Blow yr Horn- Generic cut mp3 + NEW VIDEO LINK

Started by 147 crew, November 19, 2008, 02:09:49 AM

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147 crew

Had this tune for a couple of months, needing something..think I found some things that go well together. This is a complilation of the melodies in the tune with a generic beat playin almost continuously. Melodies are not necessarily in the same order as the Full tune. Short edition mp3, plenty of different sounds. Video to come soon

I used a trumpet in 1 section, not the full force though  :D


Just finished playing it the forth time over....Every thing fits,All sounds good.I do like the style.
Lovin the added ghost strokes toward the end of the short mp3.Again the reverb on the beats sounds great!!!...

I just cant get over how good reverb sounds on kick drums in this kind of beat pattern,..Gonna mess about with different kick drums on different octaves and reverb settings.

Proper sound!!
Lovin it!!!

147 crew

Wicked, cheers. I just finished playin' it. Yeah kick drums are fun to mess with, reverb is hard to handle though especially on space! Think i'll stick to Room  :D

4th time  :o Cool, simple percussion. Whole tune doesn't have much more, this one has a better flow.

Oh and the trumpet part doesn't come through right, got some panning issues on upload  :(

Thanks for the comments

147 crew

VIDEO LINK, same as mp3 file. Will update soon, already started a remix/Full version.


not had any 147 style for a while... cool nice reverb on the percussion, not heard that from you before. and hard boyz? you are the master of that sample. i love your bass lines, they are so filthy and mechanical... top work as usual


Good track - that last section from 2:00 is super-cool  :D
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