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Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Some of my music.
October 28, 2009, 10:18:03 AM
Kia Ora.

I've been on here a couple of days and thought "i haven't even done what i came here to do, and that was show you my music.
So here's an accumulation of my stuff that i've done over the years, just so you could get a feel for my music :D
It's a mix of Originals and Remixes (sorry but there are some in here that i haven't finished but thought were still good :P)
Please, let me know what you think. Good or Bad is appreciated.      
Alkalis - "Age Of Reason" (Back To Balearic Mix) - (2007) - Remix of John Farnahm - "Age Of Reason"
My last completed work, also the most complete i thought.
Very melodic, worked a lot on the pans and the space of the tune. (Though the low-end is rather muddy)
Alkalis - "Falling Cities" - (2007) - INCOMPLETE
My percs were rather techy, industrial in this one.
Went a bit different with this one.
Alkalis - "Icestorm" (Dark Mix) - (2007) - INCOMPLETE
This is a remake of the first tune i ever completed back in 04 (thought it was extremely out of tune :P)
The piano at the start was to lull the listener into a false sense of security then BAM! the brooding bassline and dark chords haunt you haha!
Was told this would be good for Metal Gear Solid, which i thought was cool :D
(Please mind the pads and 'ahhs' towards the end, i didn't notice the panning was out until i put it on my comp)
ToneDepth - "Into Being" (Alkalis Remix) - 2007 - INCOMPLETE - Remix of ToneDepth - "Into Being" (sample i can't find :( )
Have heard from so many people that the intro sounds a lot like The Undertakers song, at which point i hadn't heard of.
After hearing it, it really does :P
I liked the energy in this one, i thought it was quite a clear tune as well (Which i don't tend to get out of my songs)

As you can see, 2007 was more my year :)
Thanks for listening guys and hope you like them.

I see there's not a lot (if any) of remixes being put up.
Have i missed something and it is somewhat illegal to post remixes of other peoples works or is it maybe frowned upon?
Introductions / Geez, someone else new....
October 25, 2009, 11:18:00 PM
Kia Ora guys.
My names Cam and have been using Music 2000 since 03 when i brought it second hand :)
Best thing i've ever done.
I'm a big trance fan but will listen to anything if it catches my ear.
Very keen to hear what others have done as there's not many people using this software.
Check out my youtube if you want to hear a few tunes, though i'll probably upload it with better quality later.
Still plenty to come and will make sure i post em up here.
Looking forward to hearing some new stuff.