Started by DarkBliss, November 18, 2008, 07:20:06 PM

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I`ve noticed when I play a lot of my tunes back through a stereo at volume 20 or higher it becomes distorted. Is there any way I can reduce the bass and make the songs louder without them becoming distorted? I don`t have the master copies anymore, they were on Minidisc but since I got an iPod I put everything on there and this is the only format my songs are on (aside from my PC). I`ve tried re-recording some songs straight from my iPod on to Audacity but this doesn`t seem to work. I`ve also tried amplifying the tracks from Audacity but still they sound distorted when played at a certain volume. Any suggestions?

(By the way, I`ll get round to listening to everyone`s new tunes soon, been really busy lately!)
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I usually just increase volume until it wants to get distorted, but I remember Magix Music Maker had tools to compress the song so you can increase volume without distorting the song but then it can get a bit weird if you make it too loud. I'm unsure if there's a free software to do this. It's called Dynamic Range Compression actually