Minidisc woes!

Started by DarkBliss, January 24, 2009, 05:14:48 PM

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Ok, I have some old very old songs that I was gonna post, only trouble is they`re on Minidisc and the Minidisc player on my stereo doesn`t work (it says Toc read error), so I bought a cheap Minidisc player today in the hope that I`d be able to hook it up to my stereo and record directly onto my computer.

Now when I try to play the Minidisc`s on that, it`s telling me they`re blank discs! If it said that with just one then I`d accept I may have erased it by mistake, but it says the same thing for all my old Minidisc`s that have these old songs on them and I know for a fact I didn`t erase them!

Is it possible for a Minidisc to corrupt over time (I`ve had them for at least 6 years) and therefore erase the data itself?

I just need to know wheither it`s worth me buying another Minidisc player and trying on that before I give up and fling them.

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Hey Darkbliss,sorry to hear about your probs. I dont use minidisc but know people who do. As far as i know they dont have a life span(if looked after)i know peeps who use them for field recording etc... What i do know is that recordable minidisc is different from a pre recorded one(like a bought album) in that the recordable minidisc works just like a floppy disc. The data is magnetic(like a tape) not burnt or stamped like a cd. You may have wiped them due to being close to magnetic devices such as speakers or transformers (wall warts) or the data has been corrupted due to careless storage. Temperature has an effect so im told. My mate keeps his all together in a sealed tub under the stairs.
This probably doesnt help ur situation,but might be a reason why they dont work.
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