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Topics - Season 8

Discussion / Name change: The Lyricist to Season 8
August 08, 2010, 03:04:50 PM
That is all.
News and announcements / Sticky Sunday - Round 1
January 14, 2010, 04:35:05 AM
Get your PM requests into me by 10pm BRITISH TIME (That's Greenwich meantime) on Sunday night so I can sticky the tunes that you would like. Read the rules as I won't re-iterate them here. I was going to say 7pm but then I remembered I have to compensate for American users so they have special dispensation that so long as the request is PM'ed to me by 12 midnight American time (which ever time zone you are in please let me know so the time limits are fair for everyone) then they will also be stickied. Sufficient time has been given, and I'm sure all users would agree with me. This topic is locked as it will only be used by me to make Sticky Sunday time announcements and any changes needed if necessary. Once all tunes are PM'ed to me I will make a special topic so you can all see the tunes yourself and they will be linked so no excuse saying you can't find it or see it. Remember it's up to YOU to comment, hopefully this will give people the incentive they need and generate more activity in the board. Cheers.
News and announcements / New Incentive Rules
January 08, 2010, 06:14:56 PM
Here are the rules for the new incentive I am bringing forward to help the board and encourage participation.

1. You must PM myself with the song you would like stickied and a link to the songs topic.

2. Only one request can be made per week.

3. Only one song can be stickied. The sticky will hold in place for 7 days from topic being stickied.

4. There is no PM spamming of songs you would like stickied. Again it is only one request per week.

5. It is not first come first serve. You PM me and the song will be stickied.

6. Each artist can request whichever of their own songs they would like and it is to be only one sticky which is allocated to each artist.

7. Once the 7 days are up the song will be unstickied and will revert to a normal topic.

8. An artist gets 4 requests per month, one request to count for each week of the month. But they cannot be used all at once.

9. Any abuse of this feature or these rules will result in your sticky request being taken away.

10. You sticky request must be PM'ed to me by Sunday, through which I will sticky the songs and make a list of those songs stickied and publish it on the forum.

11. Every Sunday will now be known as Sticky Sunday (make any vulgar jokes that you like haha). Again I will re-interate that the sticky holds in place till the following Sunday (7 days) and the new stickies will be put in place.

12. If your sticky PM request is not in to me by that Sunday you will lose your request for that week. Many people will say this is unfair but it is the only way to balance against those who don't visit the forum as regularly and the 7 day time limit is sufficient time through which you can get your request to me. Again this rule inparticular hopefully will encourage more activity as many people will want their song stickied. I understand that not many people can come on as often as they like but if they even have 2 minutes then it's enough given that they have 7 days to get the request to me.

