the nearish future.


I'm sorry to hear about this. I hope you can finish it eventually or at least release what you got. I am curious what you will come up with

Not a Number

Well, I'm not one to give out spoilers, but the plans I have for /0 are:

- a "mini epic" song (totalling an estimated 15 minutes) spanning 2 tracks
- a longer version of "Clouds" (it's now around 5 minutes)
- a very progressive-sounding insturmental (roughly 20 different changes in time signature)
- 2 cover songs
- ...and a bunch of other songs. :P


i too am looking forward to your album release... i know what you mean by creative slumps...
i had an entire month without any ideas!
but i think now i have enough tracks for an album, i just need to tweek them all and make sure every riff is perfect. will prob take me another month to do that, but i think it will be worth it!
also i love what plans you have for /0. a mini epic, 20 different changes in time signiture!! i cant wait for that!  :D


I hope it includes some danceable songs so maybe I can finally include some of your stuff on a TIMGUl mix

However, I am unsure but the Oct 31st or November TIMGUL mix might be the final one or the last one in a long while because I might be retiring from the scene for a while.

Back when I opened this site on Oct 29th 2007 I was also running another site as well and could manage both at once. However, after the other site closed due to a neverending war with another and being under perpetual vandalism threats, things changed a lot. First, TIMGUL got an activity skyrocket, then I got life troubles. Afterward TIMGUL got another activity peak until July while real life was calming down, but now work has been more demanding at the supermarket due to Quebec City 400th anniversary so I feel kinda tired when coming back at home. And finally in August requests to get my other site revived has been increasing on IRC so I finally did it, but now I can't keep up anymore with any of them. I can be active on both by posting, but I can,t even find the time to add the old files on the other website new download section and I can barely find time to listen to songs on Youtube and on TIMGUL. I try to make more songs too and I am in a semi-real-life gaming clan so this cut my activity a bit. My slower than usual internet connection doesn't help my case for finishing the other site download section (10 seconds latency between every page load before it even does anything at all and it's not a virus because I did load of virus scans, so it has to be my ISP)

So I don't know yet what will happen, but I don't want to close any of the site at any cost because they are unique and this would make a lot of people including myself unhappy. I hope I'll get help on the other site for the archives. But if things continue the way they are going, my activity will probably do nothing but keep on decreasing to the point where all I will be doing is posting some occasional songs, hosting the website and doing SMF updates