Started by quade77, October 07, 2008, 10:39:05 PM

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*** NEW *** ( DarkStar - Rise of the Gods ) ;) ......( Opium Dawn ) :P .......( Infinite Inferno ) :D........( Blue Horizon ) after love remix) ;D.......



cool I'll check them when I get some free time

Btw I was wondering if I could use any of your tunes in future TIMGUL mixes? (see news section for an idea of what I mean)


yes omni of course you can use my work  ;D would love to hear my stuff in the mix, it would be an honor  ;D


Not a Number

Will check them out later (with it being quite late)

On the topic of the possible TIMGUL Rave Mix 5, I've almost finished one song that would be perfect for the finale (mostly because it's at a high tempo). It just needs a little finishing off, so I should (hopefully) get it recorded and ready for release by Sunday.
I guess with the number of tunes added since Mix 4 was released, #5's gonna be a bit longer than usual, huh? :P (Mix 5 pt 1, Mix 5 pt 2...)



Cool, I hope to hear the tune soon :)

I am unsure about what will be included in Mix 5. The plan for mix 5 was to be a mix like each others, but all the songs I have in my mix 5 folder are from about 3-4 months ago, so I will probably change my plan and add a few new tunes. The intro tune is still gonna be Collage by Audioghost though. I may try to squish 24 tunes into one mix but they will be played for less longer for sure, since I always try to stay around 75 minutes. It will also be the first TIMGUL mix to have MTVMG3 songs

As for the Youtube TIMGUL minimix it will be tracks made with every Playstation music generator programs. I doubt I will include songs from the two PC Music softwares nor the Gameboy Color and Advance ones because the PC versions of Music 2000 are a PITA to use and the GB ones have crappy sound and are way too limited to produce decent music (in the GB one you only have two percussion channels and two melody channels, meaning no strings and when you want to play 2 melodies at once you can't have bass. Also the GBA one seemed to have weird controls I may change my mind but If I do I am unsure if I'll meet the deadline if I put Pocket Music, Music 2002 PC and Music 2000 PC songs in the 10 mins mix


thats cool omni, it must be really hard to pick what tunes go in as there is some great stuff out at the moment, have you thought about trying, different styles of music, such as a purely house mix, then a hardtrance mix and say a trance mix, but then im thinking maybe it would take way to long and i guess you may still have the same problem as knowing what tunes will go in them, lol   really hope i can get Dark Planet, solar Uprising , trance mit, in there, but i will leave it up to you as it will be a surprise and your the one that is going through all the trouble of making the mix, either way im sure this mix is gonna be the best ever and i would hate to take the place of another great tune that is well worthy of the mix, pillage just came up with 2 more amazing tunes too, so this is gonna be a tought one for you mate, but im sure you will make the right choices, im gonna make it even harder now by adding 2 more great tunes myself lol,

!!!!!!! brain wave !!!!! make a timgul mix 5   Vol 1 and Vol 2,,,,,,,lol that will be a first  ;D


Well normally for TIMGUL mixes I start with house tracks mixed with some eurodance ones, then pass by trance then go on with one or two hardcore tracks, then DnB and I finish with one or two more hardcore tracks. For the Youtube mix I might ask Madnessxxxi if I can include one of his song because I don't have a PC version of Music 2000 song handy right now. As for now I finally decided to use Pocket Music songs too, but i just did 30 seconds samples since the GBA one was ridiculously annoying to use, so much that I think I did a better job at the GBC 8 bit sound version. As for Music 2002 I'm definitively gonna go with premade riffs I think, because it's a pain to use and crashes sometimes on my PC