I hope these explain the new incentive and that everyone enjoys this new idea. Hopefully it will generate the kind of activity we used to here at TIMGUL. I know that comments on tunes help everyone and can encourage artists to make new tunes. I hope this brings the balance and participation we know and enjoy here at TIMGUL and that everyone will enjoy this opportunity to make good tunes and have a guaranteed way of getting them out there!
News and announcements / New Incentive
January 07, 2010, 11:15:00 PM
What I am deciding to do (and I hope the moderators will think this is a good idea), is make a new incentive to try and get more activity in the forum and try and encourage more comments in the tune making process. This kind of criticism has helped me in the past with people commenting on mine and sometimes I do note that some good tunes can go uncommented just simply because a lot of tunes have fell to the bottom due to the volume of tunes that are posted. Therefore, I feel like we as admins can do more in helping the people on this forum. I would still class myself as somewhat of a newbie and I always appreciated every comment given on my tune. But I came up with this little idea that I hope people will appreciate. So (on a temporary basis only) each artist will be given the option to get a tune of theirs stickied every week. This will be ONE TUNE ONLY PER WEEK, and after the week has passed the tune will be unstickied as normal. I hope people don't think this is a bad idea and if you want your tune stickied then all you need to do is PM and I will do it for you. I truely feel this can help the forum and encourage more people's participation. If you feel this is a bad idea, please don't hesitate to say so. I will dismiss it if the majority of members don't like it as I am all about fair and that's all I want to display with this idea.
Anyone think maybe a possible colour scheme change would be a good idea? Maybe leave the grey colour (and the past) behind us and get a brighter colour in? Thoughts?
Sorry but whether you like my tunes or hate them, I have decided there is not nearly enough activity on this forum to validate me posting any new tunes I will make. At the end of the day I post and comment on a few people's tunes, but the favour is practically never returned. Call this a bitch or a tantrum or whatever you like I don't care. It's simple really, only 2-3 people regularly comment and they know who they are. The rest just either can't be arsed or just don't care so I've had enough. I'll be active on the odd occasion and such but nothing as much as I have been, not even nearly enough. This place needs to sort itself out BIG TIME. And the way I have seen it, it won't for quite sometime. If you want to hear my new stuff, feel free to contact me via PM here or (if you have me) on Facebook. But for what it's worth I do genuinely enjoy listening to new stuff and commenting, but apparently, not everyone else does. And if anyone blames this on the Christmas period then that's bollocks because this has been happening for nearly 2 months now. I'm not arsed what you think of me, nor what your opinion is of my music, but what you should already know by now is that I have a very valid point. Simple as.
Hopefully this will generate some good comments, feedback etc! It's a massive distance from what I usually do, but this 2nd album is all about experimenting. We went for a good beat, I won't tell you who did what. That's up to you to figure out, but basically we just did a tune that's not monumental in quality, but it gets there and it is what it is I suppose.
Other interests / Granny porn
December 14, 2009, 09:45:13 PM
It`s kinda hard for me to say this, but I`ve been keeping it locked away for a very long time now and I need to let people know.

I have a very keen interest in granny porn and spend a lot of my time masturbating vigerously to the 90 years and over website.

Is this normal?
Other Music related Discussion / Comments On Tracks
December 14, 2009, 07:06:39 PM
I'm not always one to ask for comments but sometimes it's the only way an artist can grow is to receive constructive criticism. I have recently posted 3 new tracks including a remix of one of Bliss's best tracks which is Mechanical Afterlife. I see that 4 people have downloaded it yet no one has commented. I would really appreciate some comments on my work as I would really like to know where I am excelling at and where I'm going wrong. Again, it's not in my nature to ask for this, but sometimes it helps, as I wouldn't want to make music on the wrong track and be stuck there. Obviously, if anyone were to comment then the favour would be returned.
This is a remix of one of DarkBliss most popular and critically acclaimed tracks off the album Death of the Manic Robot. Bliss gave me the permission and supervised the remix but had no technical input into making it. Enjoy.
Again I spoil you. I took on board the criticism of the previous remix of Exclusive To Living and I came up with what I now call affectionately "Part 2". I hope you enjoy, it's a little longer and took me much longer to create as I wanted to get it just right. This is also the first track of mine with a cover!
Another fresh new tune for you off my brand new remix album, I spoil you guys!!!
New tune, prod by Bliss, enjoy
Other Music related Discussion / New tune
November 21, 2009, 02:14:17 PM
It's in experimental/other as my other stuff isnt quite like what i made hope you all enjoy
Experimental/Other / New Track - A Boy's Lament
November 21, 2009, 02:13:24 PM
I made this today because it's quite a personal day for me today. Not as upbeat as I usually make but it's quite a personal track and I hope you enjoy it.
Other Music related Discussion / Who has M2K on PC?
October 27, 2009, 12:31:59 AM
Fear 2 Stop is getting it so we can work together, so I'm curious as to who else has it?
Other Music related Discussion / Possible Collab
October 21, 2009, 03:16:13 PM
It was brought up in the thread for my new tune (Will Smith One Arrows An Alien, cheap plug for ya there haha) that a collab between myself and Fear 2 Stop is one "waiting to happen". Now I've heard Fear 2 Stop's material and it is excellent, I would consider myself right now way out of their league, but could it be one that people would want to hear? Thoughts as ever are appreciated.
Admittedly probably not my best work but this should be taken tongue-in-cheek (for those who have a sense of humour) and trust me, let the full tune finish, cos I use M2K on a PC lets just say the last bit took a while to add on haha
I finally (after 3 months) finished my new tune! Wooo hoooo go me!!!
Other interests / What a shit kick
October 18, 2009, 11:47:03 PM
I'm aching to make a new tune, I have snippets and bits and bobs but I have been unable to come up with something new and creative. It's not the program just I can only make a tune when I'm feeling it. I feel like I'm getting the musicians version of writer's block.
I have it on very good word that they are working on a brand new tune and it is "90%" complete. Just to let you know it isn't me and this isn't a joke. I COULD reveal who it is but I'm not that kind haha but let's just say I have heard a snap of it (pre-work up) and believe me you won't be disappointed. It should be hush-hush but I'ld like to instill some kind of excitement. This is not a joke and it is legit news. I will leave you guessing but let's just say you will be very happy and not the least bit lightly surprised!
Here is my album, with a few touch ups here and there (using M2K on a laptop has it's advantages ;) ) hope you enjoy.
I made my first album but as I posted it the forum was toast so I was wondering if anyone would like to hear it? If so please respond to this and I shall post it as I dont want to be vain thinking that if I post it people will. Many thanks
I kinda agree with Nak, people need to know of what they are getting themselves in for, rather than it happening say a month down the line and not having any advance warning of it. To be quite honest, I have no idea why that message was sent, the content of it is shocking and I for one am completely surprised that Quade would say such a thing. Also with regards to the commercial side of the argument, I would rather have anything I do be appreciated on here that reach commercial heights and play into what the "fad" of music is. I'm not against commercialism per se but when it looks like you're stamping on the people who helped you reach such heights, well they will be the same people you turn to when you're on the way down. And as for being number one on an internet chart I've never even heard of (and I'm a self confessed computer geek myself so there's not much I haven't heard of especially when it comes to music) it matters about as much to me as dirt on my shoe, cos hell I've been number one on computer forum charts before for various exploits but it's nothing to brag about. I see it in store, or on iTunes, then brag away and I'll be one of the first to congratulate you.
Introductions / The Lyricist Be Back
July 15, 2009, 03:10:48 PM
2 months down, well here I am. Not much to say really, just thought I would do some kind of silly announcement, but I didn't wanna go OTT.
I say hot damn its good to be back! Heres my new track, surely I had to do something with 2 months downtime didn't I? This is original, and it's a totally different sound. See if you can spot the follow on ;)
Watch this space ;)
Because I create my tunes on PC I was wondering if anyone can send me their original .m2k files so I can try and remix them or mix them into my tunes?
Heres my new tune fresh from my computer to your ears, its called Windowledge and I'm particularly proud of the piano and beat which I made from scratch and the melody was modified using the riff editor. Hope you enjoy because I really enjoyed making this new tune. I attached it to this post

I went for a more dark/ambient trance tune, I prefer to post it here as it is more suited to trance than experimental. Comments as always appreciated

I went a little experimental here, going with what in my guy sounded right, I wanted to make a tune that you could casually listen to, whether youre about to go out or just wanna listen to a good tune, hope you like it
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / My Style Is
January 28, 2009, 02:25:41 PM
Hey, this is my second tune I made today, its called My Style Is. I took on board the advice I was given and tried mixing 2 sounds together to try to make a slow"ish" kinda track. I hope you enjoy it, again any feedback is welcome as Im new to this still it would be greatly appreciated.
Introductions / Howdy
January 27, 2009, 07:55:47 PM
Hello Im Steven a.k.a The Lyricist. Im from Manchester and I write the lyrics for DarkBliss. I have just branched out into making tunes myself. Im going to give it a go, see if Im any good at it!
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Que? -- First Track
January 27, 2009, 07:16:51 PM
Okay I gave it a shot and created this first track, now bear in mind Im a total newbie so I hope this gets at least a 4/10 rating, its only 2:20 long so constructive criticism would be helpful